07/07/2006 Babe Asks JR If He Killed Madden

"Josh told Derek that JR killed his father, but Derek needed a theory. Josh told him that JR thought Greg took Dixie's child, Kate. Derek thought Kate was dead, but Josh informed him that Dixie gave Kate up for adoption when Greg cared for her, but everyone in Pine Valley thought Greg was some baby kidnapper. Josh said his father helped children-not stole them-but Dixie couldn't understand. Josh let Derek know that JR and Jamie hung him on a meat hook in a freezer, but Babe got him out. Derek took notes on everything Josh told him, but said he needed proof before an arrest could be made.

Kendall continued to question Zach about his involvement with Greg's death. Zach denied burying Greg, but could see Kendall did not believe him. She reminded him that he had employees and friends, such as Dixie, who might have helped bury Greg. Zach claimed Dixie was just as innocent as he, but Kendall knew how good Zach was at keeping secrets. Zach told Kendall that he and Dixie were looking for Greg the night he disappeared, but they had no luck.

Spike started to get fussy, so Kendall checked the bassinet. Zach left to pick up a prescription at the hospital for Spike. Josh arrived, knocking at Kendall's door, and asking for her help to nail JR for murder. He told her about the meat locker experience, noting that JR and Jamie were going to tell Greg that if Josh did not reveal Kate's location, Josh would freeze to death. Kendall looked at Spike and agreed to help take JR down. Josh complimented Kendall on Spike's cuteness, wishing Greg could see the baby. As Josh talked about his father, he mentioned Julia and Jamie's theory that Greg was "Donor 1."

Colby informed Adam and Krystal that she ran across Greg's body and that Josh thought JR was the killer because Greg stole JR's sister. Knowing Josh was not referring to Hayley, Adam informed Colby about Kate. Krystal arrived downstairs, upset that Babe had disappeared. Even though Adam told Colby that JR was innocent, she did not believe it. Colby thought Josh liked Babe, which made her angry that Babe had so many hot men pouring at her feet.

Krystal defended Babe, but asked Colby to leave so she could talk to Adam alone. Krystal told Adam to use his men to find Babe and JR so they could find out if JR really killed Greg. Adam refused to believe that the idea was even possible, even when Krystal threatened to move out with Babe and Little Adam.

JR told Babe that she had a right to ask him if he killed Greg, given his violent history. JR told Babe that he was not going to turn back into the crazy drunk man she used to know. Babe reminded him that he and Jamie had been scheming and acting strange since Greg disappeared, making her think they did something to the doctor. JR admitted that he and Jamie came up with an idea to make Greg tell them where Kate was, but they did not bury him.

JR refused to discuss his and Jamie's plans, but murder was not part of them. Babe told JR she believed him and she gave him a hug, just as Derek walked up. Derek started his round of questions, leading JR to reveal that he and Jamie were looking for Greg the night he disappeared to find answers about Kate. JR denied being involved with the meat locker incident, and Babe said she heard Josh calling, so she freed him. JR told Derek that Josh wanted to pin him because Josh was in love with Babe.

When Derek left, JR thanked Babe for standing by him. Before they left the park, JR received a phone call saying, "I know what you did." It was the same voice that taunted Greg while he was held hostage underground.

Jackson reminded Erica that she tried to kill Greg before, so of course, he had to wonder if she buried him alive. Erica was stunned when Jackson accused her of murder, but said she came up with an entire plan to kill Greg. All she had to do was lure him into the park and then inject him in the arm with a drug to knock him out. The grave was already dug, so all she had to do was push him in and close the coffin, without even breaking a nail.

After Erica has finished her obviously overdramatic story, she told Jackson she had nothing to do with Greg's death, although Jackson did not seem to believe it. Erica reminded Jackson that Greg drugged her, and whoever killed him saved her from being carted away with Greg. Erica told Jackson that she had doubts about their relationship. She went to the hospital, where she found Zach picking up Spike's medication. Erica accused Zach of murdering Greg for Kendall's sake, but Zach claimed maybe he killed Greg for Erica, because Josh was her son."

- Soap Central