06/15/2006 JR & Babe Go For A Walk

"Erin tries to convince Jonathan that he can't forego the future that is waiting for him now, but he tells her that he is willing to do just that - for Lily. Jonathan explains that Lily has become a completely different person since they fell in love. Erin thinks that her brother can take better care of Lily now that he has fully recovered, but he refuses - because it's not what Lily needs. He tells her that she can't really understand what it's like to be equal with Lily - how hard everything is to accomplish, and how horribly people treat you. He goes on to say that things are slightly easier now for his wife because she has someone that she can count on that will support her - and he won't take that away from her. Erin tells her brother that if he chooses to keep up the ruse of being impaired, it's a 24/7 job. In addition, it's not a matter of if he will get caught - but when. Jonathan tells her that he doesn't need to go back to programming computers like he used to do - all he needs is the smile on Lily's face. He then says that he is smart enough to pull off acting like he is still impaired. He reminds her of how he managed to come across as normal even when he was an evil, violent person inside. Erin thinks that he is giving up too much to settle for a life with Lily, but Jonathan quiets her uneasiness somewhat by telling her that Lily was responsible for teaching him how to love. Erin can't completely agree with his decision and thinks they should talk it over with Ryan. Jonathan firmly tells her that no one can know - and begs her to keep his secret.

Lily fairly gushes to Aidan about how wonderful her new husband is, and Aidan takes this to mean that Lily is head over heels in love. She tells him that she is glad that they broke up because Jonathan is a much better fit for her, as Erin is for him. Aidan tells her that it seems they were destined to land where they did. Lily admits that she doesn't quite understand the concept of destiny - so Aidan tells her that if they hadn't broken up, she and Jonathan would never have gotten to know each other as well as they do. With that concrete example, Lily's face lights up. She then asks if Erin is his destiny as well. Aidan tells her that they haven't figured it out yet, but that they would be lucky if they found the kind of love and happiness that Lily and Jonathan have.

Erin tells her brother that she gets what he wants to do and why, but can't see a secret this big staying quiet for too long. He tells her that she kept his secret once before - by hiding him out and taking care of him - and he needs her to do it again, this time for love. She visibly flounders, but before she can give him an answer, Lily and Aidan enter the room. Lily announces that they will be able to factor in the hospital bill so that it is affordable, and Jonathan slips effortlessly into his old self - telling his wife that he feels much better and is ready to go home. Aidan offers to carry some of the things Lily is holding, and while they are distracted, Erin leans in, tells Jonathan that she has no right to tell him how to love, and then leaves the room with Aidan. Once outside, Aidan tells Erin that he thinks Jonathan and Lily are perfect for each other. Erin turns to face him, and he notices that tears are streaming down her cheeks.

Babe sits slightly apart from her husband on the couch, noting that while she has what she wanted - JR not in jail, and there for their son - she hasn't a clue as to what comes next for the two of them. JR tells her that the deciding power lies completely in her hands. Babe tells him that the only thing that she knows for sure is that after what JR did, they can't pick up where they left off. JR tells her that he wants to start over, but Babe tells him that it's hard to forget everything that happened. JR reminds her that she has seen him at his lowest, and although it won't be easy, he wants to make up for every time he doubted her, hurt her, made her cry or let her down. She tells him that they have been at this crossroads before - where he swears that he will never do any of those things again...and yet, he always does. He promises that this time he will show her that he is a changed man, and begs her to help him find his way back to where they once were. Unsure of what to say in the moment, Babe quickly leaves the room. Thinking that he ruined his first chance, JR sits dejectedly on a chair. Moments later, Babe returns with all of the paperwork he gave her in preparation for jail, bequeathing his stocks and custody to her. JR tries to insist that she keep them, as they will be the things that guarantee she and their son will be taken care of. Babe tells him that if they are going to make things work, they need to start fresh, without any of the doubts or fears from before. She tells him that she doesn't want to forget everything from the past - because there were moments that they shared that she will treasure forever. However, she tells him that she wants to make new memories as well. She suggests they go for a walk, and tells him that if they can find a piece of what they once had, they will have a place to start.

A short time later, Babe and JR reach the park, and briefly discuss their renewed determination to find their way back to each other, despite what other people might say. JR then takes a moment aside, and when Babe asks what's on his mind, he tells her that he is thankful for getting a second chance with his family. He notes that not everyone is that lucky, and she immediately knows that he is talking about Kate. He tells her that Jamie has already stepped up to the plate - and he needs to do the same. One way or another, he vows to make Madden reveal where his baby sister is stashed.

Erica and Kendall spend a few moments lamenting Bianca's departure, and then Kendall asks her mother if she meant it when she said they would work to fix things. Erica, her determination renewed, assures her eldest daughter that she plans to take care of everyone who hurt her. Kendall muses aloud about whether that includes Greg Madden and this catches Erica off-guard. Erica tries to regain control of the conversation by insisting that the people that most need their attention are JR and Babe, but Kendall refuses to let the topic die until Erica confesses what Greg did to her. Erica tries to blow her daughter off, saying that the fact that Greg terminated her pregnancy is ancient history. Kendall doesn't buy it, and reveals that she and Bianca discussed things, and they both want to know what Erica is hiding, and what Josh has to do with it all. Erica appears slightly taken aback, and tries to explain the confrontation that Bianca witnessed as an offshoot from what Josh did to her when he was the producer. Kendall starts to press for more amid the many distractions that Erica throws at her, when Erica finally tells her that in light of the precious new son that she has, it should be easy to just let the past stay in the past. Kendall still prods but Erica, desperate to change the subject, starts to talk about a pleasant "I told you so": the fact that Kendall would fall in love with her son. Kendall agrees that her mother was right, but notes that she couldn't have done it without Zach. Erica starts to turn her nose up at the idea, but Kendall points out that if Zach hadn't kidnapped her, she wouldn't have been able to take that leap. She also points out that she couldn't have saved Spike without Zach's help. Erica voices her belief that Zach needlessly risked her life for the baby, but Kendall corrects her by saying that Zach only did what he believed she wanted. She goes on to talk about what an amazing addition to her life Zach is, and how much she wants Erica to accept him as her husband. Unwilling, or perhaps unable, Erica abruptly changes the subject - instead asking her daughter if she needs anything. Unmoved, Kendall requests that Erica find her husband and bring him to her. After brief consideration, Erica prepares to go, but before she can, Kendall has a memory flash. She tells her mother that she can remember hearing Greg's voice as well as her mother's, and that Greg was vile - announcing that not only was Kendall not mommy material, neither was Erica. She then notes that she could hear her mother's words strong and clear, standing up to Greg - and how proud she was of Erica. She thanks Erica for dropping everything in her life to see her through the whole ordeal, and offers her help should Erica need anything. Erica hugs her and says that she wants for nothing, but knows that Kendall needs rest if she is going to be released the following day - and then takes her leave.

Simone and Dani stop by the hospital and visit Kendall, intent on celebrating her survival as well as her son's, but they are stumped by the look on her face. Simone barely manages to check in on Spike's status before Kendall soothes their immediate fears by explaining that she can't stop thinking about the fact that her son almost died, while Babe and JR are breathing free and clear. She rants about the fact that she will have to see Babe every day at Fusion, and that even though JR is to blame, Babe will serve as a constant reminder that she almost lost her son. Dani suggests a buy-out, but Kendall tells her that Zach already tried that avenue. Simone tries to drum up sympathy by telling her that Babe testified to how much Kendall wanted the baby, but Kendall refuses to consider that. She says that the Babe she knows is the one that got JR off the hook and stole her niece. She goes on to say that the only way they will have a future at Fusion is without Babe. At her inquiry, both Dani and Simone agree to stand with Kendall in order to force Babe out.

The two Dr. Martins continue to chat with Josh, reminiscing about the work he did to save Erica at the Mardi Gras Ball. Joe raves about how great a doctor Josh is, and how he should have never left the profession. Jeff asks what made him come back, and Josh said that he'd spent enough time finding out what he didn't want to do - and that since his father is a doctor, coming back to medicine was natural. Josh then asks what brought Jeff back to Pine Valley. Joe interjects that Jeff had spent years working with a coalition of doctors that donate their time to work in Third World countries. Jeff follows by saying that after years of doing that, the lure of family as well as the things he took for granted once upon a time was enough to warrant a trip home. Joe then adds that Jeff will be teaching an advanced seminar while here, and Josh expresses an interest. Although there are only a limited number of spots, Joe previously submitted Josh's name. Jeff tells him that the class will be difficult, and the workload will be heavy, but he expects the best from the best. Not realizing the power of his words, Josh tells the father he never knew that he will make him proud. Josh then says that his main motivation for coming back to medicine is how good he feels knowing that he is saving lives. Jeff registers how impressed he is, and as Erica rounds the corner, Joe rejoins the duo and asks his son which of them should deliver the news to Josh. Before they have a chance, Jeff notices Erica's arrival and greets her cordially. Joe tries to move back into imparting the good news, but misinterpreting the situation, Erica tries to stall, thinking that they should have consulted her first. Jeff tells her that medicine is not her forte, and then tells Josh that he has been chosen for the seminar. After a few more moments of small talk, Joe insists that he and Josh need to get back to work, leaving Jeff and Erica to get reacquainted. With them gone, Erica notes that it might have been nice for Joe to warn her that his prodigal son was returning. He tells her that he will be staying a while, and she inquires into his reasoning. He tells her that having heard out of the blue that he has a son, he had no choice but to come back and meet him. Erica then confirms that Josh wasn't told the truth, but Jeff lets her know that it's not a permanent thing. She reminds him that Josh has not been a part of their lives, has one of his own, and hearing the truth might turn his world upside down. Jeff corrects her, saying that Josh could still be a part of his life. Erica tells him that the best decision would be to keep Josh in the dark, but Jeff is of a different mindset. He offers to take her out to dinner so that they can catch up and talk about old times. Erica refuses, and instead tells him that he shouldn't treat the situation so flippantly. Jeff promises that he is very serious about what is going on, and Erica begs him to just forget that anything had changed and to go back to where he came from. Jeff assures her that he can not be forced out of town, as his main objective is to get to know his son. Erica thinks that his decision is based on wanting to torture her, but he refutes that statement. He admits that he isn't sure at this point whether Josh will ever know his true parentage, but informs her of the one thing he knows for certain: Erica will not get to make the call.

Startled that the voice piped into the box is now connected to someone live and in person, Greg takes a moment to process the request for information about Kate. He then tells the voice that they should go first and reveal who they are. The voice replies that the choice is up to Madden: the voice can either be the angel that gives a second chance at life, or the devil that will end it. The voice tells him that it could belong to any of the people whose lives he disrupted - including his son. It then backtracks and reminds Greg that Josh is not really his. Irate, Greg blurts out that he was the one that saved Josh's life, making him a better parent than anyone that might be his captor. He goes one step further and says that no Martin deserves to be a parent. Greg continues to mull over who could be responsible for putting him in his early grave, and impatience wins out. The captor demands to know why Greg is being so stubborn. Greg confesses his belief that should he give up the information on Kate, he's as good as dead. The captor tells him if he doesn't - his death is guaranteed. Greg promises that if he dies, his captor will have to follow him to hell because he will never reveal Kate's location before he is released.

Babe admits that JR scared her the night that Madden went missing - with a jail sentence hanging over his head, he acted like he had nothing to lose. JR admits that he felt exactly as she thought, but more than that, he needed Madden alive so that they could get answers out of him. He tells her that Jamie is working on getting those answers, and admits his hope that Kate will be home sooner or later. He then asks her if she would like to go to the boathouse to listen to the rest of the concert, and when she agrees, they take off, oblivious to the fact that they had been sitting right above where Madden is buried.

The captor reappears in shadow form once JR and Babe leave, and remotely tells Greg that he is wasting time, but if he wants to play the odds, so be it. The captor asks a now mute Greg if he noticed any change - and then, without waiting for an answer, tells him that his air supply had just been cut off. Greg is informed that if he has any last words, now would be a good time to share. Greg tries to focus and slow his breathing, but his calm only lasts a few moments before he lets out a scream of frustration. He begs to be let out, and showing an ounce of compassion, his captor lets air into the wooden cell once more. It then informs Greg that he will have some alone time to consider what it's like to look death in the eye.

Over at the boathouse, as they listen to strains of classical music, JR asks Babe what specifically made their France trip so special. She tells him that he was just himself, no pretenses - and that he made her feel safe, loved and like they could stay that way forever. JR tells her that it is possible, and reiterates that he wants to give her all of that and more. Before they can delve much further, Jamie appears and cryptically asks for JR's assistance with a wall he hit concerning Greg. JR asks his estranged bride if she would mind them stepping away to talk, and Babe encourages them to go. When they do, she stands and looks after them, curious as to what the secret is."

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