02/05/2007 Raymond Jenkins Is Questioned At The Police Station

"JR and Jamie were secretly watching Babe and Josh kiss. Jamie wanted to confront Babe, but JR wanted to return to the house because he had a plan. So, JR and Jamie went back inside. Babe and Josh then stopped kissing and said their final goodbye. Babe thanked Josh for his love and left. Meanwhile, Kendall was standing on the balcony dressed like Zach's mother when a man put his hand on her shoulder. He asked if she was Amelia and then Zach grabbed him. Then, Tad, Aidan, and Ryan surrounded the man. Zach asked who he was and if he knew Amelia. Then, JR walked in and announced the man was Raymond Jenkins, his nurse. Zach realized he was Amelia's lover, Raymond. Jenkins said this was true. Zach asked if he became the Satin Slayer to get revenge for Amelia's death, but Jenkins denied this. Then, Babe came in and asked what was going on. JR glared at her and stated that someone was living a lie and explained about Jenkins. Babe was concerned for JR and wanted to take him home. Jamie asked if this was what JR wanted and JR agreed to go home with Babe. Then, Derek came to take Jenkins to the police station. Zach wanted to go along, but Derek refused this because Zach was too emotionally involved. So, Derek took Jenkins away and Tad went with them. Kenny then smugly asked Kendall if he was off the hook, but Kendall just looked at him snidely. Then, Ryan asked if Kendall needed anything. Kendall told Ryan to help someone who needed it, like their son. Kendall then asserted she was staying with Zach and demanded Ryan leave, so he did. Meanwhile, Zach was on the balcony. Kendall joined him and they embraced. Then, Zach explained that Jenkins' voice helped him recall a fight between his mother and father on the day she died.

Aidan, Di, Jonathan, Amanda, and Del went back to Wildwind. They discussed the night and the possibility that Jenkins might be the Satin Slayer. Amanda and Del were convinced that Jenkins was guilty, but Aidan was skeptical. Aidan was not certain because there was no evidence. Aidan then revealed that the police were able to trace the phone number and credit card that the gardenias were ordered from. Still, the phone number came from a disposable cell phone and the credit card was a stolen from Fusion, so it was a dead end. Jonathan was irritated because even if they caught the killer, it did not change the fact that Erin was dead. Then, everyone went to bed and Jamie came home. Jamie discussed the night with Julia. Jamie was also skeptical about Jenkins being the killer. Julia sensed Jamie was upset and Jamie explained that all hell was going to break lose tomorrow.

Jenkins was at the police station. Tad asked Jack if he could be a part of the interrogation, but Jack refused. Tad promised he would not let his emotions mess up the case. Tad also stated that he was an expert on the Cambias family and would be an asset to the interrogation. So, Jack allowed Tad to participate. Then, Derek, Jack, and Tad began to question Jenkins. Jenkins admitted that he was Amelia's lover and that they were supposed to run away together on the day she allegedly died of natural causes. Still, Jenkins did not believe this was how she died. Jenkins also denied killing anyone. So, Tad stated it was going to be a long night and proceeded to ask the same questions over and over again. Jenkins looked frustrated and confused.

Bianca invited Zoe into her apartment to get to know Zoe a little better. Bianca asked what Zoe's favorite food and relaxation methods were. Zoe said she loved cheesecake and a warm bath. Bianca was surprised by these answers because Zoe was a wild rock star. Zoe said that the crazy life of a rack star no longer thrilled her. Still, Zoe was acting as Zarf for so long that she did not know how to be Zoe. Also, she wondered if she would be losing a piece of herself if she gave up Zarf completely. Bianca then asked if Zoe was going to take the estrogen. Zoe admitted that she lost touch with her supplier, so she could not get the proper amount of estrogen. Bianca urged Zoe to consult a doctor instead of a black market dealer. Then, Zoe said she was scared to transition, especially because of her experience on New Year's. Bianca proceeded to detail a terrible New Year's she had. Bianca explained that she had just come out to Erica, who was ashamed and disappointed by the news. Still, Bianca went to a New Year's gala where a reporter asked if she was gay in front of everyone. Bianca explained that although she was embarrassed, this public outing was the first step to becoming who she truly was. Then, Josh came in and looked upset, so Zoe left. Josh then announced that he said goodbye to Babe for good, even though he was still worried JR was going to hurt her.

Babe, JR, and Jamie were at the Chandler mansion. JR assured Jamie he would not lose control, so Jamie left. Then, JR said he made a decision in regards to Krystal's baby. JR said he would not tell Adam that the baby was Tad's. Babe was relieved and said JR would not regret his decision. Then, JR said Babe just had to do one thing to ensure he would not tell. JR proceeded to write on a piece of paper and asked Babe to sign it. Babe inquired what the paper was. JR said it was a document that would give JR full custody of Little Adam. Babe was confused. JR stated that he would only keep Krystal's secret if Babe signed the paper!"

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