07/03/2006 JR's Birthday

"JR and Babe were in bed. Babe felt the earth move and JR joked that it was her that moved it. Babe said just because their bodies loved each other, it did not mean her mind could forget the past. JR asked if she regretted making love to him. She did not answer and they went to check on Little Adam. He had slept through the earthquake.

When they got back to the room, JR admitted that he wished Babe could forget everything. She said physical chemistry would not make her forget. He agreed and said trust was their problem. Babe said she did not want to be scared anymore. JR explained that she did not have to be afraid, because he loved her and Little Adam. He promised not to let anyone hurt them. Babe sincerely said she trusted him. She declared her mind was not ready before, but in her heart she trusted him with her life. JR said he would die before letting her down again.

They began to kiss and make love. Afterwards, JR told Babe that she taught him everything about trust and forgiveness on that night. Babe believed everything looked and felt different and that they were stronger. She related it to a whole new wedding night. Suddenly, Babe jumped out of bed and said something was wrong. She apologized to JR and left the room.

Later, she returned with Little Adam in one arm and a cake in the other. She sang happy birthday to JR and he blew out the candles with his son. Then, Little Adam wanted to give JR his doll, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. JR thanked him by using Lumiere's French accent. Babe gave JR her keychain, so he could think of her whenever he used his keys. JR thanked Babe for the best birthday ever. Babe said he would have many more "best evers." JR stated that they all would.

Kendall and Zach were at the casino when they felt the earthquake. Kendall got nervous and demanded they leave immediately. Then, Kendall went to the hospital and saw Ryan outside Spike's room. They both came to check on the baby and were relieved to see he was fine. They stood over Spike, joking around and laughing together. Meanwhile, Zach walked up and watched Ryan and Kendall through the window.

Ryan sat with Spike in the rocking chair and Kendall worried the earthquake traumatized him and left him with emotional scars. Ryan laughed and believed she was overreacting. Finally, Zach walked in and was happy to see Spike doing so well. Kendall said it was time for Zach to hold his stepson. At first, Zach resisted, but Kendall persevered. Ryan gave Spike to Zach. Zach held the baby and smiled. Then, Kendall took Spike, while Zach and Ryan went outside.

Ryan told Zach he did not want Kendall to know that Dr. Madden's name ever came up. Zach said he would not tell, since Ryan had made his decision. Ryan asserted there was no decision to make because Spike was his son and he loved him. Zach was in agreement.

They went back in the room and Joe Martin came in. He told them the good news that Spike could go home the next day. Kendall was happy, but uneasy because she still had not bought a crib and other baby supplies. Joe assured her she had what Spike really needed-love. Then, due to the earthquake, Kendall refused to leave without Spike.

Joe allowed her to spend the night in a nearby room. At that time, Zach made a phone call. He told the person on the other end that something had to be taken care of that night, and no excuses. Kendall then asked if he was going to be part of the sleepover. Zach explained he had to leave because of casino business and would pick them up in the morning. He left, while Kendall and Ryan stayed.

Tad was in Dixie's suite at the casino. He declared it was never about not wanting Kate, but about loving Dixie instead. Then, he kissed her. Dixie asked why he kissed her. He said she did not want to know. Dixie persisted. Tad said he figured she was with Euro trash for two years and then David, so he should have a turn, too. Dixie called him a "son of a bitch!" She also said he was cruel.

Tad asked if he was supposed to relate to her like nothing happened. She said she had suffered. Tad explained that just because they had a little chemistry, it did not mean they were back together. She agreed, but did not want to pretend all they had for each other was hate. Tad said he had something else for Dixie-disgust. Dixie claimed all she wanted was for Tad to see her again, but not like a stranger. She stated she was the mother of his children; they were once married, and they had known each other since she was 18. She begged him to talk to her like he knew her.

Tad said that was not what she wanted. He believed she really wanted forgiveness. She replied she did not expect forgiveness. Still, Tad asserted that was what she wanted. He thought she wanted him to save her with their together forever magic. Then, there was a knock at her door and David called out for Dixie.

Tad opened the door and sarcastically told David it was good that he came. David was confused. Tad said Dixie must be glad because when one man left, another was always waiting. Dixie yelled, "Enough!" David told her to forget Tad. Tad mockingly said if David had a French chateau, Dixie would forget anything for him, even her children and last address. Dixie told Tad to get out and he left.

Dixie asked David why he came over. He said to check on her, but Dixie did not buy it. She knew he came over to beg forgiveness about setting her up in New York. David agreed, apologized, and asked what he could do to make things up. Dixie said he could get her a child and help her pass it off as Kate. David thought it was insane, but Dixie said what she already did was insane. She believed Tad needed his daughter back so he could move on. She did not want him to suffer like she was suffering.

David told Dixie she did not want a fake, and refused to give up on finding Kate. Dixie could not understand why David continued to be in her life. He said he loved her, and she said he was a fool. David explained that he did not choose to fall in love with her, but it was the smartest thing he ever did. Dixie asked why he did not see her like Tad did, because all of it was her fault.

David refused to judge or attack Dixie. He apologized again for letting her believe he found Kate. Dixie said it was all right because she wanted to believe it. Also, she admitted part of her believed she would never see her daughter again. David said it was difficult to watch Dixie suffer and not be able to help. Dixie asked if he could turn back time, so she could tell Tad about Kate and never let her baby go. David promised to find Dr. Madden and Kate's location, and then make Dr. Madden pay. Dixie told David to leave. Once he left, Dixie crawled into her bed and cried.

Aidan and Di were at the casino's bar when they felt the earthquake. Afterwards, Di tried to console him over his breakup with Erin. She said it was hard not to mull things over and try to figure out hints and cues the other person gave. He said hints and cues were his business, and there were none-until the breakup. Di said she understood what it was like to know you loved someone and have to wait for them to realize you were the one. She then apologized because they both knew she was talking about her situation with Tad.

Di asked Aidan if he thought Erin was seeing another man. He did not think so, because she was so cautious with her heart. Di told him to use investigating 101-the obvious answer was usually right. He said he did not know the answer and asked Di for help. Di did not think spying would work. Aidan told her not to spy, but to talk to Erin as her friend. Di reminded him of what he told Erin a while back. He said she could chase after Tad or grow up and move on.

Aidan assured Di he was not hounding Erin. He said even though they were not together, he wanted to make sure she was all right. Di said she would help. Then, Aidan said he was sorry about how she and Tad ended. Di explained she would be there for Tad, just as he would be for Erin.

Meanwhile, Tad went to the bar to drink and ran into Di. Di knew something was wrong. He told her about how he ripped Dixie apart for fun. He then told Di to go away. She said no, because she loved him, and she offered to bring him home. He said he did not want to share his personal hell with her, and again demanded that she leave. Di just watched him from a distance as he drank alone. Later, he left the bar.

Dr. Madden felt the earthquake underground, also. He screamed, "I'm going to die!" He tried to keep his grave from caving in, but he was unsuccessful. As the grave collapsed, he screamed in horror.

Meanwhile, Josh and Ryan were at the park, too. Both were surprised that an earthquake hit Pine Valley. Ryan left and Josh began to play basketball. While he shot the ball, he heard his father's voice telling him he was a miracle baby. He also recalled the voices of many Pine Valley residents and their evil accusations in regards to Dr. Madden. Finally, Josh broke down and yelled out he was done with his father.

Then, a loud car crash and sirens were heard. A teenage girl ran through the park as police chased her. She hid underneath the park bench that was next to Dr. Madden's grave. After the police walked by her, she got up and said she hated cops. Then, she looked down and began screaming. Josh and the police heard her and came running. The police told her to freeze, but she said to forget about her and look down. Next to her there was a hand sticking up from out of the ground!"

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