02/20/2007 Ryan Tells Zach About His Father's Death

"Zach interrogated Ryan to find out what happened in the last hours of his fathers life. Ryan said he seemed fine right before the fatal heart attack. Ryan told Zach that his last moments were about giving him Cambias Industries and a pocketwatch. Ryan said that Alex never mentioned his mother on his deathbed. Spike began crying and Zach went to get him. Zach kissed him and told him how much he was loved by everyone.

Erica asked Ryan to find Josh but Jeff told her that he would be fine. Tad tried to tell Erica that the SK was after the Fusion women and that Josh was not a target. Jeff and Tad tried to convince her that Josh would be fine but she insisted that they find him before he did something desperate. Erica told Tad that she just wanted to know that Josh was alright. Josh called Jeff and said that he needed his help. Jeff told Erica there was an emergency at the hospital and left.

J.R. and Josh exchanged harsh words in Kendall's hotel room. The two rivals rehashed all the water that had gone under the bridge and blamed each other for Babe's death. Josh got a phone call concerning Babe and tried to leave, but J.R. followed him. Jack told J.R. that he had to leave because of security and after a few angry words he left. Zach came back to the casino and told Kendall to pack her bag because they were going to Vegas.

Babe's condition deteriorated and Josh sedated her to keep her heart calm. Josh asked the nurse why Babe had the set back and she told her when Babe realized she was not in the hospital, she had the attack.

The serial killer attacked Zoe while she was visiting Babe's gravesite. After a lengthy struggle, the attacker left Zoe for dead. J.R. went to Babe's gravesite to tell her he was sorry. He saw Zoe lying on the ground, badly wounded, but he just sat and insulted her. J.R. then got up and walked away after telling Zoe to "sleep it off.""

- Soap Central