12/14/2006 Dixie Talks To JR About Babe

"Jeff and Erica wake up in bed together and she asks him how he feels. He tells her that their current situation must mean that he's feeling fantastic. He asks what happened while he was sick, and Erica fills him in, saying that he believed that they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. She also tells him he admitted that he was crazy in love with her and, after a moment, he tells her that morsel is still true. A short time later, they have room service deliver breakfast. As Jeff surveys the spread, Eric picks up the daily newspaper and sees the headlines about Erin's murder.

At the condo, as Kendall prepares to leave, Zach tells Rachael that they need her to be flexible in terms of availability for child care. Kendall heads for the door and Zach asks where she is going. When she tells him Fusion, he blocks her way. Rachael decides to excuse herself, and Zach demands that his wife stay put since it is obvious that the murderer has full access to Fusion. Kendall admits that she is scared but she says that no one will make her hide. She tries to leave again, but Zach stops her in her tracks by saying that he refuses to lose her. Kendall reasserts that she will not cower in a corner while her company is under attack, and follows by saying that neither Simone nor Erin would want her to be afraid. Determined to leave this time, she turns back to the door to find her sister and niece in the doorway. Bianca explains that Cambias guards will be waiting at Fusion to meet with them to discuss security, and notes that the team is made up of former military men. Zach doesn't think it's enough but Bianca reminds him that Kane women don't back down from fear. She goes into the next room to get Miranda settled in with Rachael, as her babysitter had called in sick. In their few moments alone, Zach tells Kendall that the only way she can go into the office is if he accompanies her. He then tells her that because of him, she may be in the most danger of all. Kendall tells him that she doesn't believe that the murders are connected to him in any way, but admits that his reaction is normal, given the blows that they have taken. He tells her that he would never forgive himself if something happened to her. Before she can respond again, Bianca rejoins them, ready to go.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe goes into JR's makeshift room to fetch her keys. JR tries to act indifferent, but when she tells him that she is going to Fusion, he tells her that she shouldn't go. She mistakenly thinks that he wants to talk about them becoming a family again but he corrects her quickly, telling her that she is stupid to go someplace where people are getting killed. She tells him that as a part owner of Fusion, she has a responsibility to report in for work. He tells her that she has a responsibility to her son. Babe says that by going into the office, she will be setting an example and teaching her son to be brave and strong. She reminds him that she fought to be a part of Fusion and that she will not abandon them. As Dixie approaches in the hallway, JR vacillates between demanding that she stay home, and trying to guilt her into it. Babe wins, and she passes Dixie as she exits the room. When they are alone and out of Babe's earshot, Dixie asks why he feels the need to attack his wife instead of telling her the truth - that he loves her.

Babe goes out the front door and runs into Josh. She thinks he is going to try to stop her from leaving, but he tells her that he only wants to follow her - so that she can stay safe. As they walk away, Colby sticks her head out of the doorway, watching them leave.

Back inside, JR asks why he should have to be the one to reach out to Babe, and wonders if his mother is actually fighting for Babe's happily ever after. He then lobs a few low blows, but Dixie dodges all of them and simply tells him that she is trying to ensure his happiness. She tells him that even though there is distance between he and his wife right now, the look in his eyes when Babe left showed concern. Dixie goes on to explain that loving someone does not mean you are weak. She then takes a break from the serious discussion and offers to get them some breakfast. Before she makes it out of the door, JR calls out to her and asks if either she can call and get some guards for Babe, or if she can ask Adam to do so. Smiling her approval, Dixie gladly agrees. Colby enters the room in short order and tells her brother that Babe doesn't need professional protection because she left in the company of her own private guard - Josh.

In the autopsy room, Ryan tells Jonathan that they need to let Erin go. Jonathan resists, saying that he will not leave his sister. Amanda backs Ryan up and says that Erin would understand if he left. Ryan promises his brother that they will find out who killed their sister, and then Amanda gently leads Jonathan out of the room. Ryan turns back and takes a moment to say his goodbyes, and then says quietly that Erin can be taken. Before he moves, a hand slides into his, and when he turns, he sees that the hand belongs to a teary Annie. He tells her that she doesn't have to be there, but Annie tells him that she does. She recalls the story of when she first met Erin, when she was on the run with Emma and despondent. She was struck by the stunning redhead who was so unbelievably kind. Ryan brokenly tells her that her tale would be a good one to share at Erin's memorial. Annie silently agrees, tells him that she knows how much he adored his sister and then says that because she cares about him, she wants to know how she can help. Thinking for a moment, Ryan pulls the sheet up over his sister's face and then asks Annie to pick out the right dress for Erin to be buried in. Annie reminds him that he has so many friends that want to help, but Ryan insists that he is fine, and that he can handle things on his own. He tells her that he needs to wait for the funeral home before he can leave, and Annie asks if she can wait with him. When he agrees, she pulls another seat up and does just that.

At Wildwind, Di enters the living room and finds that Aidan had stayed up all night, working on finding leads in Erin's murder investigation. She asks how she can help and he simply tells her that with a murderer targeting young women, the best way that she can help is to stay safe. A few moments later, Julia and Jamie join them, and extend their sympathies about Erin's death. They ask what they can do, and Aidan asks them to let him concentrate, as a few of his buddies still on the inside gave him access to all the criminal databases for a brief period of time. He tells them that he is entering as much information as possible to see if he hits on any other crimes with the same M.O. He works a bit longer, and then utters frustrated noises aloud at not finding anything helpful. Di tries to comfort him but it does little good. Just then, Amanda and Jonathan show up because Amanda felt that Jonathan needed to be around people that cared. Everyone re-voices their sympathy, and Aidan apologizes for not being there to protect Erin. As they continue to comfort Jonathan, Di manages to slip out quietly. They take a seat in various spots and Aidan recalls a funny story from the previous holiday season that clearly demonstrates characteristics that he loved in Erin. Julia then notes that she got Amanda to lie down, and she asks if Jonathan would like to do the same. He shakes his head, unable and unwilling to do much more than think about his sister. Jamie promises that everyone who can is working to find the killer. Aidan leaves to meet up with Tad in regard to the investigation, and Jonathan tells the remaining crew that Erin saved his life.

Babe and Josh arrive at Fusion, and she quickly tells him that he can leave. He responds that she doesn't have to acknowledge his existence, but insists that he will be staying to make sure she stays safe. He tells her that when he discovered Erin on the rooftop, he thought it was Babe for a split second, and the idea of a world without her was horrific. He tells her that no one will get to her without going through him first. Resigned, Babe picks up a framed picture of the Fusion women and notes that things will never be the same. Kendall, Zach and Bianca arrive just as she says that and they agree with her words. Kendall announces that any bad blood between them will be put on the shelf while they try to track down the murderer. Everyone agrees to pitch in and do what is needed to keep Fusion running. A short time later, Derek and Dani arrives and the young woman reunites with her friends. Derek tells the group that if they insist on staying, they must be vigilant and promise not to wander off without telling someone where they are going. Derek and Zach go off to the side to discuss the protection that is in place to make sure there is no overlap. Jack shows up next and is glad to see Kendall and Bianca okay. He tries to tell them that they need to leave, but both tell him they have to stand firm. He joins Zach and Derek for a moment and gets an update on the investigation as the Fusion group decides that they need to address the public. Next, Erica shows up with Jeff in tow, and she ignores all of the security precautions in place so that she can more quickly get to her daughters. She doesn't show ID and she manages to trip an alarm. This brings the entire room's focus to her, allowing Jack to hear the security guard scold Jeff for letting his wife be so reckless.

Zach asks Erica to convince her daughters to go home, but Bianca and Kendall assure her that they feel safe where they are. Di arrives at the offices and asks Zach for some time off so that she can help out where she is needed, out of respect for Erin. Zach grants the request with a nod of his head, and she goes over to talk with the staff about what she could do. As she does that, a man with a large case comes into the lobby and without any words, he starts to reach into his coat pocket. Thinking that he might be a threat, Zach lunges at him and demands to know who he is. Kendall quickly rushes over and tells her husband that the man had shown up at her request, as he would be their cameraman for their press conference. Zach apologizes and lets him continue to set up.

Jack asks Jeff if he can have a moment alone with Erica, and Jeff quickly takes his leave. Jack admits that he agrees with Zach for once and asks that she convince their daughters to leave. Erica fills him in about a talk that she had with Kendall shortly after she brought Spike home. Kendall was set on keeping her son indoors so that she could more adequately protect him from danger, but Erica convinced her that the best tactic was not to hide, but rather to decide how to react should they find themselves in danger and then proceed to live proudly in times of calm. She tells her husband that she can't take those words back now.

Kendall then interrupts all of the side conversations and says that they are ready to start the press conference. She reminds them that everyone that stays needs to be supportive of their decision.

The press conference begins, and Kendall steps out as the spokesperson. She tells the viewing audience that they took a hit as a company, and that they would be lying if they said they weren't afraid. The difference is that the attacks didn't break them apart; instead it bonded them together. She recalls how Fusion started - a couple of girls in her kitchen, throwing things into a boiling pot on the stove and hoping for gold. She tells them that melting pot is still the foundation of Fusion - and that while separately, they are all very good, together they are gold. She goes on to say that they will not be destroyed - rather, they will work to keep Fusion going to pay honor to the memories of their friends."

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