12/20/2006 Livia Advises Against Divorce

"Ryan is the first person to arrive at the joint funeral for Simone and Erin. Everyone else follows behind, carrying roses. Kendall, Tad, Jonathan and Ryan talk about how wonderful Simone and Erin were during the funeral. Tad and Aidan grill Derek about details of the murder cases, but Derek tells them to stay out of his investigation. Tad and Aidan figure that means Derek has nothing and will have to work on the case without him.

Dixie asks Tad if he wants to come with her and see JR. Tad declines the offer and decides to stay in the park after the funeral, but is interrupted by Zach. Zach tells Tad he needs him to investigate himself, but Tad wants to know why. Zach tells him that the murders are revealing clues connected to his past. Zach gives Tad all the information to his past and asks him to dig as deep as he can until his questions are answered. Zach says the white ribbon and gardenias are somehow related to him.

Dixie goes up on the roof to offer to check on Babe. Dixie tells Babe that she has been incredibly strong throughout the entire ordeal. Babe thanks Dixie for her kind words, noting that it is important to keep her family together. Dixie says that Krystal is also strong, which is way she can understand why Krystal won't tell Tad he is the father of her baby.

Erica, Bianca and Kendall head to the reception at Fusion. They look at old pictures of the Fusion girls wearing Santa Claus hats for a holiday photo shoot. Spike and Miranda stop by to visit before heading to the Miranda Center. Miranda rushes over to give Babe a hug, which makes Bianca slightly uncomfortable. Jonathan is unable to stand being at the party and rushes out with Amanda. Erica tries to offer Ryan some advice as he and Jonathan mourn over Erin. Ryan thanks Erin for her kind words as Kendall watches Emma rush over to hug him. Olivia tells Jackson and Erica to make amends with each other before it's too late. Josh gives Emma a juice box to sip on while Annie and Ryan are distracted. Ryan gives a speech encouraging the crowd to remember Simone and Erin for the rest of their lives. Josh tells Kendall that he got a DNA sample from Emma and asks her if she still wants him to run the paternity test.

Jonathan goes to the boathouse and remembers when Erin first took him ice skating. Amanda says it is fine for Jonathan to stay at the boathouse if he doesn't want to be at Fusion. Jonathan thanks Amanda for her constant support during his time of need, but thinks he is taking advantage of her. Amanda says it is fair for him to try to push her away when he needs her most. She tells Jonathan that she is treating him no different than any of her other friends, but understands where their relationship stands. When Amanda begins to walk away, Jonathan asks her to stay with him.

At the Chandler mansion, Stuart is busy decorating JR's room for Christmas. JR tells Stuart that he still loves Babe, but isn't sure if he can forgive her. Stuart said that forgiving is more of an emotion that choice, as the party continues with Krystal, Adam and their rowdy friends downstairs. Colby joins the party, but is less than thrilled at the thought of chewing on Beef Jerky and singing cowboy songs. Jamie checks on JR after the funeral. Jamie tells JR that if he going to hurt Babe again, he should end their marriage.

Erica goes to work and finds a present from "J" on her desk."

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