01/18/2007 Kendall Receives A Gardenia

"As he lies asleep, Zach hears a man and woman arguing. When it stops, he finds himself on the balcony again, looking through fog at who he believes is his mother. He touches her shoulder and when she turns around, it's Kendall. He awakens with a start, jolting Kendall out of her sleep in the process. She instinctively comforts him, and he tells her that he had the same dream. She asks if he thought about the possibility that this whole ordeal could have nothing to do with him and everything to do with his mother. Zach asks her to stop helping, as he is afraid further involvement will put her more in danger, but she refuses. She then says that perhaps he should seek the help of a professional that could help him recall the memories that he is blocking.

After Joe warns him not to pressure Dani, Derek gently asks his daughter if she can recall what she saw before she passed out. She slowly tells him that what she thinks she saw was a man. She manages to elaborate far enough to tell them that the hand she saw was encased in a glove, and that she remembers a bird swooping down toward her face. Then, an alarm sounds and Joe orders them all out of the room. Out in the hall, they all agree that with more rest, Dani might be able to remember more. Livia then announces that she is canceling her trip to Chicago, but her brother begs her to go, saying that he needs her to take Dani out of town. He admits that although he is almost positive that they have the correct person locked up, he doesn't have the forensics to back his suspicions and he knows that with a high-priced lawyer, he won't be able to keep Zarf in jail for long. Later, when it is just Aidan and Di in the hall, Aidan notes that if the killer isn't Zarf, they need to admit that they are up against someone who is smart enough to stay one step ahead of them. Di asks if he believes it's the right decision to let Livia take Dani away, and Aidan tells her that he doesn't agree - rather, he thinks that they should let the killer know that Dani knows exactly who they are. Livia and Derek return and Aidan and Di explain their plan. Both members of the Frye family outright refuse to let them use Dani as bait and put her in danger again. Aidan suggests that perhaps she wouldn't be. Di offers herself up as a decoy, but they reject that as well, saying that she doesn't have the training needed to deal with this kind of situation. Di swears that she can handle it because of the time that she spent in prison. Livia pipes up, saying that in order for this to work, the killer would have to get close enough to see a black woman in the bed. She orders her brother to get Dani out of town and says that she will be the bait.

Amanda and Jonathan rush into the police station, attempting to urge the officer into looking for Kenny. The officer fairly blows them off, insisting that they have the real murderer in lockup already. Ryan joins them soon and the duo hurriedly fills Ryan in, hoping he will back them up. Ryan asks the detective why he wouldn't just follow up on their lead, in case they have something. When he doesn't respond, Ryan demands to talk to the chief. The detective tells him that just because he has cash, he does not have the right to order people around. Just then, Lt. Perry interrupts and says that he will handle them. He tells them that Derek is at the hospital, and everyone at the station is on high alert. Ryan notes that with their sister dead, they are not exactly resting on their laurels. Lt. Perry offers to take the information they have and follow up on it himself. Ryan looks to his brother, and Jonathan appears at a loss for a moment. He then looks up at the stairs, sees Kenny, and indicates that he is the person of interest the police should talk to. Jonathan demands to know where Kenny went after he promised he would go to the police station and then disappeared. Kenny informs the room that his sister in Philly just had a baby, so he went to see her. The lieutenant then says that he knows Kenny well, and is certain that he is not the killer.

Josh visits Zarf down in lockup, and although the rock star tries to ignore him, Josh insists he needs the truth because Babe could be next. Zoë tries to make him go away, saying that he betrayed both her and Babe. Josh tells her that he knows that there is more to her by the pain that he sees in her eyes. He asks once again for the truth, using her chosen name, and this gets her attention.

Babe and JR continue to argue over whether Zoë is guilty of murder or not, with Babe firmly resting on the side of innocent, and JR believing blindly in his guilt. He tries to get through to her, saying that Zarf only came to her because she was next on his list. Jamie shows up just then and tells them that he found a satin ribbon tied on the gate outside. JR thinks that Zarf left it as a calling card before being hauled off last night, but Babe thinks that the real murderer left it while the rest of the closed-minded folks in Pine Valley were focused on stringing up the wrong person. She grabs her purse and starts to leave, and JR demands to know where she plans on going. She irately tells him that after she kisses their son, she is going to work. When she walks out of the room, JR immediately pulls out his cell phone and Jamie asks who he is calling. JR notes that he is calling his attorney to tell him about Babe's actions because they would surely make her out to be an unfit mother. Jamie questions if he actually cares that Babe might die before she makes it to any kind of custody hearing. JR insists that he cares about Babe because she is the mother of his child, and Jamie reminds him that she is also his wife. He asks how JR could possibly use the fact that Babe made friends with a transgender person as a reason to try to overturn the custody agreement. JR restates that Zarf is a killer, and Jamie reminds him that he has no proof of that. He then goes on to tell JR about a woman he met in pre-med that was still going through the transition, but lived her life as a woman. He pointed out what a fantastic person she is, but JR doesn't get that someone who is transgender could possibly be a normal person without mental hang-ups. He dismisses his brother's tirade, and Jamie is livid that JR won't even consider the existence of an alternative life if it doesn't make any sense to him. JR fires back that it is not about Zarf, or whoever he believes he is - it's about Babe. He insists that he doesn't get off on skipping to the divorce lawyer with evidence, but it keeps piling up and he is obligated to give it to his lawyer so that he can keep his son safe. Jamie tells his brother that he is too quick to believe the worst in people, and that perhaps a better bet would be to talk to Babe if he wants to try to understand her. JR tells him that if he could believe for a minute that Babe still loved him, he would drop his case in a heartbeat, but because he knows for sure that Josh is still in her life, he can't. Shortly thereafter, an officer shows up and retrieves the ribbon that Jamie found. He checks to make sure that they have alerted their security team, and then leaves with a promise that they will process the ribbon as quickly as they can to see if they can glean any additional evidence. Once he leaves, the brothers fall into a somber silence. Dixie enters the room and tells them that it occurred to her that they hadn't had one of her famous chocolate chip cookie moments in a while, and then reveals some of those very cookies from underneath a silver dome. They reminisce for a bit, and then JR, slightly choked up, reveals that he had dreamed of being able to sit with them again, laughing and being alive, so many times before. Dixie assures him that she will never leave him again, and then tries to ascertain that everything really is all right. In response, JR tells her that it has to be.

Bianca arrives at the Fusion offices to find the place deserted. Her guard quickly checks out all of the rooms before giving it the all clear. She opens up a few envelopes and then, frustrated, asks of her absent sister what their next move should be.

A short time later, as Zach is getting ready for the day, Kendall tries to convince him that consulting someone medical would be a good idea. Zach regards himself as steel and says that no one can get inside his head. The phone rings, and Kendall finds her sister on the other end. Bianca tells her that she needs to come down to Fusion immediately because they have big problems to deal with. She gives her husband a farewell hug and a kiss and then trots off to take a shower. When he hears the water run, Zach flips open his cell phone and when his call is answered, he tells them to find Lavery.

Josh continues to beg for Zoë to open up, saying that if he cared about Babe, he wouldn't want her dead. He tells the singer that if he didn't do it, the murderer is still out there running free, and Babe is still in danger. Babe approaches unnoticed as Josh grabs Zoë through the bars and demands that he plead guilty so that he would have an assurance that Babe and his sisters are safe. Babe screams at Josh, demanding that he let Zoë go and then reminds him caustically that he is one of the reasons that Zoë is locked up. After ascertaining that Josh didn't hurt her, Babe reveals that although she can't stay, she wanted to stop by and tell him that she got a hold of his lawyer, and that he would be headed to Pine Valley as soon as he finishes up in court. She tells him that she is en route to Fusion because Bianca called because of some sort of emergency. Josh asks what the emergency is, and Babe tells him to stay out of it. Zoë tells her that she can't fault Josh for trying to protect her. Babe lets the last comment go and simply tells the prisoner that she is proud of her, and starts to go. On her way out, she tells Josh that he should leave the jail and stop bothering Zoë. Zoë speaks up and asks Josh to stay, as they hadn't finished their conversation. Once Babe exits the scene, Zarf tells the lone Kane son that he was not guilty of killing the women of Fusion, and that Josh had to do whatever was necessary to protect the remaining partners from harm.

Kendall arrives at Fusion and asks immediately about what the emergency is. Before she gets an answer, she asks where the staff is. Bianca tells her that everyone quit because it was one thing when people were being attacked in the office because they could still feel safe with more intensive alarms and the guards that were posted. However, after Dani was attacked in her own home, things changed. Kendall notes that everything will change when they realize that the person responsible is behind bars. Bianca tells her sister that she doesn't believe that Zoë committed the murders, and Kendall focuses with horror on the fact that Bianca is now referring to the singer by her chosen name. She then says that Zoë is the reason for all of their problems, just as Babe comes in and says that not only is Zoë not to blame, but she will be out of jail soon. Bianca stops them from getting into yet another row by saying that they have even bigger problems: once their distributors found out that Zoë had been arrested, all orders were stopped and 90% of them asked for a return of product. She tells the two leading ladies that if they don't pull off a miracle, Fusion is going to fail. They start to figure out a plan of action but the attempt is foiled when Kendall can't resist going off on Babe. Although her level-headed sister announces that Kendall's tirade is of no help, Kendall points out that since Babe is so brilliant and a great judge of character, she should certainly be able to think of something that will get them out of this mess. Bianca tries to intervene again, asking for ideas about what to do but Kendall blurts out that Babe is so stupid that she even thinks her husband will forgive her. Babe asks what JR told her, and Kendall tells her that they didn't waste time talking about her. Babe demands to know why Kendall was at their house but Kendall dodges her questions. Wanting to hit home, Babe reminds her that Zach admitted that he was the one that brought all of this pain and suffering down on the town and wonders aloud why she isn't pointing fingers at her husband. Kendall says that it is simply because Zarf confessed. Bianca finally gets her sister's attention by telling her that she agrees with Babe. Kendall begs Bianca not to go soft on her, and says that the next thing you know, Bianca will be telling her something ridiculous like she forgave Maggie. The elevator doors had opened, and Maggie's voice interrupts their conversation, saying that she has hope that that very thing becomes true.

After Kenny tells them that he has a long history with Fusion and that the company was a labor of love for him, the lieutenant reveals that Kenny used to be a lawyer in town and that he had gone to bat for Simone in court several times, and even dated her for a while. At that, a light goes on in Ryan's head and he says that he remembers Kendall mentioning him. Lt. Perry invites Kenny back to his office and tells the trio that they have their man locked up already. Ryan promises Jonathan and Amanda that he would have his private security team check out everyone who acts suspicious, regardless of what the police do. He then spots Zach and excuses himself. He crosses the room and Slater says he needs Ryan's help, as he may have information about Zach's mother. He asks if, when Alexander Cambias made Ryan the sole heir of his estate, if there was any information or any photographs left behind of his mother. Ryan tells him that he had all materials like that from the three houses around the world shipped to a warehouse outside of Pine Valley for Miranda to have when she got old enough to want to know about her grandfather. Zach asks if anyone has had access to it, and Ryan admits that he doesn't know but he could have a key made. Zach fairly orders him to do so and starts to leave. Ryan stops him, realizing that Zach doesn't believe the singer is responsible. He issues an order of his own: to find out what the connection is between the killer and his mother, quickly, as time is running out. He then lets Zach go and returns to his brother's side. He and Amanda both address the possibility that Zoë could be innocent, and cite the fact that Babe is convinced of that truth. Josh shows up and, having overheard, tells them that he believes in Zoë's innocence as well.

Having a new target, Kendall attempts to berate Maggie enough so that she will leave. Maggie takes it like a pro, knowing that she deserves it. She offers to help any way, and although Babe tries to accept, Kendall tells her that she can help by leaving Bianca alone forever. Frustrated, Bianca silences all of them by ordering Babe to review some papers, telling Maggie that it isn't a good time for a surprise visit, and telling her sister to shut up and think of a plan. Then, the elevator doors open again, and Josh appears, also offering help. They all take a spot in various parts of the office and get to work. Bianca's focus doesn't last long, as Maggie comes over and asks to talk. She brushes her ex off, saying that she doesn't have time and Kendall continues to try to drive a physical wedge between the two. Bianca assures her big sister that she doesn't need any help, and Josh pushes forward, saying that they will need to come up with a successful ad campaign in the next few days if they want a chance of staying afloat. Bianca says that she can talk to Ryan about Cambias giving them a short term loan until they can get back on their feet, and Josh says that he and Babe can come up with another amazing campaign while under the gun again. Ryan joins them in the office at that moment and Bianca fills him in on the need for a loan. Ryan tells them that he can't authorize that because he is closing down the company. They beg him not to and Bianca says that she can go directly to the board for assistance. Ryan assures her that he can still veto her request, and will if she tries. He starts to check out something in the rear of the office when a guard comes in with a gardenia in a box and says that he found it outside. Josh grabs it and the accompanying card, and looks inside to see the message. He looks up, and tells the group that the flower is for Kendall.

Kenny and the lieutenant emerge from his office a short time later, and they shake hands before Kenny takes off. Jonathan starts to go after him but Amanda stops him, saying that he needs to let the cops and Ryan do their jobs. Jonathan tells her that he has to do something because there are too many people in danger. Then, almost brokenly, he touches her face and asks what they are to do if even she isn't safe.

Zach enters the warehouse where all of his father's effects are stored in crates and boxes. He approaches something covered with a sheet and when he pulls it off, he finds a painting of Kendall with a satin ribbon around her neck, holding a gardenia."

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