07/11/2006 Kendall Worries About Spike's Paternity

"While sitting outside her condo, Kendall told Ryan that she was concerned about Spike's paternity. He said he had already considered that Madden could have used his own sperm, but it didn't matter: he was Spike's father no matter what. Kendall told him that she couldn't let it go and had to know for sure. She said that maybe Madden inseminated her because he was obsessed with Erica and wanted a Kane baby no matter what. Ryan said that he loved Spike and her and that was why they were a family and nothing could change that. Zach came outside and told her to listen to Ryan, that Spike was Ryan's baby. Kendall went inside when Spike cried and Zach and Ryan went back outside to smoke a cigar.

J.R. dreamed that he was buried alive and awoke screaming. Col by came into their room and J.R. grabbed her. He asked what she was doing in his bedroom and why she stole his money. She said she was sleepwalking, but Babe busted her. She admitted that she needed money to go out, but they said no way. J.R. went to check on Little Adam and Babe told Colby to stay away from her and J.R. When he got back to the bedroom, Babe told him that Colby wouldn't cause any more trouble. Of course, Colby had stolen Babe's wallet and gone out the front door.

Dixie went to the Chandler mansion to see J.R. and Adam asked if she was the one who buried Madden. Adam told her that she had put J.R. in a comprising situation by killing Madden but she saw right through Adam and realized that he didn't think she was guilty but that he thought J.R. was guilty. Adam said she was right and that is why she had to confess. Dixie said that it wasn't possible for J.R. to have done that, but Adam said that J.R. was desperate for her love and was capable of anything. Adam told her that this was her chance to make up for everything by going to the police and confessing. J.R. heard Adam say that and told Dixie that she was not taking the rap for him. Again, J.R. claimed he had nothing to do with Madden's death and Dixie said she would somehow prove that he was innocent. Dixie told J.R. to trust her and that she wouldn't let him down ever again. He said he didn't want to lose her again and she told him that she and Tad would protect him.

Krystal went to see Tad to tell him she was sorry for everything about Kate. He told her to save it because it was all his fault. He said that if it had not been for him, Dixie wouldn't have left to have their baby. He told Krystal that it was his pride that kept him from taking Dixie back and he understood why she signed adoption papers instead of giving her baby to a bitter ex-husband. Krystal told him that she was the queen of doing the wrong things for the right reason and that he was the only hope there was to find Kate. With tears in her eyes, she told him that he was the first man she ever really loved and that she still loved him. Tad told her that she was a fool for loving him and she grabbed his arm and said he was dead wrong. He grabbed her and they kissed. She told him she didn't want to leave and they moved their liaison to the couch. It seems they forgot to close the door because Dixie's mouth fell open at what she was witnessing."

- Soap Central