01/15/2007 Tad Says Zarf Has No Motive

"Amanda, Del and Jonathan were working at ConFusion. Jonathan wanted Amanda to leave, but she refused because she believed she was safe working there. Then, Amanda went to help some customers. The customers asked if Zarf was the killer and Amanda said no and put them at a good table. Jonathan was annoyed that Amanda said and did this. Amanda explained that she was only trying to help their poor business since the murders. Amanda also stated that Babe thought Zarf was innocent. Jonathan became furious and yelled that Babe did not know anything. Amanda and Del then calmed Jonathan down and said he should leave because being at the bar brought up too many memories of Erin. Jonathan was still annoyed, but agreed he should leave. After Jonathan left, Amanda threw a glass across the bar. Del cleaned it up and encouraged Amanda to get over Jonathan. Del then attempted to massage her back, but Amanda told him to stop and restock the bar. Meanwhile, Jonathan went to the boathouse. He was filled with rage and began throwing and breaking objects. Then, Lily walked up. She announced that the old Jonathan was back!

Tad and Ryan went to see Zach at the casino to discuss the murders committed by the satin slayer. Zach showed them the message he received from the killer, which was a flyer that had the murdered Fusion girls crossed out in marker. Zach declared that Zarf was the killer and wanted Tad to prove it. Zach then informed Tad that Zarf had a picture of Zach's mother in his penthouse. Tad, however, was not convinced Zarf was the killer. Tad explained that he and Aidan found no connection between Zarf and the Cambias family. Zach stated an innocent man would not run from the cops. Tad still did not believe this was enough proof. Zach further stated that Zarf had drugs in his hotel room. Tad believed these were probably recreational. Tad then looked at Zach sternly and said that just because someone is accused of a crime it does not mean they are guilty. Tad felt they could not assume the killer was Zarf and let their guard down and allow another murder to occur. Ryan was frustrated and suggested Tad look into the many enemies Zach had. Ryan also wanted Zach to get Kendall out of town. Tad then speculated that the gardenia and white ribbon could be a coincidence, but Zach disagreed. Zach asserted that the satin slayer believed Zach killed his mother. Just then, Zach had a flashback and saw himself as a little boy looking over the ledge of the balcony. Zach remembered saying. "I didn't do it."

Erica arrived at the hospital worried that one of her daughters was attacked by the satin slayer. When she saw Bianca and Josh she was relieved, but asked if Kendall was also alright. Bianca said Kendall was not the victim, so Erica asked if Babe was. Josh became enraged and thought Erica wanted it to be Babe. Erica denied this. They then told Erica about Dani. Erica was distressed because the killer was able to poison Dani in the chief of police's home. Then, Erica decided to relay Babe's message to Josh. Erica stated that Babe busted into her hotel suite to tell Erica that she wanted nothing to do with Josh. Josh felt this was a sign that Babe was scared of her feelings for him and was desperate to fight them. Josh asserted that Babe loved him. Erica and Bianca did not agree and thought Babe truly wanted to stay with JR. Josh then revealed that Kendall was on his side. Erica stated she would straighten out Kendall, but Josh laughed. Josh said Erica could not stop Kendall and Zach and that she would not stop him and Babe either. Erica still persisted that Josh should stay away from Babe. Then, Josh explained that Babe was a true friend that stuck by his side through his ordeal with Greg Madden. As Josh stated this, Bianca realized that Zarf was probably with Babe. So, Josh ran off. Bianca then told Erica that she did not care if Josh and Babe hooked up. Bianca then said goodbye so she could spend the night with Miranda. Erica stood alone when an arm grabbed her and pulled her into a room. It was Jeff and he kissed her passionately! Meanwhile, Bianca arrived home and saw that her bodyguard would not let someone into the apartment. As the bodyguard stepped aside, Bianca saw Maggie standing there! Bianca looked shocked!

Babe and Zarf were outside the Chandler mansion. Babe put her scarf around Zarf to protect him from the cold. Zarf stated he could not feel the cold or anything else because he was dying inside. Babe comforted him and believed he would be exonerated after the drug results were back. Zarf said he had to leave before the results were back because they would destroy him. Babe assumed it was recreation drugs and said a lot of rock stars got caught with drugs. Zarf said the vile did not contain drugs, instead it held his destiny. Babe looked confused at first, but then seemed enlightened. Babe stated that it was a mistake for Zarf to hide Zoë. Zarf explained that he thought he was strong enough to be Zoë, but the world was too mean and rejecting. Zarf called himself a freak. Babe declared Zarf was not a freak. Zarf then admitted how upset he was that Bianca did not understand him, even though Babe could. Babe informed, "It is easier to be a girl friend than to be a girlfriend." Zarf giggled about having a girlfriend. Babe then assured Zarf that he could trust her and held out her hand. Zarf took her hand and Babe brought Zarf into the secret tunnels to hide.

Kendall went to see JR and announced that she was there to forgive him. JR recalled their friendship. He believed they were friends because they were so much alike. Kendall agreed and went to shake his hand in peace. Then, JR grabbed her arm and told her to drop the act. JR stated that since they were so much alike he knew Kendall would not forgive him. Kendall could not deny this. Then, JR's laptop announced that it detected motion. Kendall opened it and saw Josh's hotel room with a maid making the bed. When Kendall realized JR was spying on Josh she got very agitated. Kendall believed this was an invasion of privacy and warned JR not to hurt Josh. Kendall then revealed that Josh was the one who saved his life after the fall. JR was stunned. So, JR admitted that he had to get dirt on Babe so he could win back custody of Little Adam. Kendall called him stupid for giving Babe custody. Just then, Babe walked in and looked suspicious of Kendall's presence. Kendall slyly smiled and put her hand on JR's laptop. JR looked nervous. However, Kendall did not tell Babe about the hidden camera. Instead, Kendall announced that Babe had befriended Zarf, the number one suspect in the murders. JR was not happy about this, but Babe defended Zarf and told Kendall to leave. JR said Kendall came to apologize and asked Babe to leave them alone, so she did. Kendall then stated that JR owed her. JR proceeded to announce that he figured out that Josh made Kendall come over to help break up his marriage. So, JR stated that Josh could have Babe once he won custody of Little Adam. JR then suggested they work together to achieve their goals, like old times. Just as Kendall agreed, Josh ran into the room. JR demanded he leave, but Josh was determined to find Babe. Josh looked around and then opened a door to the secret tunnels. Josh walked in and found Zarf and Babe together!"

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