12/08/2006 Zach Questions Zarf

"At the Chandler mansion, Babe insists that she wants to stay at the house to save her marriage with JR. When JR gets upset, Julia insists that he is not able to recover from home and needs to go back to the hospital. JR tells everyone he is staying at the house and tells Adam to get rid of Babe. As they take JR away to his room, Babe tells Krystal, Adam and Dixie that maybe she was wrong to stay in the house. Dixie asks for some alone time with Babe. Dixie says that JR is used to running away from his problems, but now, he is being forced to deal with them because he has no other option. Babe tells Dixie she is not going to give up on her family, but Dixie says she needs to stay because she loves JR - not because she is trying to change him.

Julia tells JR that he needs to get his blood pressure down as the workers set up his room. Jamie comes to Julia's defense when JR gets snappy at her. Jamie reminds JR that Julia does not have to be there to help him, so he should be thankful. JR is silent and begins cooperating with Julia. Adam comes to check on JR and asks for some time alone with his son. Adam says that although Babe has broken his trust more than once, JR still loves her. JR claims he loved Babe at one time, but doesn't understand why Adam is siding with her. Adam claims that Babe loves JR because if she didn't, she would have run off with Little Adam a long time ago. Adam tells JR he has temporary custody of Little Adam, but Babe is staying because she wants to fight for her marriage with JR. JR says Babe does not deserve a second chance, something that his father has seemed to have forgotten. Dixie walks in and tells JR that he may have the Chandler drive, but he has her heart, which his helping him become a better man. JR says his heart wants Babe gone, but Dixie reminds him that he never got over Adam taking him away from her.

After talking to Krystal, Colby decided to try to be nice to Babe for JR's sake. Colby tells Babe that she loves JR and wants to protect him, like he has protected her. She tells Babe that she is going to make more an effort to have a good relationship with her. Babe heads upstairs to see JR.

Jamie and Julia go cool off at ConFusion. Jamie tells Julia he wants to wake up beside her on Christmas morning.

When Erica tries to leave the office, Sean kisses her on the lips as a way of saying good-bye. Sean tells Erica he is leaving town without Jack's permission. He says that this will give her the chance to reunite with Jack. Erica tells Sean her problems with Jack are not Sean's fault. When Sean asks if the problems have to do with Jeff, Jeff walks in with lunch. As Jeff lays out the food, Sean helps himself to the food. Erica gets rid of Sean after he indirectly insults Jeff for chasing after Erica. Erica tells Jeff that she and Jack are getting a divorce.

Ryan walks into Fusion as Zach tells the girls that Simone died from a drug overdose. Zach claims the drug was something commonly used by vets. The girls refuse to believe that Simone was using drugs, so Zach suggests that maybe someone purposely gave her the drug. He starts looking for answers by asking the girls questions about Simone's day and the gardenias. Danielle said that Simone ordered the flowers that morning. When Zarf walks in, Zach immediately asks him if he gave Simone the drug that killed her. Zarf apologizes for upsetting the girls earlier on his views on death. He tells them that if Simone had accepted his proposition to hang out that night, she might not be dead. Ryan asks Zarf - again - if he gave Simone the drug, but Kendall kicks him out. Danielle tells Kendall that she can handle work so Kendall can go home to mourn Simone's death. Ryan and Zach start investigating Simone's death by checking in on Zarf.

As Jonathan looks at the tabloids that scream Simone's death in ConFusion, Aidan tells him they need to talk. Aidan says that Simone's death has made him reevaluate things, such as the way he treated Annie during Tad and Dixie's search for Emma. Aidan tells Jonathan that he wants them to be on the same side as Erin walks in seeking revenge on Simone's killer. Erin updates Jonathan and Aidan on Simone's cause of death. She tells them that she wants to find the person who gave Simone the drugs. When Jonathan goes to open ConFusion, Aidan tries to comfort Erin as Di walks in."

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