12/26/2006 Tad Gets A Visit From Father Clarence

"Zach and Ryan went head-to-head over control of the toy train set but Kendall separated them and took some pictures. After opening a few gifts, Kendall got a replica of the chapel they were locked in last Christmas. Ryan found a gift for Spike from Erin; it was a lucky penny shirt. Kendall invited Ryan to join them for Christmas Eve, but he said he was spending the evening with Jonathan. Annie and Emma stopped by and asked Ryan and Jonathan if they wanted to go to Christmas Eve service. They said that they did. Later, at church, Emma held tight to Ryan and Jonathan.

Erica showed Myrtle her "Twelve Days of Christmas" gifts. Myrtle told Erica that there were 12 drummers outside and she was going to bring them in to beat some sense into her. Erica said that if Jack really loved her he should tell her to her face. Sean went to New Beginnings to see Erica and told her that Jack missed her like crazy and wanted her to come home. He then gave her another gift and left. Josh also stopped by and he and Erica went to Jack's. Jack opened the door and Erica and Jack immediately reunited. Sean and Colby were thrilled.

Julia and Jamie went out in the snow to buy gifts for Jim and Linda, when they came upon Julia's friends in a terrible car accident. The ambulance arrived and took them to the hospital. Just then, they heard something in the back seat and found a four-year-old girl.

Krystal was just about to confess to Adam when Babe came and told Adam that Little A was waiting to open more presents. Dixie asked Krystal if she was really going to tell Adam the truth about the baby. Krystal nodded and confirmed that she was going to tell Adam that the baby was Tad's child. Krystal asked Dixie if she really wanted to ruin everything. Dixie told Krystal that she wouldn't ruin her holiday by telling Adam or Tad.

Father Clarence found Tad with a sprained ankle. Tad wondered how he got to the chapel, but Father told him that he was about to find his way. He helped a reluctant Tad into the chapel and asked him if he would help repair the manger. Father Clarence asked Tad why he wasn't with his family and Tad said his family was better off without him. Just then, Tad had an attack of guilt and told him he had to go, but Father Clarence told him that we were all sinners and God forgives. From the chapel, Tad heard the sirens at the car wreck. As he left the chapel, he saw the star and made a wish.

Babe gave J.R. an Eiffel Tower ornament for the tree and he gave her a painting that he had bought in France. Dixie went outside and wished on a star asking what she should do about Tad."

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