02/06/2007 Zach Blames The "Cambias Curse"

"Ryan found Annie sleeping on the couch, where "supermom" had been sewing Emma a costume for her Valentine's Day pageant. Annie admitted she's no fan of Julia's, but Emma gets along great with Kathy, so Annie is considering Julia's invitation to move into Wildwind. Annie also told Ryan that while she's not used to sharing Emma - especially with a man who's trying to make up for lost time - she's going to tell Emma that he is her father. Ryan toasted "Emma and the future." Annie noted she's still moving out, because she doesn't want to confuse Emma while she figures out if she can have a relationship with Ryan. They gazed at each other and both (separately) fantasized about making love in front of the fire. Ryan toasted "boundaries," and Annie toasted "limits." She fled upstairs, leaving Ryan to ponder Emma's costume.

Zach recalled hearing his mother argue with his father, but said, "I don't want to remember," and started smashing stuff. Kendall joined in, diffusing his rage. She suggested torching Zach's old house to get rid of the memories. Zach said the Cambias Curse - his dad's cruelty - killed his mother and twisted Michael. Kendall said she didn't believe in curses and kissed him. Later, they snuggled in bed, and Kendall revealed she didn't use birth control this time. She suggested having a baby would be perfect; Zach said it's too dangerous right now. Kendall promised things will work out, and they started to make love again.

Babe insisted that she and JR will raise Little Adam together, but JR said he's divorcing her; he knows what happened in the shed because he saw her kissing Josh. She insisted it was just a goodbye kiss. JR revealed he saw her go to Josh's room on New Year's Eve. JR warned her to sign the document or see Krystal "hit the pavement." Babe was defiant, but JR cited her friendship with transgender Zoe as an example of her unfitness to be a mother. He also told her about the incriminating recordings of her professing devotion to the "freak." Oh, and then there's that photo of Babe and Zoe curled up in bed. Babe realized all JR's talk of starting over was a scam. "You're unbelievably dumb," he spat, asking if she inherited the "sleep around" gene from her "slutty" momma. Babe begged him not to hurt Krystal and Adam because Dixie trusted her with the secret of Tad's baby. JR hobbled out, then Babe tore up the agreement and threw it in his face. JR said Dixie died because of Babe. "You should be in the ground, not her," he charged. "I'm glad I kissed Josh," she hissed. "Finally got the truth out of you," he countered.

Jamie told Julia that JR's life is about to go down in flames, and he wants to be there for his brother. Kathy interrupted their make-out session because she was afraid of a "gazillion-eyed" monster. Jamie brandished a tennis racket and used a blanket to make them "invisible" to the monster as Julia beamed with pride. Later, Jamie reported successfully vanquishing the beast, but Kathy returned, saying the racket only works when Jamie is present. Later, they cuddled in bed with Kathy."

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