01/17/2007 Zarf Explains The Drugs

"Zarf announced that he was not a man, but a woman, Zoë. Babe was happy she finally revealed herself and encouraged Zoë to tell her story. So, Zoë explained that she never felt comfortable growing up as the boy, Freddy. Instead, Zoë always knew she was a girl, but trapped in a boy's body. As Josh listened, he called Bianca to come over quickly. Meanwhile, everyone was still angry, frustrated and confused by Zarf's new admission that he was a woman. As Bianca walked in, Zoë was being assaulted by questions like, "What are you?" Bianca heard this and asked Zoë to reveal the whole truth. So, Zoë explained that she was drawn to Fusion because of the strong, creative, and independent women that worked there. Zach then asked why Zoë had a picture of his mother. Zoë claimed that all of the pictures she collected were of exquisite women she hoped to be someday. Colby was intrigued by this and began to understand the lyric's Zarf wrote. Colby stated that transgender people did exist. However, not everyone was convinced that Zoë's story was true. Ryan, Kendall, and JR especially thought Zoë was only claiming this because she was setting her case up for an insanity plea. Tad, however, felt bad for Zoë and thought she might be telling the truth. Then, Derek decided to arrest Zoë. Babe was outraged and protested Zoë's innocence, but Zoë was taken away in cuffs anyway. Babe then asked everyone to be compassionate about Zoë's situation, but everyone except for Josh and JR left without saying a word. Then, Josh tried to warn Babe that Zoë may still be the killer. JR demanded Josh leave and Babe agreed, so Josh left. Babe and JR continued to argue over Zoë until they were both too tired to fight anymore. Babe then went outside to bring Little Adam's tricycle inside. When she was outside, someone was watching her through the bushes. And, as they watched, they tied a white ribbon around the fence.

Kendall and Zach went to the casino to discuss Zoë. Kendall was distressed and chastised Zoë for torturing Zach about his past. Zach, however, did not think Zoë was the killer. Just then, Kendall saw the flyer that the satin slayer sent Zach. Kendall believed this was similar to Zoë's picture collection. Still, Zach disagreed and felt the killer was still out there. Zach then revealed that he remembered more about his mother's death. Zach recalled saying he did not do it, but was not sure what this meant. Zach then vowed not to stop his search for answers until the satin slayer was captured.

The bar patron came back to ConFusion for his credit card. Jonathan immediately grabbed him and smashed him onto a table. The man was shocked and begged to be let go. Then, Del took his wallet and found the pictures of the Fusion girls. The man then revealed he was Kenny Adler, a lawyer that worked for Fusion when it first opened. Kenny explained he also helped Simone with personal legal issues. Kenny admitted he loved Simone, but she rejected him. So, he left the country on business and returned with hopes of anther chance with Simone, but it was too late. Jonathan did not believe this, so Kenny offered to tell the police his story. Jonathan said he would follow Kenny to the police station and they left. Shortly after they departed, Jonathan called Amanda looking for Kenny because he lost him on the road. Amanda looked worried.

Jack was appointed as a special prosecutor on Zoë's case. Derek was not happy at first because he did not want any help. Still, Jack was appointed by a powerful politician, so Derek had no choice but to allow Jack on the case. Meanwhile, Bianca arrived at the police station and asked Jack to see Zoë. Jack was hesitant, but finally allowed the visit. So, Bianca went to Zoë's cell and asked if this was all her fault. Zoë said nothing. Bianca then recalled the reactions she received when she came out as a lesbian. Bianca stated that she was disappointed in some people because they were hurtful towards her. Bianca regretted her reaction when Zoë came out to her. So, Zoë asked Bianca if she felt something real for Zarf before she knew Zarf was Zoë. Bianca admitted she did feel something for Zarf. Zoë then asked if Bianca thought she was the killer. Bianca said she thought Zoë was innocent and held her hand. Meanwhile, Derek, Jack, Tad, and Ryan tried to figure out if Zoë was the satin slayer. Tad did not think Zoë was guilty. Ryan, however, felt Zoë was like the killer from Silence of the Lambs because Zoë wanted to be a woman and resented real women because of it. Meanwhile, the profiler told Derek that the killer despised women. Then, Derek asserted that he would catch the killer with Dani's help, once she woke up.

Livia was sitting by Dani's side in her hospital room. Then, Julia, Di, and Aidan arrived. They all went outside the room to talk. Aidan explained that Dani might have seen the killer and needed to wake up to save the other women. Livia then admitted that she was losing faith in her profession as a defense attorney because she may have helped criminals like the satin slayer go free. Meanwhile, Di informed Julia of her plan to bait the killer. Di was glad she caught Zarf, but feared the worst was not over. Then, Livia went back into Dani's room. Livia begged Dani to wake up. Then, Dani's eyes slowly opened. Livia was overjoyed. Livia then asked if Dani remembered anything from before she passed out. Dani said yes and then closed her eyes again!"

- Soap Central