12/27/2006 Adam Asks Dixie & Tad To Be Godparents

"Bianca and Josh were walking through the park. Bianca congratulated Josh on surviving Christmas with the Kane and Montgomery families. Then, Bianca wanted to stop for hot chocolate, but Josh insisted they had somewhere to be. Meanwhile, Zarf was at the hotel bar and he was telling all of the patrons about true love. Then, Babe came in and they sat down together. Babe said she could only stay for a short time because Little Adam was waiting at home. Zarf said she had to stay because if Babe had the strength to find her destiny then he would also. Then, Josh and Bianca walked in. Babe did not look happy as Josh and Bianca went to the bar to get a drink. Babe then approached Josh and began yelling at him, so Bianca went to sit with Zarf. Babe called Josh arrogant for setting her up to meet him. Josh called Babe too scared to be seen with him because of JR, but Babe said she would stay to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, Bianca asked why Zarf and Josh set this up. Zarf explained that people should not hide from their destiny and their true selves. Zarf believed if Babe found her destiny then he would too. Then, Zarf asked Bianca to celebrate New Year's with him and she accepted. Meanwhile, Josh and Babe were still arguing. Babe insisted that she wanted to be with JR, but Josh insisted Babe still loved him. Babe was frustrated and went to leave. Josh tried to follow her, but her security guard stopped him. Then, the security guard realized he lost Babe and Josh looked worried.

Colby and Sean were at the park making a snowman. Colby said she wanted Sean to grovel more because she got Erica and Jack together. Sean asked how she knew what to do. Colby admitted she did not know, but covered like she actually knew something about love. Sean was impressed. Meanwhile, Jack and Erica were in bed together. Jack said he loved Erica. Erica asked Jack not to say it, but to show it and they kissed. Then, Colby and Sean walked into Jack's house. They saw Jack and Erica. Erica was wearing the diamond pin on her shirt. Erica asked Jack if he noticed the pin, but he was confused. So, Sean and Colby tried to distract them from the pin. Then, Erica told Jack to thank Sean for being such a good matchmaker. Erica explained that she was home because of Sean and that she believed he may be behind all of the gifts. Jack was still confused, so Sean rushed Jack and Erica out of the house. Then, Jack and Erica went to the park. Jack asked Erica to go to the Christmas concert with him later on. Erica confessed Jeff already invited her. Jack said they had a lot to talk about, but did not want to discuss it then. Jack stated he loved his wife and only wanted to spend the holiday with her. They kissed and hugged. Meanwhile, Sean and Colby were playing video games. Colby declared she would never let anyone hurt JR again. Then, Sean stated that if you do not fall in love then you do not fall out of love.

JR, Adam and Krystal were in the living room with Little Adam and his gifts. Dixie watched them and then Tad came in. Tad looked happy and apologized for standing Dixie up the night before. Then, Tad began to describe his wonderful night. Krystal saw Tad and Dixie talking and announced Tad was there to everyone else. Krystal and Adam expressed their wishes for Kate to return. Then, Tad and Dixie went into another room to talk. Tad told Dixie about the priest and Dixie said she met him too. Tad was happy because this meant his night was real and his newfound hope was real. Tad further explained that the old Tad was back and that he truly believed they would find Kate. Then, Adam came in and said he had to discus the baby with them. So, everyone reconvened in the living room. Then, Adam asked Tad and Dixie to be his new daughter's godparents. Tad and Dixie looked stunned and had no response. JR urged them to answer and they accepted. Krystal then hugged Dixie and Dixie promised not to tell Krystal's secret.

Julia and Jamie were at the hospital with the little girl, Cathy. Cathy was asleep and Julia was crying. Then, Jeff told Julia that Jim had died. Jeff further explained that Linda would need more surgery after she was stabilized. He asked if Cathy had any family. Julia said Linda's parents were dead and she knew nothing about Jim's parents. So, Jamie and Julia decided they would ask Cathy. When Cathy woke up, she realized Julia was her mom's friend. Then, Jamie and Julia took Cathy outside to make a snowman. Julia asked if Cathy had aunts or uncles. Cathy explained that her mom said Julia was her aunt. Then, Julia got a page saying Linda woke up. Back at the hospital, Jeff said there was a 50% chance that Linda would survive. Then, Julia went into Linda's room. Linda asked about Cathy and Julia assured her the girl was perfect. Meanwhile, Jamie was with Cathy. Tad walked up to them and asked who the little girl was.

Babe was alone in a parking structure. She dropped her purse and everything spilled out. As Babe picked up her belongings, she heard footsteps!"

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