12/21/2006 Adam Plays Scrooge

"At Fusion, Zach approaches Kendall from behind and she tells him that she can't leave yet. She feels that if she turns out the lights, that signifies that this whole day has been true and that Simone and Erin are really gone. Zach tells her that they can stay in the offices as long as she needs to.

Across the room, Bianca makes it her priority to do some after party cleaning, and Jack tells her that she needn't worry about such things. Bianca tells him that she feels she has to, and continues on. He tells her that she needs to remember that he is here for her no matter what – and she asks if that includes no matter what happens between he and Erica. Jack tells her that she shouldn't be worried about the status of his marriage. Instead, he asks her to focus on giving Miranda the best Christmas ever, because they both deserve it. He then goes over to Kendall, kisses her cheek and tells her that if she needs anything at all, she should be sure to call him. She nods her consent, and he starts to go. He sees Zach in the doorway and, without words, he conveys that he is leaving the care of his family in Zach's hands. Zach accepts the responsibility, and Jack boards the elevator and leaves the building. Once gone, Bianca approaches Zach and tells him that she can read his face regardless of how many things are going through his mind at one time. She tells him that she is aware he wants to do everything possible to protect them, and she wants him to stop focusing on Zarf. Although she knows the musician is on the weird side, she also has gotten to know him well enough that she is certain he is not violent. Zach tells her that although Zarf is being considered, he is nowhere near the top of his very long list. Kendall turns around at that moment and announces that she is ready to go. Zach is all for it but before they leave, Kendall stops and tells her little sister that she has to go with them. Bianca assures her that she will be fine, especially since she has her guard with her. Tearily, Kendall asks her to promise that nothing bad will ever happen again. Unable to make such a promise, Bianca simply wraps her sister in a loving embrace.

Erica is staring at the pin she received at her New Beginnings office when Jeff shows up and tells her that he wanted to check in on her after the funeral. She asks if the gift is his doing, and although he wants to take credit, he is driven by truth and says that someone else must have gotten a jump on Christmas.

Outside in the hall, Sean and Colby are listening at the door. Sean is upset that initially, it doesn't seem that things are going his way. He starts to leave but Colby stops him. She tells him that because she is a girl, she has the upper hand and knows what she is doing. She tells him that he needs to go into Erica's office, and before he can protest she shoves him in, startling Erica and Jeff in the process. Sean has to quickly come up with some reason for his entrance, so he clumsily makes his way over to the desk and spots the pin. She asks if Jack is the person that sent her the gift, and Sean answers with a question: does she know of any other true loves? Before she can answer, a colleague interrupts to get some decisions from Erica. After that wraps up, Sean picks up where he left off, hinting at more mystery gifts to come and asking her to come home. Erica doesn't think that Sean is making much sense, but Jeff is starting to figure things out. Erica tells Sean that she will get back to him with her answer, so the young man accepts that and leaves the office. As he does, Colby grabs him, quickly tells him that he did great, and then shoves him out of the way as the next gift – two turtle doves – make their way in.

Once they are alone again, Erica tells Jeff that Jack was at the funeral and was surprisingly pleasant. This plus the gifts is confusing her since they had already talked about divorce and separate lawyers. She asks if Jeff can explain the mind of a man in love, but Jeff declines – as that may be viewed as him rooting for the other side. He admits that he would much rather root for himself, and whatever chance he might have with her. She then decides that she is done discussing her current husband with one of her ex-husbands, so Jeff switches the topic to her plans for Christmas. He invites her to go to the symphony with him, but she tells him that she isn't sure what her plans are yet. He notes that this non-committed version of herself is new and...odd. She asks if he is okay with waiting for a decision and he tells her that he all about doing whatever she decides. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and quickly exits. Upon finding herself alone again, she resumes staring at the brooch that was sent, trying to figure out what is actually going on.

Completely invested in the holiday spirit, Krystal tries to convince her reluctant husband that if he does a good deed today, he will certainly like his Christmas gift tomorrow. Adam grumpily tells her that she must have him confused with Stuart. A short time later, Krystal is dressed as Mrs. Claus and is sitting with the children in a playroom at the Miranda Center. She asks them who they want to see, and of course – they tell her Santa Claus. She tries to coax Adam out of the changing room but he refuses and calls her to the doorway. Initially oblivious, she reminds him that he won't get his present if he doesn't play along. He yanks her into the room, and when she sees his costume, she realizes that something has gone terribly wrong. Adam tries to leave, but Krystal will have none of it. She drags him into the room with the kids, and they are a bit upset because Adam is not wearing a Santa suit, but rather a frumpy pair of pajamas and a sleeping cap. Krystal tells them that her friend is Mr. Scrooge and they need to help her get him in the Christmas spirit.

On the rooftop of Fusion, Dixie continues to try to press Babe until she breaks on the truth about who fathered Krystal's baby – wording it as though she already knows the truth. Babe tells her that it has been a long time since her mother found someone willing to love her in the same way that they are loved, and asks why Dixie would want to threaten that happiness just to investigate a lie. Babe reminds her that even though her theory is a lie, she needs to stop talking about it because Adam would believe it without having any proof. If that happened, he would leave Krystal and break her heart. Dixie tries to justify it by saying that she broke Tad's heart when she had an affair with David, and when she lied about Kate, and then notes that sometimes it's so hard to know what the right thing is to do. She then says that she can understand what a difficult time Krystal must be having, and without thinking, Babe agrees. Dixie thinks that she has made some headway but Babe quickly covers, saying that the hard time she was referring to was dealing with the lie. Babe says that she understands what it's like to lose a child, even though her hell was only for a few months. She then asks that Dixie keep the pain of losing Kate between her and Tad, and let Krystal and Adam enjoy the happiness that they have found.

A short time later, Bianca finds Dixie on the Fusion rooftop alone. After assuring the bodyguard that Dixie is a safe person, he closes the door so they can talk in private. Dixie immediately apologizes for Bianca's loss, and notes that the tragedy probably makes her want to run home and hug her daughter. As Bianca agrees, Dixie lets on that she had heard about the situation where Babe kept Miranda as her own, and asks how she found a way to forgive Babe for what she did. Dixie then apologizes if she brought up any bad memories, saying that she was simply trying to get an angle on how to handle forgiveness from someone that was in a similar position. Bianca tells her that she is okay to talk about what happened, but that she might not be the best person to seek advice from since she never forgave Babe. Dixie asks how she could stand next to Babe at the funeral if she never forgave her and Bianca tells her simply that the funeral was not about her issues with Babe. Before she can ask more questions, Bianca stops her and says that although it's not Dixie's fault, she is tired of people assuming how she should act toward Babe. She then explains that on any given day, she can run the gamut of feelings for Babe. She says that for her, the bottom line is that there is no excuse or rationalization for keeping a parent from their child – it's unthinkable and it's unforgivable. Bianca then notes that everything that she shared was for her experience alone, and that she never meant to confuse things for Dixie. Dixie tells the young woman that she did nothing wrong, and thanks her for being honest.

Back at the Miranda Center, Adam successfully continues his Scrooge act, and Krystal asks the kids for ideas on what could help Scrooge snap out of his bad mood. They settle on tickling, and Babe steps in and calls to her mother while the kids are attacking Adam. She tells them all that she has a message from the North Pole and steps out into the hallway. Krystal insists that Babe come into the room to see how much fun her son is having, but Babe tells her that she has more important news – Dixie is set to blow her secret wide open. Babe fills her mother in on the rooftop conversation, and Krystal admits that Dixie has been putting everything together since she found out about Krystal's happy news. Babe asks what she thinks Dixie will do, and Krystal tells her that Dixie is willing to do whatever she can for the man that she loves. Babe asks Krystal what she wants and Krystal tells her that she wants to give a baby to the man she loves. She then admits that the reason she didn't share all of this with Babe is because she knew her daughter was busy handling her own problems. Babe demands that she never do such a thing again because no matter what, they promised to be there for each other to the end. They go back into the room, and Mrs. Claus asks Mr. Scrooge if he has anything else to share with the children. Adam starts to tell them about a miracle baby that came to life and saved them all, and when he looks at Krystal, she knows that he is referring to baby Charlotte. When she glances over at Babe and their eyes lock, they both know that he is talking about a child that might not be his.

While working alone at home, Tad is audibly visited by a scenario in while Dixie is speaking to their daughter. He tries to shake himself out of it, forcing himself to enter information about Zach into his computer, hoping to find a connection between Slater's past and the murders of late. His efforts are to no avail, however, as more scenarios between his ex and Kate play out intermingled with his own voice, disguised, and speaking to Greg Madden during his final days. The torture is cut short when there is a knock at the door. Tad goes to open it and finds Livia on the other side. After she comes in, she tells Tad that they both know who really killed Greg Madden, and that it doesn't need to be said out loud. He responds by saying that the incidents surrounding Greg's death are all a part of a closed book, and that the important thing now is the loss of two women who met with death far too soon. In addition, Tad notes that the person that he used to be is probably gone as well. Livia tells him that she will not give up on him but Tad replies that he is alone and his family is in shreds because of what he decided to do. He made a choice and took a chance, but because of all of the pain he caused, there is nothing left of the Tad she once knew. Livia hugs him and although he hangs on for a moment, he disentangles himself shortly thereafter and says that she doesn't get to comfort him or make him feel better, and she certainly doesn't get to forgive him. She tells him that there is only one entity that is in the position of judgment and forgiveness and it's not her. He tells her that he and God turned their backs on each other when he was pushed to the point that murder was the only answer. Livia gives him a lecture about God's forgiveness but Tad rejects her words and reiterates that there is nothing in him worth saving. Livia leaves soon after that, and Tad takes a seat in his now darkened house. The scenarios that were running through his head come back with a vengeance – both Dixie's chat with Kate and Tad's lecture to Madden.

Zach and Kendall return home and when he turns on the lights, she sees that he completely covered the condo with decorations. He tries to play coy by telling her that elves must be responsible but, of course, she knows better, and rewards him with a kiss. She inspects everything, and is most delighted by the train and tracks set up to run around the base of the tree. Zach insists that no Christmas is complete without it, and then asks if she wants to see if it all works. She agrees, and when they sit down by the start, she finds a conductor's hat that she thinks is far too large for Spike's head. Zach starts the train, and then tells her that the hat she has is for him. He fishes a smaller, matching version out for her son, and it only takes one look for Kendall to decide that she needs to have her way with her husband. Some time later, basking in the afterglow, the couple remarks giddily that they were unaware that trains were such a turn on.

Later, Colby and Sean hang out at the Montgomery residence and Colby assures her partner in crime that after the slew of presents that she has planned, she is certain that Erica will run back into Jack's arms. Sean is still skeptical but has little time to keep questioning her tactics, as Jack soon returns home. He enters the living room and finds the duo giggling. He asks if he should be worried, but they feign complete innocence. He leaves them alone again, and while they talk about how Colby's creative side completely overshadows the part of her that she showed as a student, Jack roughly stashes some papers in his briefcase in the foyer, knocking over his wedding photo with Erica in the process."

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