12/22/2006 Dixie Gets Visited By Father Clarence

"It was Christmas Eve and Dixie went to Wildwind looking for Tad. Julia and Jamie said they did not know where he was. Jamie also expressed his concern for his father. Dixie assured Jamie that she had some news that would make Tad feel better. Then, Dixie left and called Tad on her cell phone. Tad picked up and Dixie asked him to meet her at his home. Tad was reluctant, but finally agreed. Meanwhile, everyone in Wildwind was getting ready for Christmas. Amanda, Aidan and Di were decorating. Julia was excited because her only friends from the witness protection program were going to spend Christmas with her. Then, everyone exchanged secret Santa gifts. Jonathan looked sad as all this went on. Then, Jamie gave Julia her gift. It was new speakers and construction plans for a media room. Then, Julia and Jamie went outside to hang a wreath and found Tad walking around. They wanted to give him a ride home, but he refused. Julia asked Tad if he made a wish on the Christmas star. Tad said no because miracles can break your heart.

Tad continued to walk outside. Tad recalled his past as he walked around. He remembered when Brooke told him Dixie died in a car accident. He also remembered David saying that Tad was a walking grenade. He then recalled Dixie saying that she gave Kate up for adoption because she did not have enough faith in Tad. Finally he remembered when Dr. Madden was found dead in the park. Tad proceeded on his walk and then fell to the ground.

Dixie went to Tad's house, but he was not there yet. Then, she heard a knock at the door and it was Father Clarence. Dixie assumed he wanted a donation for the church, but he said he was there to see Dixie. Dixie was confused and assumed Father Clarence knew Tad and that Tad told him about her. Father Clarence said Tad wished on the Christmas star last for Dixie's return. Dixie did not think she made everyone happy by returning. Father Clarence then asked if Dixie really wanted to give Tad the gift she came by to give him, since one child could not substitute for another. Dixie was shocked. Father Clarence then asked if it was worth making some people unhappy in order to make another happy. Dixie wanted to know the answer, but the priest said Dixie would make the right decision because she was no longer alone in life.

Adam was looking at Krystal's sonogram and saying that the baby looked just like him. JR chimed in that the baby had Chandler eyes. Then, Adam wanted Little Adam to open some gifts early, but JR wanted to wait for Dixie. Babe and Krystal inquired where Dixie was and Adam said she left early to find Tad. Krystal looked worried and said she had to go finish last minute wrapping. Babe did not believe Krystal and found her outside. Babe apologized for slipping up with Dixie, but Krystal insisted it was not her fault. Babe asked what Krystal was going to do. Krystal was undecided and said she has been struggling with her dilemma. Krystal wished she could help Tad by giving him another daughter, but did not want to hurt Adam. Krystal compared her situation to Babe's with Miranda. Babe explained that Krystal was right about not telling JR the truth about her affair with Josh. Babe believed sometimes a lie was better than the truth. Babe pleaded with Krystal not to say anything until they found out what Dixie was up to. Meanwhile, Colby was telling JR she got him a great Christmas gift. JR wanted to know what it was, so Colby told him about the camera. Adam said he loved that Colby was looking out for JR, even though her plan was devious. Colby offered to remove the camera, but JR said to leave it. JR stated he was giving Babe a second chance, not a free pass to make him look like a fool. Then, Adam realized Babe and Krystal were outside and made them come inside. They all proceeded to watch Little Adam open gifts. JR and Babe exchanged smiles and held hands. Then, Adam saw Dixie come home. He went to greet her, as Krystal watched. Dixie was acting strange and stated she could not talk to Adam. Adam was confused. Then, Krystal walked up and told Dixie not to say a word because she would tell Adam!"

- Soap Central