10/02/2006 The Verdict

"Adam was ecstatic over Krystal's pregnancy. He believed it was a girl. Colby was not happy about the baby news. Adam and Krystal told Colby she would have a lot to teach her new sibling. Colby joked she would teach her new sister how to steal cars and crash yachts. Adam and Krystal said Colby was capable of doing great things. Adam also stated the new baby would be amazing, just like its mother. Then, Colby left the room and heard a knock at the door. It was Sean. Colby was worried Adam would kill him, but Sean came in anyway. Colby expressed her jealousy and distress over the new baby. Sean said she should be happy because the new baby would take attention off her and allow her more freedom. Sean further explained that he was born so he could be a marrow donor for his sister. Colby felt bad about the reasons behind Sean's birth. Then, Sean had to quickly leave because Adam was looking for Colby. Later, Babe and JR came home. Babe saw the banner announcing the baby and was very excited. Meanwhile, Colby told JR to wise up about Babe. She asserted Babe and Josh were having an affair. JR threatened Colby to stop lying about Babe or he would send her back to Liza.

Livia was still questioning Tad. Tad said he regretted getting so mad on the stand. Livia would not let it go. She made it seem like Tad was only testifying to get revenge on Dixie. Tad remained that he was telling the truth and the tape was fake. After Tad got off the stand, Dixie asked how he could do this to her. The judge ordered Dixie to be quiet and Tad walked out. Jamie and JR followed him. JR said Tad's actions were unforgivable. Jamie told JR to go easy on Tad. Tad stated he did what he had to do. Then, they went back into the courtroom. Livia gave her closing arguments. She attacked Tad's testimony as a jealous man seeking revenge. The D.A. rebutted that the physical evidence made it apparent that Zach and Dixie were guilty. During the closing statements Dixie, Kendall, Ryan, and Zach all thought about the outcome of the trial. Dixie hoped they would be acquitted so she could look for Kate and have a chance with Zach. Kendall hoped Zach would get off, but still doubted his innocence. Ryan also hoped Zach would be found innocent, so Kendall's heart would not be broken. Zach wanted to be acquitted, so he could fight for Kendall. The jury then left to make their decision. Josh yelled that Zach and Dixie should be found guilty. Zach was then brought to his cell. Dixie visited him and they held hands and smiled. They did not know Kendall was there too. She saw Zach and Dixie together and left without saying anything. That night everyone was at home waiting anxiously for the verdict. In the morning, everyone received a phone call stating the jury was out. The courtroom was packed when the jury announced their verdict. Zach and Dixie were found not guilty on all charges! Zach and Dixie hugged as Kendall watched. Zach then took Dixie to Tad's house. She did not want to go, but Zach said to trust him. Tad opened the door and Zach left them alone. Dixie chastised Tad for his testimony. Tad told Dixie it was time for him to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Kendall was at home and Zach went to see her. They just looked at each other silently."

- Soap Central