10/10/2006 Tad & Dixie Find Emma

"At the police station, Erica and Jeff took on J.R. and Adam. Erica told J.R. that Colby was just like Liza. Colby came out and put on her act with tears and fears. Erica said that Colby needed professional help, everyone began arguing and Derek demanded quiet. Josh thanked Jeff for his support and then left. Jeff told Erica to lay off Babe or they would lose the ground they had made with Josh.

Babe told Krystal that Josh would never sell her out and tell that they were together the night Colby said she was violated. They summoned Sydney and asked her about that night, but Sydney continued to cover for Colby. Adam, J.R. and Colby came in and Babe told her to stop lying. Adam told Babe to lay off Colby but Babe again said that she was lying. Babe told J.R. that she would bet her shares of Fusion that it wasn't Josh, but Sean Montgomery. Babe kept trying to convince J.R. that Colby was lying, but J.R. said that he couldn't see any good in Josh Madden.

David told Dixie that he could take her to Kate, but Dixie told him that she was scared of disappointment. Tad came to the room and David told Dixie he wouldn't tell if Tad was part of it. Tad told Dixie that this was just one more attempt to get Dixie into bed. Dixie showed Tad the photos of Emma and said that David did a DNA test and that this little girl just may be Kate. Tad didn't buy it and said that they had to consider the source. David said he wasn't lying and Dixie said to prove it by telling them where the little girl was. David said this was supposed to be a whole new beginning for them

Ryan, Annie and Emma were having breakfast at B.J.'s and Tad and Dixie arrived. Tad holds Dixie back and they sit at another table. Dixie was convinced that Emma was Kate and again Tad stopped her from going to the little girl and Dixie continued to stare. Annie and Emma were leaving, but Dixie insisted they stay. Ryan wondered what was going on and when Annie actually tried to leave, Dixie grabbed her arm and announced that Emma was her child.

Sydney found Sean at B.J.'s and told him the whole story. Sean seemed relieved that Colby pinned the sexual assault charge on another guy. Sydney suggested it would look good if they pretended to hook up. Colby was outside of B.J.'s and as Sydney and Sean left, he ignored her.

At Fusion, the girls celebrated the return of Kendall. Simone immediately wanted to know about Zach, but Kendall asked about business. When the others began questioning her, she said she didn't want to answer any questions or talk about her relationships ever again. On the rooftop, Babe apologized to Josh and said she was going to come clean with everyone about what really happened that night. Kendall happened to be on the other side of the door and heard every word Babe said."

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