12/18/2006 Annie & Emma Comfort Ryan

"Di was at home and Aidan came in. Aidan announced he still had no leads in Simone and Erin's case. Di then said she had to go to work. Aidan assumed she meant the casino, but Di informed him that she was now working at Fusion. Aidan was upset and said she could not work there. Di said there was plenty of security and assured him that she would be fine. Aidan stated that the security team was having a hard enough time with the regular staff and did not need Di added into the mix. Di would not change her mind. Aidan warned that the killer might go after her. Di said that was her plan. Aidan was not happy with this plan and said he did not want to lose Di. Di explained that she was capable of taking care of herself because of her rough criminal past. Aidan was not convinced, but Di would not back down. Di said she and Erin shared a wonderful moment the night Erin was killed. So, Di felt obligated to nail the murderer. Then, Di declared that Aidan could not stop her. So, Aidan gave in and told her to go. Aidan then kissed Di and said he had her back.

Ryan and Annie were at the penthouse. Ryan was crying when Emma came in the room. Emma immediately hugged Ryan and gave him a "feel better" card. Meanwhile, Ryan, Annie, and Emma did not see Kendall at the door with Spike. Kendall watched as Ryan held Emma and Annie leaned her head on Ryan's shoulder. Kendall looked distraught and left. Then, Annie and Ryan thanked Emma and put her to bed. After the little girl was asleep, Annie stated that children always want to make things better. Annie then told Ryan that he was entitled to be upset. Then, Jonathan and Amanda came in and said they found something of Erin's. So, they showed Ryan the comic book that Erin saved. Ryan could not believe that she kept the comic he gave her so long ago. Annie then stated that Ryan should not feel badly because he obviously meant a lot to Erin. Jonathan heard this and realized Ryan was feeling guilty again. Jonathan explained that they did not resent Ryan for leaving them. Ryan still believed he was a coward, but Jonathan said Ryan was a hero. Jonathan also said he and Erin loved Ryan. Then, Jonathan heard Emma make a noise upstairs and thought it was Erin for a second. Everyone looked sad and Jonathan apologized. Jonathan then announced that he could not stay in the penthouse anymore because he kept expecting to see Erin. So, Ryan offered to let him stay in his condo, but Jonathan refused because Ryan may be moving soon. Amanda then asked him to stay at Wildwind. Jonathan asked if Annie would be alright living alone in the penthouse. Annie said she would be fine and encouraged him to move into Wildwind. Then, Jonathan and Amanda left. Ryan thanked Annie for her support of Jonathan. Annie said she cared about Jonathan and Ryan. Ryan believed Annie was amazing. Ryan then caressed her cheek with his hand and kissed her.

Colby was in Josh's hotel room. She was rolling on the bed and calling out Josh's name when Josh walked in. Josh was very agitated when he saw Colby and accused her of trying to get him into trouble again. Colby claimed she just wanted to talk, but Josh did not believe her. So, Josh asked the maid to come inside and be his witness. Josh wanted to protect himself from another one of Colby's lies, like he committed statutory rape again. Then, Josh searched the room because he assumed Colby planted something in there. As Colby proclaimed her innocence, Kendall came in. Kendall asked Josh to watch Spike and then threw Colby out of the room by her hair. Josh was impressed, but knew Kendall was revved up by something else. Kendall proceeded to explain that Annie was sticking her claws into Ryan by taking advantage of Erin's death. Josh asked why Kendall cared since she had Zach. Kendall then obscurely mentioned David and a lie he told her. Josh was confused, so Kendall told him that David claimed Ryan was Emma's father. Josh believed it was a typical lie David manufactured to hurt people. Still, Kendall said she could not forget it and asked Josh to help her with a DNA test. Josh said it was a long shot that Ryan fathered Emma. However, Josh said it was a possibility that Greg Madden used his own sperm to inseminate Annie. Josh asked if Kendall would tell Annie and Ryan about the test results. Kendall stated she would not tell them if Ryan was not the father. Still, Kendall was not sure if she would tell them if Ryan was the father. Josh then asked why she cared if Ryan was the father. Kendall worried that Ryan would not spend as much time with Spike and would end up settling for Annie. Josh stated Kendall was just like Erica, but agreed to help her get the DNA results.

Colby was in a restaurant watching Josh and Kendall on her computer via the nanny camera she hid in the hotel room. Then, Sean came in and caught her spying on them. Sean asked for details and Colby hesitated, but finally told him everything. Sean said she was sneaky, but it was cute. Colby explained that JR was not capable of doing this himself, so she had to do it for him. Colby believed this was the best Christmas gift she could give JR. Sean then expressed his desire to get Jeff away from Erica. Colby claimed she could get Erica back home before Christmas, but Sean did not believe her. So, Colby said if she did get Erica home, then Sean would have to take her out to New York City for New Year's Eve and help her expose Josh and Babe. Sean said it was a deal and they shook on it.

Zach was at Fusion and started to question Zarf. Zach held up a sketch Zarf drew for an album cover. It was a woman lying down with a flower and a ribbon. Zach also showed him lyrics that correlated with the picture. The lyrics spoke of a woman that he had to kill to save himself. Zach asked who this woman was and if he killed her. Zarf said Zach would not believe him if he tried to tell the truth. Also, Zarf believed that Zach was accusing him because he did not grieve and because he was an artist that was different from everyone else. Zach stated he only cared about the two women that died. Then, Zarf pulled a white ribbon out of his pocket and asked if Zach saw that as more evidence. Zach looked nervous and asked how Zarf knew about her. Zarf thought it was interesting that Zach had a "her" too and asked what Zach's secret was. Zach believed Zarf put the note by his door and grabbed Zarf. He yelled as he asked how Zarf knew about her. Then, Bianca walked in with a security guard and told Zach to stop. Zach finally calmed down and let go of Zarf. Zarf then explained that Zach thought he was the killer because of a sketch and lyrics. Bianca did not believe this was enough proof and Zarf left. Zach then told Bianca that the killings were his fault and that he worried Kendall might be next. Bianca assured him it was not his fault, but Zach persisted. Zach believed the murders were a message to him. Zach then left and Bianca stayed to decorate for the holidays. Bianca found an ornament with a picture that had Simone and Erin in it. Bianca looked sad, but continued to decorate. Then, she felt fake snow on her. Bianca was startled and turned around to see Zarf. Zarf asked if Bianca was scared of him.

Zach walked outside. He imagined Kendall motionless on top of rocks. She had a gardenia in her hair and a white ribbon around her neck!"

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