07/26/2006 Dr. Madden's Last Words

"Ryan was pushing Spike in a stroller. He opened the door and Annie was standing on the other side with a chimney poker. After she realized it was Ryan, she apologized and called herself the houseguest from hell. Ryan laughed it off and Spike began to cry. Annie asked if he needed any help, but he said he had it under control. Ryan held Spike and talked to him, but Spike would not stop crying. Finally, Ryan asked for Annie's help. Annie held Spike and within seconds, the baby stopped crying. Soon after, Spike was asleep in his crib. Ryan was very grateful. He then noticed Annie looked upset. She reminisced about how desperate T was to have a daughter. She was annoyed with herself for not noticing T's problem earlier. Ryan reassured her there was no way for her to know. Annie also expressed her guilt in ruining Erin's love life. Ryan believed Erin and Aidan would eventually get back together. He proceeded to get out a martini shaker and made some drinks. Annie asked what he was doing. He explained that since she could not go to the bar opening, he was going to make her ConFusion's signature drink. He handed her the pink martini and began to toast. Annie stopped him and said it was bad luck not to look the other person in the eye while toasting. She told him the consequence was seven years of no sex. Ryan and her laughed, looked into each other's eyes, touched glasses, and took a sip.

Di and Aidan were outside in the woods. They held onto each other tightly. Aidan asked Di if she was ready and Di looked nervous. Then, they jumped. The two of them were shown hanging upside down and it was apparent they bungee jumped. Aidan proceeded to cut them loose and they went into the river. Meanwhile, back at ConFusion, Erin went up to the roof to find Aidan, but only saw an empty bottle of liquor. She went downstairs and quickly ran back outside in a state of turmoil. Jonathan saw this and chased after her. He began to speak to her in his normal voice. He told Erin to go find Aidan and tell him the truth. Erin believed she blew it for good by making out with Jamal in front of him. Jonathan reprimanded her for always taking care of everyone else but herself. Erin was convinced and decided to search for Aidan. Then, Lily came looking for Jonathan to help her in the office. Jonathan looked nervous she heard him speaking properly, but she did not. Next, a nearby police officer got a message over his radio. It said a car had been abandoned in the woods. Erin realized the car described was Aidan's and rushed off. After she left, the voice on the radio said people were spotted bungee jumping in this area too. At this point, Aidan and Di were back on land. Di was exhilarated and yelling with excitement. Aidan was surprised she did it and enjoyed it so much. Di said she forgot who Di Henry was over the past year, but reunited with her again tonight. She said this night was all about her. Aidan joked that she looked like she wanted to go again. He then offered to take the rest of her equipment off. He did so and then told Di her dress was ruined. Di said it was ugly anyway and began to take it off. It got stuck over her head and Aidan helped get it off. They then looked at each other and began to kiss passionately. Di took off Aidan's shirt and he picked her up. Just as they lay on the ground, Erin walked up and saw them. She stood silently and watched in horror.

Meanwhile, the tape of Dr. Madden's last words was still playing at ConFusion. He began to discuss his relationship with Erica. He stated she did drug him when he was on her show and accused her of burying him. Erica asked Jack to stop the tape. Jack went to the sound booth, but it was locked. He asked Del to find a spare key for the door. Del and Jonathan went into the office to look. Lily asked what was wrong and Jonathan told her not to worry. She handed Del a set of keys. Del brought them to Jack. Jack exclaimed there were fifty keys on the chain and began to try each one. Then, Chief Frye walked in and heard Dr. Madden's gruesome words. He continued to accuse Erica, along with other Pine Valley residents, like David and Zach. Chief Frye approached Babe and JR. Babe told him he was not invited, but he said he received an anonymous invite. JR admitted he invited Chief Frye and that he played the CD. He also said the CD was planted in his home and Babe hid it before Chief Frye searched his house. Babe explained she hid it because she wanted to protect JR and also Josh from being hurt. David then walked over and congratulated JR on playing the CD. He said it was very Chandler and a shame that Adam missed it. JR said he was sick of being the #1 suspect and urged Chief Frye to investigate everyone else. Chief Frye asked to question David, but told JR he was not done with him yet. After they left, Babe expressed her anger with JR. Jamie then joined the conversation and said JR had to do it. Babe thought they did it purely to shred Josh. Jamie told her to get her priorities straight and Babe walked away. JR thanked Jamie for standing up for him, but admitted he was not sure Jamie would after hearing the CD. Jamie said he wished JR told him in advance. JR explained he was worried Jamie would not have let him go through with it otherwise. Jamie understood. Julia then came to check on Jamie. He was not happy to be Josh's cousin and assumed Joe and Jeff already knew. Julia thought that explained their behavior at the hospital. Meanwhile, Erica and Josh listened in horror to Dr. Madden's words. Erica begged Kendall to get Josh out of the bar. Kendall tried to get Josh to leave, but he refused. Dr. Madden then announced Josh was Erica and Jeff's son. As Erica walked over to Josh, he recalled all the times Erica and Jeff acted oddly with him. Josh went to leave, but Kendall stopped him. She told him to stay and listen to the facts. He agreed to hear Erica out and the three went on the roof. Erica told Josh it was true, she was his mother. Kendall said she related to his situation and could help him realize he was still the same Josh. Josh asked Kendall if she ordered another DNA test. She said yes and that Ryan was the father. Josh was glad. Erica asked Josh to leave with her, so she could find Jeff and they could explain everything to him. Josh said he heard enough and left the roof. Erica followed him, but Chief Frye was waiting for her. He said he needed to question her about the poisoning and Dr. Madden's death. On the other side of the room, Amanda was talking to Julia. Amanda could not believe how twisted Dr. Madden really was. Julia also told her how he used his own sperm for inseminations. Amanda said she felt so stupid. Julia assured her she was lucky because he never got the chance to violate her. Over at the bar, Danielle was so flustered by many patrons leaving, she ordered a chocolate martini from Jamal. He said no because she was not 21. She explained she worked for Fusion and employed him. He laughed and revealed he was her long lost cousin. She was shocked and asked if her Aunt Livia was happy to have him back in town. He said she did not know. He asked Danielle not to tell her because he wanted to surprise his mother. Colby was also at the bar, talking to a random guy. He offered to give Colby a ride to a beach party, but Del heard and looked suspicious of the situation. Meanwhile, Josh asked the valet to get his car. Babe followed Josh outside, but JR chased her down. JR told Babe she would understand what he did in time. He said to let Josh go. Babe asserted she would not let Josh leave alone and called for Josh to wait for her. Josh and Babe left together and JR stood there alone."

- Soap Central