02/07/2007 Zach Talks To Jenkins

"Zach showed up at the police station and asked to speak with Jenkins. Derek allowed this and Zach went into the interrogation room. Zach gave Jenkins a picture of Amelia and asked Jenkins to tell him about his mother. Jenkins explained that they met in her garden and that they loved each other very much. Zach asked if she loved his father. Jenkins said yes, but because she felt like Alexander needed her. Jenkins explained that Alexander used her as eye candy to entertain guests. Jenkins also said that Amelia did not want her sons around Alexander because she wanted them to have a good, loving upbringing. Zach asked why Jenkins came to Pine Valley. Jenkins said he came to see if Zach was living a good life, like Amelia wanted. Zach asked if Jenkins killed the women because Jenkins wanted to punish Zach for killing Amelia. Then, Jenkins stated that if anyone pushed Amelia it was Alexander, not Zach. Meanwhile, Tad and Ryan were discussing the case at the police station. Ryan wondered why the killer would warn him with a note about Zach. Tad thought the killer might be was using it as a diversion tactic. Ryan was still not sure and thought they should try to get the killer to make contact with him again.

Erica went to the penthouse to see Ryan and instead saw Annie holding Spike. Erica stated that Annie would never get Ryan and his child. Annie replied that she already had Ryan's child. Erica was infuriated and grabbed Spike. Then, Annie explained how Kendall found out Emma was Ryan's daughter. Annie further stated that she and Emma were just as much a part of Ryan's life as Spike and Kendall were. Erica did not agree and said this was not over. After Erica stormed out, Emma came in and exclaimed, "Ryan is my Daddy now!" Annie asked why Emma thought this. Emma overheard Annie and Erica's conversation. So, Annie tried to explain how Ryan was her father, but the little girl did not understand or care. Emma was just happy that Ryan was her father.

Babe walked into an unrestricted area of the casino as the killer lurked behind her with a syringe. However, the killer was scared away when a security guard saw Babe. Then, Kendall came out of her room and invited Babe in. Babe explained that JR wanted a divorce. Babe then asked Kendall if JR said anything to her about their marriage the night Kendall came to the mansion. Kendall admitted that JR never forgave Babe and that she was helping Josh get Babe that night. Babe was upset that Kendall helped tank her marriage. However, Kendall asserted that Babe's marriage was already over, but she just did not know it yet. Babe looked hurt and Kendall actually felt badly. Kendall asked if she could help, but Babe said no one could. Babe then opened the door to leave and Kendall hugged her. Meanwhile, Erica was outside the door and looked appalled. So, Babe left and Erica came in. Erica chastised Kendall for hugging Babe and telling Ryan about Emma. Kendall explained how Ryan found out and Erica was furious with Zach. Kendall asserted it was not Zach's fault and that she loved her husband. Erica believed Kendall should be with Ryan and worried Annie was taking her place. Kendall said Erica should be more worried about Bianca and Josh's love lives. Then, Erica explained that Annie felt she and Emma were equal to Kendall and Spike in Ryan's life. Kendall looked perturbed and Erica left. Then, Kendall went to the penthouse. Annie answered the door and Kendall announced she was there to take her son!

Bianca called Maggie and asked her to meet at the park. When Maggie arrived, she kissed Bianca passionately. Maggie stated this was how they should be again, but Bianca disagreed. Bianca explained that her family needed her and that she could not focus on Maggie. Bianca needed time away from Maggie to decide what she wanted to do. Maggie snidely remarked that Zoe could help her decide. Bianca was annoyed that Maggie was so rude about Zoe. Maggie said she did not trust Zoe, especially because she was really a man. Bianca informed Maggie that the last person she slept with was a female on New Year's. Maggie looked hurt, but still wanted to work things out. However, Bianca would not change her mind and asked Maggie to go back to Paris. Maggie wanted to call Bianca, but Bianca said she could only handle emailing. Maggie then hugged Bianca, professed her love, and left. Bianca began to cry alone.

JR showed up at Josh's apartment looking for Babe. Josh and Zoe did not know where she was. JR stated that she slipped security and left the mansion. Josh and Zoe were concerned, so Zoe called Babe. Babe picked up and said she was fine. They made plans to meet each other at the park and hung up. Zoe relayed the news that Babe was fine. Then, Josh demanded to know what JR did to Babe. So, JR admitted he dumped Babe. Next, JR asked Josh to tell Babe that the clock was ticking and that he needed her decision. Josh was confused, but JR did not explain and left. So, Josh wanted to meet Babe, but Zoe did not think it was a good idea. Zoe promised to give Josh a full report and left. Then, Bianca came in. Josh explained that JR wanted to hurt Babe and assumed JR saw their stupid kiss. Bianca said the kiss was not stupid, but Josh was. Bianca felt JR had the right to dump Babe because she cheated on him. Bianca also partially blamed Josh for Babe's failed marriage. Then, Josh admitted that the kiss was a goodbye kiss. Still, Bianca felt Josh was being shortsighted. Then, Erica came in and announced that all of her children were being shortsighted.

JR was at home with Little Adam. Winifred brought in cookies and hot chocolate. JR explained that sometimes mommies and daddies did not stay together. Still, JR promised that Little Adam would always have his father and his grandfather. JR said their family would consist of the three Adams. Then, JR looked at the chocolate chip cookies and remembered his mother and smiled.

Babe went to the park to meet Zoe. Babe explained that JR was a bastard drunk or sober and that she was a fool for being with him. Zoe stated JR did not deserve Babe. Babe then informed Zoe that JR was blackmailing her and making her choose between Little Adam and Krystal. So, Zoe offered to help Babe by finding a way to blackmail JR. Zoe then went to get them coffee. Babe sat alone on a bench and waited as the killer approached her dressed as a homeless person!"

- Soap Central