08/23/2006 Babe & Josh Meet With Zarf

"Kendall was home alone with Spike and Simone came to visit. Kendall was very glad to see her. Simone brought a decadent cake for Kendall to enjoy. As Simone prepared the dessert, she expressed her disgust over Zach's affair with Dixie. Kendall told Simone she did not want to discuss Zach. Just after Kendall made this request, there was a knock at the door. It was Chief Frye and he wanted to ask Kendall about Zach's alibi. Kendall continued to lie and stated her marriage was destroyed. Regardless, Chief Frye believed the alibi was false. Before he left, Kendall asked if he was going to drop the charges, but he had no comment. Simone thought Chief Frye still believed Zach was guilty. Kendall asked Simone to leave and then Ryan came home. Kendall greeted him at the doorway and planted a huge kiss on him.

Babe and Josh were in a hotel room in Philadelphia. Babe was nervous the famous rocker would not like their products. Then a blond, thin, British-sounding, rock star came in. He announced they had 30 seconds to amaze him. After the time was up, he was unimpressed, so Babe started to recite quotes from his blog. The rocker was impressed by Babe's knowledge and interest in his work. She told him how big of a fan she was and he stayed. He put out "shooters" for them to drink. He also asked for their birth dates, so he could read their astrological signs. He said many good things about Babe, including she was fiercely loyal. He declared Josh had an identity crisis and because of this, he would not do business with them. Josh offered to take himself off the project, but Babe insisted the rocker take them as a package. The rocker then tried on some of the makeup and agreed to a deal. After he left, it was apparent Babe was very drunk! So, Josh threw her into the shower with her clothes on and her cell phone in her hand. Babe pulled Josh in and laughed about her phone being broken. Then, Babe took off her shirt in front of Josh!

Ryan, Annie, and Emma were having a great time at the carnival. Suddenly, a security guard found David lurking around. Annie was alarmed to see David in the park again. David claimed he heard a 911 call near the park and went to check it out. Annie asked Ryan if he was trustworthy. Ryan said no, but did not believe David had a reason to harm Emma. David then revealed Ryan had a violent past and drove his last wife, Greenlee, out of town. Ryan told David to shut up. Then, David got a page from the hospital and left. Ryan asked Annie if she was concerned about what David said. Annie stated she was not in a position to judge others and was not worried about Ryan.

Jamie was at the gym and he called Julia at the hospital. They spoke briefly, but flirted intensely. Julia did not know that Brooke was behind her listening to the conversation. After she hung up, Brooke asked Julia what she wanted with her son. Julia said Jamie was smart, handsome, and wonderful; however, he was a grown man and could make his own decisions. Brooke stated Jamie did not always make the right decisions. She also believed Jamie left his job at the hospital because of his affair with Julia. Julia said Jamie quit because of Joe's treatment of Josh. Brooke told Julia to stop seducing her son. Julia said the attraction was mutual and they were both consenting adults.

Zach walked into Dixie's hotel room and found JR unconscious. As Zach checked his pulse, Tad came in. Tad assumed Zach did this to JR. Dixie then came in and Tad announced Zach was responsible. Dixie defended Zach and this aggravated Tad. When they brought JR into the hospital, Tad also told everyone there that Zach was responsible. Dixie again stood up for Zach. Tad said Dixie was willing to deny her son to protect her lover. Then, Joe told everyone that JR had a serious concussion and they were still conducting tests. Brooke tried to comfort Tad, but he was relentlessly taunting Dixie. Dixie told Tad if he had a problem, they should discuss it privately. So, they went into another hospital room together. Tad declared he was tired of Dixie's lies and the way she destroyed people's lives. Then, Tad realized Dixie was really in love with Zach. She replied there was nothing to love about Tad lately. Tad stated he was angry because Dixie killed Dr. Madden, their only hope of finding Kate. Tad said it was hard not to punish Dixie because of what he knew. Tad left and Zach came in. They hugged and Dixie said she was worried Tad was going to do something terrible. Tad was outside with Brooke. He stated everything was falling apart and he could not do anything about it. Tad hinted he knew something that could hurt Dixie. Meanwhile, Jeff and Joe were talking. Jeff said he would not pressure Josh into medicine or anything else. He added Babe might be able to help them with Josh. Joe warned him that Babe was trouble. Jeff asked Joe to promise he would give Josh space. Joe said nothing and walked away. Meanwhile, everyone was waiting for news on JR. Krystal continuously called Babe to tell her what happened, but she never picked up. Then, Jamie went in to see JR. For a moment, JR opened his eyes. JR whispered, "Pictures, Kate, Hayward." So, Jamie asked Julia to page David. David came in and asked why he was paged. Jamie then accused him of almost killing JR!"

- Soap Central