02/21/2007 Zach & Kendall Dig For The Truth

"Babe awoke to the sound of a nurse paging a doctor over a loudspeaker. Babe also saw Josh and Wendy, her private nurse, dressed in hospital gear. And, the entire room was transformed. It looked like Babe was in a hospital room. So, Babe, who was still weak, asked Josh if she was in the hospital. Josh said yes. Still, Babe wondered why she was not in the hospital the first time she awoke. Josh explained that she was really out of it and probably just imagined what she originally saw. Babe seemed convinced and asked if Krystal and Little Adam were alright. Josh said they were fine and asked if she wanted to know about JR too. Babe said JR could go to hell and became agitated. Babe stated that she had to stop JR from hurting her momma. So, Josh pretended that JR said he was going to put his blackmail plans on hold. Josh also lied and said that Krystal had visited Babe while she was sleeping. Babe was satisfied, but asked to see Krystal. Josh promised to call Krystal, but said he would not wake Babe if Krystal came while she was asleep again. Then, Babe and Josh held hands and Josh told Babe to trust him. Babe smiled and Josh walked out. After Josh left, he replayed the recording of a nurse paging a doctor in the hospital.

It was morning and Bianca went to the cemetery to visit Babe's grave. However, Bianca was shocked to see Zoe lying on the ground with severe cuts and bruises. Bianca rushed to Zoe and asked her bodyguard to call 911. Zoe was then taken to the hospital, but dropped the button she grabbed off of the Satin Slayer's coat. The button lay in the grass unnoticed. Then, Zoe arrived at the hospital. Zoe struggled to speak, but informed Joe that she was beaten the previous night. Zoe then went to get x-rays and Bianca and Julia talked. Julia assumed the beating was the result of a hate crime because Zoe was wearing a dress at the time. So, when Derek arrived, Bianca stated it may have been a hate crime. Derek was disappointed because he thought it may have involved the Satin Slayer. Bianca was stunned by Derek's nonchalant attitude towards a hate crime, but Derek stated his priority was the Satin Slayer case. Still, Bianca believed Derek should stand up against discrimination, especially since Derek's nephew endured a hate crime due to the color of his skin. Derek stated that he was born black, but Zoe could have prevented her discrimination by choosing to stay a man. Bianca was irate and said Zoe was born transgender. Bianca also accused Derek of blaming Zoe for the beating. Bianca then asked if she was to blame for her own rape, since she was a lesbian. Derek looked sheepish and promised to look into Zoe's case. Then, Joe announced that Zoe only had a concussion. Then, Jack arrived and Bianca, Jack and Derek went into Zoe's room. Zoe said the night was still hazy, but remembered JR leaving her there. Bianca looked shocked and angry.

JR walked into the living room and stared at the bottle of scotch. Meanwhile, Krystal was sitting in the corner silently observing. Krystal then told JR to have a drink because it would help him forget his own pain and help him inflict pain on others. Krystal also said a drink would help JR tell Adam her dirty little secret. JR stated that he was not going to drink again and that he would not tell Adam. However, Krystal felt JR would eventually divulge the truth. But, JR said he would not tell because Adam needed Krystal. JR also stated that he probably needed Krystal more than Adam because Krystal was his link to Babe. JR further stated that Babe had Krystal's eyes and that he never wanted Krystal to stop talking about Babe, especially for Little Adam's sake. JR even said that he wanted Krystal to help him raise Little Adam. Krystal was surprised by JR's sincerity and realized why Babe loved JR so much. Krystal believed that Babe always forgave JR and that she probably forgave him again. JR then asked if Krystal forgave him and she said yes. Then, they embraced and Adam came in. The three of them told stories about Babe and smiled. Then, Bianca busted into the living room and called JR a heartless son of a bitch!

Kendall was in a hotel in Las Vegas speaking with a hotel employee. However, Kendall was disguised in a short, black wig and claimed she was Carla Suarez. Kendall shared her discontent for the hotel employee because he booked four rooms instead of six for her, her husband, Sonny, and their entourage. Then, Zach came in and told the employee he was very upset that his wife was disappointed. The employee looked nervous and intimidated, so he gave them the six rooms they requested in a private corridor. Then, Zach and Kendall went into their room. Kendall said she felt free for the first time in a long time, but wondered why they were in Las Vegas. Zach said he was looking for an answer to a question he still did not know. Then, they visited the hospital that Alexander Cambias died in and talked to Alexander's nurse. Kendall pretended to be Carla and claimed that she was the long lost granddaughter of Alexander. The nurse said Kendall should speak with Ryan Lavery and Kendall said she already did. The nurse then detailed her experience with Alexander. Meanwhile, Zach recalled how he carried out the plan to fake Babe's death. First, Zach asked Josh to comply. Then, Josh convinced Jeff and Joe to help. Joe even signed the fake death certificate. Then, Zach asked Jack to help fake the autopsy report. And, as Zach remembered this, he seemed to realize something. Next, he brought Kendall to the cemetery and to his father's grave. The grave stated that Alexander was a loving father and husband. Zach stared at the grave and got on his knees. Zach then began to frantically dig up the grave with his hands!"

- Soap Central