02/02/2007 The Trap is Set

"A newscaster recapped the Satin Slayer murders before Kendall's big party began at her home.

Zach and Kendall prepared for the party after security made sure there were no sound devices hidden anywhere. Zach remembered how happy his mother was on the day of her party before she died. Zach pulled Kendall close as Ryan and Josh walked in. After Kendall ushered Josh away privately, Ryan showed Zach the note the killer gave him at the funeral home. Seeing the note made Zach realize that the killer truly thought he killed his mother. Worried that he wouldn't be able to make it through the night, Zach asked Ryan to keep an eye on Kendall all night.

Josh asked Kendall if Babe was coming, but Kendall thought he didn't even care about her well-being. Kendall reminded him that Babe wanted nothing to do with him and, if he truly loved her, he would let her go to be with JR.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe pleaded with JR to open his door because he had been locked in his bedroom all day. She entered the room and begged JR to keep his mouth shut about the paternity of Krystal's child. JR couldn't forget that it was Dixie's dying wish, but Babe said that was only because she loved Tad more than Adam.

Babe informed JR that she had not told Krystal that he knew the truth, because he hadn't made a decision yet. JR thought Babe would hate him if he told the truth, but Babe insisted she could not get angry at him for doing what he thought was right. Suddenly, JR brought up the kiss Babe shared with Josh on New Year's Eve. Babe admitted she kissed Josh back, but came back to JR because that was where she wanted to be. JR still had trouble believing her affair with Josh was over.

Zarf visited Bianca to return a doll that Miranda gave her during Christmas. After hearing the story behind the doll, Bianca insisted Zarf keep the doll, but he said no. As soon as Maggie walked in, Zarf left. Maggie realized that something was going on with Bianca and Zarf, but Bianca insisted they were just friends. Maggie apologized for insulting Zarf, but was worried that he would take advantage of Bianca's big heart. After Maggie left, Bianca called Zarf and asked him to return and see her. Zarf told Bianca he thought he upset Maggie when he talked to her at the park.

When Tad went to the mansion, Krystal began to shut the door in his face. Tad pushed his way through, insisting that he tell Babe about the party so she could decide if she wanted to attend. JR and Babe went downstairs when they heard Tad, Adam, and Krystal yelling. Tad quickly informed Babe of the party. She agreed to go, but JR said it was not worth the risk. Babe said she had to go to the party to honor the victims and catch the killer. JR decided to go to the party, too, promising to keep Babe safe. Once alone, Adam admitted to Krystal that Babe might actually be good for JR.

Del, Di, and Aidan informed Julia and Amanda about the party before they headed out. Amanda and Julia wanted to go, but Jamie said Julia was not invited. Jamie said Julia could get hurt, so it was safer for her to stay at home and be with Kathy. Kathy arrived downstairs, upset that her doll's dress needed to be repaired and her mother was not there to fix it. Jamie tried to comfort Kathy by telling her that his mother went to heaven, too. Jonathan went downstairs, promising not to cause any trouble at the party.

As the party got started, Opal and Palmer were among the first people to arrive. Zach informed the guests of the real reason behind the party. He told everyone to try to have a good time because the killer was watching them. Kenny Adler walked into the party, but Kendall wondered why he would go if the cops thought he was the killer. When Babe and JR arrived at the party, Josh immediately bashed JR for putting Babe's life at risk.

Babe told Josh she was there because she wanted to be, and Josh stormed off. Ryan told Kendall that although he was still angry at her, he didn't want to see her be the killer's next victim. He told her that she didn't know anything about his relationship with Annie and Emma. Before walking away, Kendall told him to prove that Emma would not interfere with his love toward Spike.

At the park, Annie ran into Julia. As Kathy and Emma played, Annie asked Julia how she became Kathy's guardian. Julia informed Annie about the accident and how Dr. Madden lied about her being able to carry children. She apologizedd to Annie for taking out her anger toward Madden on Annie by questioning Emma's paternity. Annie said that they should forget the past and start fresh. Annie asked Julia if she knew of any apartments for rent, so Julia mentioned a spot open at Wildwind. Annie promised to think about the offer.

Josh immediately took Babe away after her bodyguard went to get her a drink. JR grew worried when she disappeared, but the panic subsided when he saw Babe hollering at Josh. Babe told him the bodyguards would come after her, but Josh thought JR brought her to the party so the murderer could kill her and JR could get sole custody of Little Adam.

Josh insisted on getting Babe out of town, but she wanted to stay put. Babe told him she no longer loved him and he needed to let her go. Josh said he loved her, but wouldn't stand in her way if she wantd to be with JR. From outside, JR and Jamie watched Babe give Josh "a goodbye" kiss.

On the balcony, a man appeared outside. He saw Kendall, from behind, dressed in a white dress with a white ribbon tied around her neck. He asks if it was Amelia and touched her shoulder."

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