07/10/2006 JR Gets A Mysterious Phone Call

"Krystal, Adam, and Colby were in the living room of the Chandler mansion. Krystal was upset and yelled out that JR committed murder. Colby said in jest he must feel good about getting it right. Adam told her this was not something to joke about. Colby relayed how sure Josh was that JR killed his father because of his baby sister. Colby asked who this other sister was. Adam explained about Kate and Colby thought the situation was very Wisteria Lane. She begged to be filled in on what she missed and to be convinced JR was innocent. Adam told her JR had become Pine Valley's scapegoat. As they were discussing this, Krystal continually left frantic messages for Babe on her cell phone. Then, Colby blurted out that Babe was a stud magnet. Krystal said she was committed to JR. Colby recollected when Babe was on the run with Jamie and Liza hid them. She hoped Babe would be generous with her extra men. Krystal wanted to speak with Adam, so Colby reluctantly left. Krystal was very worried over Babe's safety after hearing JR might have killed Dr. Madden. Krystal told Adam she would move out with her daughter and grandson if JR was guilty. Adam said she could not take Little Adam. She believed she could because JR signed custody papers. She also believed Adam's stock was his main concern. Adam said he cared about them and asked if their happiness counted. She said Babe and Little Adam were her top priority and they both needed to find their kids. Adam slammed his glass in front of her and stormed out. Krystal left Babe another message inquiring where she was and if she was alright.

Josh was at the police station talking with Chief Frye. He was persisting JR killed his father because he hated him. Chief Frye asked why he seemed to know JR did this. Josh explained JR wanted to find answers about his sister, Kate. He also told Chief Frye that Dixie slandered his father and made him look like a baby stealer. He defended his father and said Dixie could not take responsibility for giving up her child, so she blamed Dr. Madden. Josh admitted he believed the slander for a while, but not anymore. He asked Chief Frye to take JR's bad record into account. Still, Chief Frye needed evidence. Josh told him JR hung him in a meat locker in order to blackmail his father. Chief Frye asked if he actually saw JR abduct him. Josh said he was knocked out, but Babe was the one to find him. He also said he saw JR in the park gloating at the crime scene. Josh vowed not to let JR get away with the murder. Chief Frye told him forensics was investigating all the evidence and they would find the killer. As Josh left, Chief Frye yelled at him not to become a vigilante.

Babe and JR were at the park. Babe wondered if JR was mad because she asked him if he killed Dr. Madden. He explained he was not mad at her, but at himself because he gave her reason to believe he could kill someone. Babe believed his motivation was Kate. JR said Dr. Madden got what he deserved. Babe continued to be suspicious. JR assured her he was still sober and was not the crazy man who hurt her. Babe said he and Jamie were keeping a secret and she wanted to be filled in. JR admitted they had a plan for Dr. Madden, but he disappeared before they got a chance to follow through. He would not tell her the details because Jamie was not there. He then swore on his love for her and their son that he did not murder Dr. Madden. He hugged Babe and she said she believed him. Then, Chief Frye walked up and joked if JR was there to celebrate. He told JR he wanted answers and asked where he was the night of the murder. JR said he was with Jamie looking for Dr. Madden, but they never found him. He then asked about JR's involvement in Josh's abduction. JR denied it and Babe backed him up saying it was a coincidence she heard him calling for help from the meat locker. JR pointed out to Chief Frye that Josh had feelings for Babe. He believed Josh wanted him locked up for the murder, so he could get his claws in Babe. Babe admitted Josh tried to put the moves on her. Chief Frye went to leave and JR told him he would cooperate in any way. Chief Frye remarked he thought the park should freak people out and left. JR thanked Babe for defending him, but when he put his arms out, she backed away. He asked if she was afraid of him. Babe explained she did not like lying about the meat locker and making Josh look so bad. JR said she technically did not lie about the meat locker because Jamie put him in it. He asked if she wanted to turn in Jamie and she replied no. He also asked if he should not defend himself against Josh's accusations. She agreed he should stick up for himself. He then demanded to know if she was scared of him or freaked out by the park. She recalled all the times she came to the park while Dr. Madden was buried alive. She could not imagine how he suffered. JR said they would never get answers because he died. He reiterated Dr. Madden got what he deserved by burning in hell. Babe wanted to leave because the park made her skin crawl. As they went to leave, JR got a phone call from the disguised voice heard in Dr. Madden's grave. It said, "I know what you did!"

Kendall and Zach were in their condo. Kendall wanted to know where Zach was the night she woke up from her coma. She said if Zach buried Dr. Madden that night, their future was on the line. He assured her his death would not affect them. Kendall told him he got off for his stunt at the hospital, but would not get off for this murder. He said he did not do it, but felt she did not believe him. She was aware he did not always do the deed himself, but probably knew who did. She figured he would not tell her because he did not trust her. He told her he did not kill Dr. Madden himself and did not help Dixie do it either. He did admit that if he and Dixie found Dr. Madden, the result would have been the same. Then, Spike began to fuss and Kendall realized she forgot his prescription. Zach volunteered to go to the hospital for it and left. Later, Kendall heard a knock and it was Josh at the door. She told him Zach and Ryan were not there, but he came to see her. He proclaimed JR killed his father and needed her help to take him down. Kendall apologized about his father's murder. Josh said he did not want her phony sympathy. Kendall explained she was grateful to Dr. Madden because he made Spike possible. She asked if he had proof. He told her how he was hung in the meat locker for blackmail. She wondered if his father told them anything. Josh hoped he did not so that JR did not get what he wanted. Kendall said if JR did it, the police would catch him. Josh reminded her of how he got off in her case. He asked how many more people had to die before JR was stopped. Kendall looked down at Spike and agreed to help. Josh thanked her as they happily looked at Spike. Josh told her how proud Dr. Madden would have been of Spike. He said his father was a pioneer and devoted his life to babies. He believed it was petty people who tried to slander him. Still, he admitted to Kendall he doubted his father after Jamie and Julia told him about Donor #1. Kendall asked what that was. Josh said they thought his father was the only donor for insemination in his clinic. Kendall looked at Spike with a horrified expression.

Erica and Jack were in Erica's office. Erica was shocked Jack believed she killed Dr. Madden. Jack said she tried before, so it was possible she tried again. Erica was so enraged she sarcastically detailed her entire execution of the burial and murder. She told Jack to call Chief Frye to lock her up after her confession. Jack said he did not want her to be guilty. Erica thought he did, so he would be free from his lying wife. Jack explained he only wanted the truth. Erica said she had nothing to do with the death, but congratulated whoever did it. She also said she had an alibi because Dr. Madden drugged her that night and she was incapacitated. Jack was skeptical she was ever drugged. Erica asserted she was sticking to her story. Jack said ever since Dr. Madden came to town, she shut him out. He declared if he did not press Erica for answers, he would never get any. Erica said she was drugged and thankfully someone helped her, even though Jack did not. Jack demanded to know if she told him everything. She admitted she had big concerns about him and their relationship. Erica then left and went to the hospital. She ran into Zach and asked if Kendall was alright. He said yes and asked how she was. Erica inquired if he meant if she was better now that Dr. Madden was gone. Zach said that was not his intention, but she could feel free to tell him. Erica asked if he expected her to shower him with gratitude since he got rid of Dr. Madden for Kendall. Zach asked what if he did it for her. She inquired why. He said to protect her secret. She explained she had enough of this garbage over her secrets. Zach pulled her aside and told her he knew about her son."

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