01/16/2007 Derek Gets The Results

"Surprised to see Maggie waiting for her at her apartment, Bianca asked her what she was doing there. Maggie asked her if they could go inside and talk. Maggie told Bianca that she had been very worried about her. Bianca told her all the scandal in PV and Maggie said she was sorry for not being there for her. Bianca told her to go home to Cecelia, but Maggie said she came to apologize. Maggie asked about Miranda and wanted to see her, but Bianca said absolutely not. Maggie told her that she was incredibly sorry and asked for forgiveness. Maggie groveled and begged forgiveness and told Bianca how much she still loved her and wanted them to be together again. Bianca told Maggie she was a different person now and that she had no room in her life for anyone else especially her. Bianca told Maggie to leave and Maggie told her that she was staying at the Valley Inn if she wanted to call her.

After their kiss, Erica told Jeff it was exactly what she needed. Jeff said he thought he was just being selfish. Erica told him that she was having a bad day and Jeff said that he intended to fix that. Jeff led Erica to the terrace where he had flowers, music, candlelight and food waiting for her. They danced and talked and then Jack showed up. Erica sent Jeff packing and Jack told her that he did not want a divorce. He said he should have apologized for the gifts from Sean and Colby. He told her that he was afraid that if he told her the truth the light in her eyes would vanish. They re-hashed their problems and Jack asked if they could find their way back. Erica asked if he thought it was possible, but with Jeff lurking in the shadows, he told her no he didn't think so and he left. She told Jeff that she had loved Jack for a long time and when they married, she was determined to make this marriage work but she had failed. Erica told Jeff to dance with her. She held tight to him as they danced.

At the boathouse, Lily told Jonathan that she thought the old Jonathan was back. He told her that was not true, but she began counting backwards. Jonathan told her that he was not bad, just angry. He tried to explain his anger to Lily, and assured her that the old Jonathan was gone and he would never hurt her. Lily left and Jonathan cried his eyes out and asked Erin to help him.

At the bar at ConFusion Amanda was talking to a customer who told her that before ConFusion, there was no exciting place in town. As he took out his credit card she saw pictures of the Fusion girls in his wallet. Amanda went to Del and explained the pictures in the guys wallet. Del went over and introduced himself to "Kenny". He told Del that he understood the Fusion girls better than anyone. He said that he loved Simone very much and Del told Amanda that the guy was a nut job. Amanda turned around and Kenny was gone, but had left his credit card. Jonathan came in and told him about Kenny. Jonathan said to leave it to the police, but Amanda began explaining what happened to the detective that she called. Jonathan took the receipt from Kenny's credit card and called to get information on him. Jonathan got the goods on Kenny and then Amanda told him that the killer got to Dani.

J.R., Kendall and Josh found Zarf and Babe in the Chandler tunnels. Zarf made an escape attempt, but failed. Babe continued to defend Zarf, but the closed minded people around her had other opinions. Out of control as usual, Kendall, Josh and J.R. went on and on about how Zarf was a murderer etc. In walked Ryan, Zach and Tad and Ryan predictably Ryan grabbed Zarf and demanded a confession. They asked Zarf why he had a picture of Zach's mother when Zach grabbed him and told him to start talking. Babe continued to tell Zarf to tell the truth and save himself. Derek arrived and said as soon as he got the results on what was in the vials he would have evidence for Zarf's arrest. Zarf told him that V-Tach was in the vials and that he killed Simone and Erin and if he was not locked up immediately, he would kill again. The rabble continued to scream for his crucifixion when Derek got the vial results and told them it was estrogen. Zarf maintained it was V-Tach and that he was the killer. Babe told Zarf to tell them about Zoe. With tears on his cheeks, Zarf admitted that he was Zoe."

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