01/12/2007 Zarf Escapes

"Babe asks Zarf to tell police what liquid is in the vial, but Zarf is quiet. Joe comes out to the hospital lobby and asks everyone to leave because the noise is disturbing his patients. Zarf manages to ward off the police with hospital beds and rushes out. Ryan asks Derek how he will tell Jonathan that police let Erin's killer escape. Tad tells Derek he will do whatever he can to help with the investigation. He also reminds Derek not to feel guilty about not being able to protect Danielle. Joe announces Danielle has made it through the surgery but the next 24 hours are critical. Derek sits by Danielle's bedside as Livia walks through and comforts him. She promises to stay with Danielle so he can catch the killer.

Zach comes back to Babe, Josh and Bianca and announces that Zarf is gone. Kendall blames Josh for the entire mess because he suggested they use Zarf's song in the Fusion campaign. Bianca tells everyone to stop fighting, while Zach insists that all of Kendall, Bianca and Babe's food be handpicked himself until the murderer is found. Babe says she will not go by Zach's plans because JR has security guards protecting her. Once alone, Kendall asks Zach if he thinks Zarf is really the killer. Zach says his doubts were cleared when police found an article about his mother in Zarf's home. Kendall promises to be careful while Zach goes to find Zarf. Bianca explains about Zarf's plans to get her into bed by dressing up as a woman, but Babe refuses to believe Zarf would do such a hurtful thing. Babe asks to speak to Bianca alone, giving Josh a chance to remind Kendall she is supposed to help him win Babe over. Kendall backs out of the deal now that Babe is sticking up for a supposed killer. Josh warns Kendall that if she bails on him, he will tell Ryan the truth about Emma's paternity. Josh calls Ryan over to blurt out the news, but Ryan thinks that Josh wants to discuss keeping Kendall safe by increasing her security. After Ryan leaves to check on Spike, Kendall agrees to help Josh.

Babe tells Bianca that she hurt "Zoe" very badly, but Bianca is shocked that Babe actually bought his scam. Babe tells Bianca that she devastated Zoe by rejecting her, but Bianca says Zoe didn't seem upset while she was belting out tunes in ConFusion. Babe says the karaoke incident was just a way to cover-up the pain. Bianca says she can't understand how Zarf could consider himself a lesbian if he is not a woman. Frustrated, Babe leaves with her security guard to go see JR.

Dixie tells JR that although she likes living in the Chandler mansion, she thinks it is time for her to find her own place. JR says Colby overheard Tad and Krystal talking about some big secret, but Dixie knows the truth. Dixie says she does not know what Colby is talking about. JR tells her he is tired of secrets and can not deal with any more betrayal. Dixie gives JR a hug and makes him promise to give up this search for a secret. After she leaves, JR calls his mother a terrible liar. Babe comes and immediately runs into JR's arms and tells him what happened to Danielle. Babe goes outside to get some air and hears Zarf hiding. Kendall gives JR a surprise visit

Zach receives a package with a Fusion flyer from an unknown source. The flyer has Simone, Danielle and Erin marked off, leaving only Babe and Kendall remaining.

Jonathan brings firewood to Annie and Ryan, but seems upset about something. Jonathan admits that he thought chopping wood would help release his anger, but it did not help, making him worry that the anger will overtake him like it did once before. Annie tells Jonathan that he should talk to her when he gets upset as Ryan walks in. After Jonathan leaves, Ryan tells Annie about Danielle and Zarf's escape."

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