06/16/2006 Kendall Wants Revenge

"Kendall gets to check out of the hospital, but Spike has to stay there a little while longer. She tells Zach that she must go to Fusion to get her revenge on Babe, but wants him to take care of JR. Zach asks Kendall to rest, but she can't sit at home and do nothing. Kendall tells her husband that she must protect Spike by giving JR and Babe exactly what they deserve. Seeing that Zach is not thrilled about the idea, Kendall asks him what is wrong. Zach says he is upset with JR too, but revenge will not accomplish anything. Kendall claims it is not revenge; it is justice for her, her family and Spike. Zach tells Kendall that if she goes on with her path of justice, she will have to deal with the consequences of it every day. Kendall walks out, ready to deal with Babe.

Babe goes to Fusion, unaware of Simone and Danielle's plan to kick her out. Danielle and Simone reveal a poster claiming Babe will do anything to get away with murder. Babe is shocked by the poster, but tells the girls the poster goes against the Fusion concept. When Simone asks what that concept is, Babe replies that Fusion is supposed to show the strength of women who work together, but by doing a print ad campaign with only one woman, it will take a step backwards. Simone tells Babe that they shouldn't do anything until Kendall comes back, while her child still fights for his life in the hospital. Babe speaks to Erin alone, apologizing for JR's actions, but Erin does not understand how she can even defend JR. Erin asks Babe if JR is abusing her, which is making her think so irrationally. Babe tells Erin JR would never hurt her, but Erin brings up the fact that JR tried to kill her. Erin says she is training to be a domestic abuse counselor at the Miranda Center, which has given her a chance to meet people who have similar behaviors in abusive situations. Kendall walks in, with Danielle, Simone and Erin at her side. When Babe begins to apologize for JR's actions, everyone cuts her off, claiming JR has not made a miraculous recovery. Babe tells Kendall that she has managed to forgive Zach, but she is unable to get past what JR, her former best friend, did. Babe calls Kendall a hypocrite, citing that Zach has never been punished for what he did.

Erica goes to see Tad, who is turning away clients to focus on finding Kate. Erica tells Tad his brother, Jeff, is back and wants to tell Josh the truth about his paternity. Tad tells Erica he does not have time to deal with it and demands she talk to Jeff herself. Erica continues to plead her case, claiming that everyone's lives will crumble if the truth comes out. Because of what Tad is going through with Kate, he tells Erica that Jeff be honest with Josh. Erica tells Tad that although she is sorry for what Tad is going through with Kate, it is no excuse for him to let Jeff ruin lives. Tad bursts out that until he finds Kate, he can't be of help to anyone. He throws her out of his office and when he returns later, Di is inside of the room. Tad immediately tells her to leave, but Di wants to help find Kate. When Di starts badmouthing Dixie, Tad defends Dixie. He tells Di he understands how Dixie is feeling right now, but Di is upset Dixie did not tell Tad the truth about Kate sooner. Tad gives Di some files to double check before he heads out the door.

Josh hassles Jamie and Julia about their relationship and age difference, but Jeff butts in to break it up. Jeff tells Josh, Julia and Jamie they should keep their personal business out of the workplace. After Julia and Josh split, Jeff asks Jamie what he has gotten himself into. Jamie replies that it is nothing he can't handle before slipping off. Julia asks a nurse to cover for her for 15 minutes. The nurse assumes it has something to do with Jamie, but Julia claims she doesn't even know Jamie well. Jamie comes over and makes up a lie about being gay, which sends the nurse and Julia running. Jamie finds Julia in one of the examining rooms. He can tell that Julia is uncomfortable with their relationship being the gossip of the hospital. After Jamie names off their options, Julia decides to give a relationship with Jamie one more try.

JR goes to the park to meet Dixie, but glances down briefly at where Greg is buried. Dixie tells JR that she wants him to be aware of the incredible gift Babe gave him when she lied to the court about his actions. JR realizes what Babe has done, but can tell his mother is concerned about getting the truth out of Greg. Zach finds them at the park and asks to speak to Dixie alone. Zach tells Dixie that Kendall is having a hard time forgiving JR for his actions. Dixie tells Zach she understands, then thanks him for his help in finding Kate. As JR eavesdrops, Dixie asks Zach how much longer they will have to "keep doing this" to get the information from Greg. Zach answers, "As long as it's needed." Zach and Dixie look down at the ground. Zach tells Dixie that the clock is ticking and Greg can't hold out forever. He grabs Dixie's hand, to assure her everything will be alright, as Tad walks up.

JR goes to Fusion, where he informs Kendall she does not know as much about her husband as she thinks. JR tells Kendall that Zach has been hiding the truth about Dixie from her.

Erica goes to meet Jeff for lunch to discuss the situation with Josh. Erica suggests Jeff leave, but Jeff tells her he came to town to make a decision about Josh. Jackson walks in and sees Erica and Jeff getting close."

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