02/19/2007 Babe Asks Where She Is

"JR stood next to Babe and Dixie's coffins and cried. JR then apologized to Babe as Bianca consoled him. Zoe then chastised JR for blackmailing Babe. Zoe added that Babe died hating JR. Bianca scolded Zoe for being insensitive at a funeral. Then, JR went to leave. Tad saw that JR looked angry and tried to stop him. Still, JR stormed off, but announced he was not heading to the bar. Meanwhile, Krystal said goodbye to Babe's grave one last time, while Tad and Joe worried about Krystal and JR. As this happened, Palmer stood silently next to Dixie's grave. Opal was concerned and asked Joe to watch over Palmer. Then, Julia invited everyone to Wildwind, so people began to leave. However, Bianca and Zoe stayed. Zoe apologized to Bianca for yelling at JR at an inappropriate time. Bianca accepted the apology and showed Zoe a picture of her, Babe, Miranda, and Little Adam. Bianca said she did not want the picture, but Babe insisted. Bianca hoped that Babe knew she finally forgave her. Then, Bianca went to put the picture in Babe's coffin, but Zoe stopped her. Zoe stated that Babe knew Bianca forgave her. Then, Jack asked Bianca to leave before the SWAT team left, just in case. Bianca agreed and thanked Jack for making the funeral possible. Bianca also told Jack she was proud of him and that she loved him. Then, Bianca asked Zoe to join her at Wildwind and Zoe hesitantly agreed to go. Meanwhile, Zach visited Ethan's grave after the funeral ended. Zach vowed to find Simone's killer for Ethan.

Julia, Jamie, Del, Di, Aidan, Amanda, and Jonathan got ready for the gathering after the funeral. Meanwhile, Emma, Annie, and Ryan went to see Emma's new bedroom. Emma was excited to show Ryan, but ran off quickly after they arrived in her room. Annie said this was part of parenting. Annie then comforted Ryan about the funeral and they hugged. Then, Jonathan walked in and smiled. Jonathan apologized for interrupting and went to leave, but Annie left instead. So, Jonathan asked Ryan why he was not dating Annie yet. Ryan said it was complicated. Jonathan reminded him that life was short and Ryan should not waste time. Then, Jonathan talked to Annie. At first, she was annoyed that Jonathan acted as if something was going on between her and Ryan. So, Jonathan gave her the same advice he gave Ryan and she smiled. Meanwhile, Tad arrived at Wildwind and Di greeted him. Then, Cathy approached him and asked him to read her a book. Julia said Tad might be too busy. Cathy replied that Emma got a new daddy, so she wanted Tad to be her new daddy. Tad explained that he was her good friend and Cathy ran off to play. Julia apologized, but Tad said it was an honor because Cathy was such a terrific kid. Tad also said Julia was a terrific mother. Then, Bianca and Zoe arrived. Everyone stopped and looked at Zoe in her dress. Di asked Aidan and Del if they should apologize for falsely accusing her. However, Del called Zoe a freak. Del then asked Zoe if she wanted a shot of whiskey or a cosmo for a drink. Zoe looked a little sheepish and Amanda gave Zoe a margarita. So, Zoe decided to leave and Amanda scolded Del for his sarcastic comment. Next, Tad and Aidan discussed their plan to find Ethan's mother.

Krystal and Adam were home. Adam helped Krystal into bed. Then, Adam left and Colby came in with food. Colby wanted to comfort Krystal, but did not know how. So, Colby offered to let Krystal hug her and pretend she was Babe. Krystal said Colby did not have to pretend to be anyone else and they embraced. Adam then walked in and saw the hug and smiled. Next, Colby went on the balcony and Sean came to visit. Sean said he understood how Colby felt because of his father's death. Colby began to cry and they hugged. Meanwhile, Adam and Krystal were together. Adam stated that Babe got her spirit and life from Krystal. And, Adam wanted Charlotte to be just like Krystal too. However, Krystal stated that she wanted Charlotte to be like Adam. Then, they hugged.

Babe was in a hospital bed in a suite at the casino. Josh and Kendall were at her side. Babe tried to warn them about the killer, so Kendall assured Babe that she was safe. Then, Babe asked where she was, but fell asleep right after. Kendall asked how long they could keep the truth from Babe. Josh said as long as they could. Then, Zach came back from the funeral. Zach explained that Zoe sang and that everyone was sad. Kendall worried that it was cruel to keep Krystal in the dark. However, Josh asserted that Zach's plan to fake Babe's death to keep her alive was the best idea. Josh also stated that Krystal was part of the problem because she wanted Babe to be with JR. Kendall agreed that this was the best way to keep Babe safe. Josh then thanked Kendall and Zach for their help. Next, Zach and Kendall went to their suite. Kendall pleaded with Zach to rest, but he refused. So, Zach left. Meanwhile, Josh sat by Babe's side. Babe told Josh he saved her and she smiled. As this happened, JR showed up at Kendall's suite. JR wanted to apologize for hurting Kendall in the past. Kendall was not receptive and tried to rush JR out. Then, when she opened her door, Josh was outside. Josh and JR stared at each other. Meanwhile, Babe woke up with a private nurse by her side. Babe realized she was not in the hospital.

Zach went to see Ryan at the penthouse. Zach wanted to know about his father's death.

The killer was at Ethan's grave while Zoe was nearby at Babe's grave. Then, Zoe heard footsteps. She turned around and was punched multiple times in the face by the Satin Slayer!"

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