08/24/2006 David Confesses

"Di barely makes it through Jamal's security checkpoint to see her old friend Annie. She inquires after their presence, and Annie tells her that Ryan really knows how to take care of a woman. Annie tells her that she should have listened when Di tried to discourage her from sticking with Terry but Di reminds her that swaying the vision of a woman in love is never easy. Annie divulges that Terry hasn't given up and that she is afraid her bad judgment makes her feel that she doesn't know who to trust. Di promises her that the people she has surrounding her - namely Aidan and Ryan - are the trustworthy sort, and that both she and Emma would be fine.

Unexpectedly, Kendall lays a kiss on Ryan that he had been waiting for. Drawn in, he tells her how beautiful she is, and in turn, she invites him. Ryan doesn't want to move, but Kendall promises that he won't regret it. Once they go in and close the door, their movements make it appear as though they plan to go to bed together, but their speech reveals that they are in the know about one of Derek's men watching them. She apologizes if the ruse is torturing him but Ryan doesn't mind much. They play out the scene for a few moments longer and then they close the blinds so that no one else can see. Once they are shielded from prying eyes, Kendall tells Ryan that the alibi might not make a difference, and Ryan adds that Derek is too smart. Kendall asks if Derek's intelligence is preventing him from believing the alibi, or believing in Zach's innocence. Ryan explains that because there are no other likely suspects in the murder, Derek has to chip away at what he has to see if it falls apart. Kendall asks what they will do if it doesn't withstand pressure, and Ryan discourages her from looking ahead for more trouble. Kendall notes that she needs to figure out some way to make Derek believe the story that Zach and Dixie fed to him. She then apologizes to Ryan for using him, noting that he has no vested interest in the situation. Ryan tells her that making his son's mother happy is investment enough. She tells him that she needs him, and asks him to stay the night. A short time later, the duo is under the sheets in her bedroom - loudly making it seem as if they are doing the deed. Ryan then pauses, saying that he needs to give Derek's men something to talk about. He takes a garbage bag outdoors, yells inside that Kendall had better be naked, and goes back in, closing the door behind him. He delays going back into the room, thinking about what he's caught up in. He retrieves his son, tells him it's family night and places him in the cradle in the master bedroom. Kendall then apologizes to him again, and notes that it is her hope that she hasn't ruined their friendship or their bond as Spike's parents. Ryan blows off her worries and takes up residence on the small sofa by the window. Kendall tells him that it is silly to sleep there when they can, as mature adults, sleep in the same bed. He reluctantly crawls in beside her and, with their backs to each other, neither appears that they will get any sleep.

The crowd of JR's loved ones outside of his room fire questions and accusations at David about putting JR in the hospital. Blandly, David admits to his guilt, in the face of threats from Tad and shocked disappointment from Dixie. David claims that he was defending himself from JR's attacks and shows the bruising around his neck as proof. Jamie doesn't believe him and thinks that the bruising could be from JR defending himself. David continues and says that when he left, JR was still conscious, and Dixie quickly asks about the security cameras. Zach tells her that he turned them off, and then David offers to find out what he can about JR's prognosis. Adam starts to rough David up but his wife intervenes, not needing him in the hospital or jail because of his actions. She sends him into JR's room with Dixie and notes that she will attempt to call Babe again. The Martin presence forces David into a chair and insists that he give them the real story.

In his room, JR starts to come around and calls for his wife. Jeff is immediately at his bedside and tries to keep him calm. With a primal tone cradling his voice, he sharply calls for Babe again and Jeff tries to assure him that she is in no danger. Dixie and Adam come into the room and try to comfort their son. They ask if he remembers what happened, and JR tells them that after David called Dixie a whore, he hit the doctor. He reveals that David came after him and hit him with something hard. Then he asks if they have any more information about Babe's whereabouts.

Jamie questions David about the pictures of Kate that JR mentioned and Dixie and Adam reenter the general area in time to hear David feign innocence, saying that they were on the floor when he arrived. Tad says that perhaps they need to add breaking and entering to the other charges they want to file against him. David raises his voice indignantly, laying all the blame at JR's feet for the incident and suggesting that perhaps they go to Derek to give him the real scoop. Dixie says they won't be bringing the police in and, at that moment, Derek shows up and pretends to be offended at not being included. He then informs David that he shouldn't be happy to see him, as he just heard the report about his assault on JR. David tries to say that his altercation with JR was purely accidental, and that there are no hard feelings between him and the group. Aware of Dixie's wishes, they all grudgingly remain silent, and Adam tells him to stay away from his son. David takes his leave, and the group disbands with Tad leaving the area, and Jamie approaching his mother. He asks why she's at the hospital and before Brooke can utter much, Julia joins them and says that Brooke had been looking for Joe when all hell broke loose. She and Brooke share an odd glance, and Jamie tells them that he is going in to sit with JR. Once gone, Brooke notes that she is still going to have a chat with Jamie about his choice in who to date. Julia thinks that Brooke would be treating her son like a kid, and Brooke tells her that she needs no advice. Julia then says that she doesn't want to make Jamie play sides between the women that he loves, and Brooke agrees that it is a good idea.

Back in the room, Jamie looks solemnly over his unconscious brother. JR slowly rouses himself again, and they talk briefly about the pictures that David found. Jamie says that no one is sure if any of the pictures are of Kate, and JR notes that David wants to make sure that no one ever finds their little sister. Jamie fills JR in on everything that happened in the hall, and JR says that from the look that he saw in David's eyes, he believes David is the one that killed Greg Madden.

Krystal approaches Jeff in the waiting area and asks if he has any information on where his son might be. Jeff denies having any knowledge, and Krystal states that she believes Josh is trying to ruin Babe's marriage. Jeff retorts that because JR tried to kill Babe, she might want to be more concerned about that than about who her daughter is friends with. Further, he mentions that Babe is good for Josh, and he appreciates the support she provides for him. He walks away, and Krystal says under her breath that Josh may not be so good for her daughter.

Back in the center of the area, Derek asks Tad if there isn't something gnawing at him that he wants to reveal. Tad tells him that there is nothing he wishes to make public, so Derek tries something else. He tells the group that Kendall was spotted giving Ryan a more than enthusiastic welcome home kiss, and Zach manages to take it in stride amidst other random commentary about the hard life of a cop with doughnuts and binoculars. Dixie attacks him, asking if his tactics and getting a rise out of people is fun for him. Derek assures her that his only motive is justice. Zach demands that he leave Kendall alone, and Tad sidles up behind Dixie and takes the opportunity to remind her that she can never have Zach to herself - that even if they are acquitted, Zach will go back to Kendall. Adam comes to Dixie's defense, saying that Dixie's personal life is none of his business - nor Tad's. Under Derek's watchful eye, Zach insists that Tad stop attacking Dixie, but Tad retorts that if Zach comes near him, he'll make sure that Zach goes down for murder. Derek rejoins the group briefly to note that he loves a good mystery, and then tells the group that he will talk to them all again soon.

Water raining down around them, Babe and Josh find it difficult to resist their attraction. Josh slowly turns off the shower and tries to kiss her. Babe manages to pull away at the last moment and walks out of the stall. In an attempt to calm his impulses, Josh turns on the shower once again. Babe dons a robe, and heading out into the room, she checks her phone and finds it working. She contemplates what almost happened while leaning up against the bar, but when she hears the shower turn off, she taps into the part of her that is still drunk. Josh emerges, and drunkenly tells her that the shower did nothing to help sober them up. He then congratulates her on a job well done with procuring the song for their ad campaign. She revels in how great she is and flails about the room, exclaiming her desire to celebrate by going out dancing. Unfortunately, she doesn't manage to do that without falling several times. Josh picks her up and sits her on the couch, demanding that she stay there so as not to hurt herself anymore. He then reminds her of how little they knew of each other a year ago, how he asked her when she would begin to live her life for herself, and how he kissed her. He then changes his tack, trying to keep the conversation flowing, and notes how happy she seems. She tries to keep a brave face and agrees, but the façade falls quickly and she tells him that she hasn't been this happy since her wedding. She gets up and starts to walk away, but before she gets too far, Josh snags her robe and asks her to stay. She breaks away, and goes into the bathroom, stripping herself of her clothes and contemplating the person she sees in the mirror. She spies her wedding ring, and immediately calls JR from the phone beside the sink. She leaves a message about her accomplishment, apologizes for not being there, and promises that she will be home soon. She dons her robe again and goes back into the room. She thanks Josh for being a real friend and not taking advantage of her drunken state. Josh tells her that if he thought he had a chance, he would have taken it. She swears she won't tell her mother that, since it would just be supporting information for her theory that all Josh wants to do is pounce on her. Josh then says that he likes her any way that he can get her because he always has the best time when he is with her. To thank her, and to add another memory to their repertoire, Josh surprises her with a breakfast of banana pancakes and peanut butter. She is surprised that he knows one of her favorite meals, but barely thanks him before digging in. He is satisfied with his more healthy breakfast until she makes him try a bite. He loves it and tries to steal some more but they have a mock battle over control. Finally Babe acquiesces and agrees that he can have half, just this once. They finish eating and they retire to the couch, and enjoy reflecting on how far they have come with the successes in their life. Josh admits that he hadn't ever had a female friend that he cared about but wasn't romantically involved with, and he thanks her for what she has meant to him. His words fall on deaf ears though, as Babe has fallen asleep against his shoulder.

Di and Annie reminisce about old times, and then Annie notices Emma standing at the top of the stairs. Di is introduced but it doesn't last too long, as there is a knock on the door. Di offers to tuck the young girl back in bed while Annie answers the door. She disappears into the depths of the condo with Emma, and Annie finds David on her threshold. He tells her that he wants to apologize for how rude he was at the park, and offers to help her out if needed. She reminds him that she has Ryan's aid, and David apologizes for bad-mouthing Ryan as well. He tells her that the reason for his reaction is that Emma reminds him of a little girl that was lost. He tells her that he had been reminiscing about the time he took his daughter to the park, and that because his daughter would be about Emma's age had she lived, it was hard to see her. He apologizes for putting his pain on the two of them, and offers a teddy bear as a gift of apology to her daughter. Annie suspiciously accepts the gift just as Di reappears. Di asks David why he came by and David tells them that he just wanted to make amends. He leaves, and moments after Di concurs with the low opinion that Ryan has of David, the phone rings. Di encourages Annie to answer, assuring her that she can handle whatever comes her way. Annie picks up the phone and finds Terry on the other end, inquiring as to whether or not she gave Emma the picture of him, and told her that her daddy loves her. Having had enough, Annie fights back and tells Terry that all she told Emma was that he father did bad things, and follows by saying that he can't control what they do anymore - that it would be best to stay away. Terry informs her that she can't keep his daughter from him, and Annie reminds him that Emma isn't even his and hangs up on him. Di comforts a shaking Annie, saying that she did the right thing. Annie notes that she just did what she was told - make him angry. Then, Di asks what Annie meant when she said that Emma didn't belong to Terry. Annie starts to try to answer that, but Emma makes a return appearance in the living room. Annie notes that the phone probably woke Emma, and that it was okay because she hadn't given her a good night kiss. She picks up her daughter and tells Di over her shoulder that it would be best for all involved if Di pretends that she never heard the conversation.

Adam and Dixie join Jamie back in JR's room, watching him rest fitfully as he calls out for his wife once more."

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