06/28/2006 JR Is Babe's Muse

"Erin opened the door to the penthouse and Aidan stood in front of her. He asked for a couple of minutes to talk and the truth about why she wanted space from their relationship. Erin was mad he came and told him he was smothering her. She asked him to leave. Aidan said he loved her and demanded the truth again. He also pleaded with her not to give up on them. Then, he kissed her. Erin told Aidan he was right and she owed him the truth. At first, Erin thought she was ready for a relationship, but was wrong. She said things were going too fast. She told Aidan how wonderful he was and that it was not because of him, but because of her. Aidan asked if he was just therapy for her. She said no and he deserved better. Once again, he offered to give her space. Erin snapped! She yelled for him to stop being so nice and understanding. Bluntly, she said she wanted to see other men. Aidan was adamant she still loved him. Erin explained he was her first, but there might be better out there. She did not want to resent him for not exploring other options. Erin also felt pressured to be a well adjusted girlfriend. Finally, she told Aidan not to see her, call her, or talk to her! Then, Ryan walked in. Aidan left and Erin began to cry. Ryan asked what the hell he walked in on. They sat on the couch and Erin filled Ryan in. He was stunned because he thought Erin was truly in love. Erin told him not to worry because she would be fine.

Erica was at the yacht club and ran into Jeff. Erica heard he suspended Josh. She inquired if this meant he was willing to let Josh go for good. Jeff maintained the suspension had nothing to do with their situation. Erica said he should fire him and allow him to start a life somewhere else. Jeff said after Josh's suspension was over in two weeks, Josh would be back under his tutorial. Meanwhile, Josh and Jamie were at the yacht club too. Jamie sarcastically thanked Josh for getting suspended from the hospital. Josh said the last laugh was on the Martins thanks to his father, Dr. Madden. Josh claimed Dr. Madden did Kate a favor by saving her from the smug Martin family. Jamie believed Josh's statement proved Dr. Madden stole Kate. He also warned Josh not to talk about his little sister. They exchanged words and began to shove each other. Erica and Jeff saw the fight and broke it up. Jamie left and Josh was left to be lectured by Jeff. Josh said he did not need his protection. Jeff explained he wanted to have private sessions with Josh, so he would not fall behind while out of the hospital. Josh rejected him by saying he did not need his charity. Josh left. Erica indicated the more Jeff interfered with Josh, the more he screwed things up. Also, she said it was wrong of Jeff to take JR's side and punish Josh. Jeff declared Erica was defending Josh like a mother. Erica claimed she was behind anyone who was against JR. Jeff asked if she ever felt maternal and wanted to tell Josh who he really was. She said yes, but it would cause too much damage to Josh and her family. Jeff said he knew this would not be easy for Erica to handle. Erica stated she was not the same woman he married and she firmly believed she was right about not telling Josh. Jeff wished he was as sure. Erica said he could solve every problem and he was only making things worse. Jeff disagreed and thought he could make things better. Then, an employee approached Erica and Jeff left. Erica asked where her boat was. The employee said Jack took it out the night before and had not come back yet. Erica walked around and finally found Jack. She expressed how worried she was. He said we had some trouble. Erica was unclear on who he was with and then she saw Brooke. Brooke uneasily said good morning while Erica stood speechless!

Babe was working at Fusion and seemed very frustrated. JR entered and asked what was wrong. Babe explained she had to recreate her presentation because the Fusion girls erased it. JR told her not to give up unless she wanted to give up Fusion. Babe refused to let Kendall win. She said the presentation flowed the first time, but now her brain was blocked. JR offered to help make this project even better than the first. Together they brain stormed and Babe was very pleased. They made a campaign in which confident teenage girls had guys watching them; however, the girls did not notice the guys. Babe then saved it and sent herself a copy via email, so it could not be erased. Then, Jamie walked in and wanted to speak to JR alone. JR obscurely said Jamie's plan was a big risk. Jamie said it was from the start and if they did not crack him now, they would never get answers. JR agreed, but was surprised at the extremes Jamie would go to. Jamie said he was all in because of Kate and asked if JR was too. JR said they should push it as far as they could. JR told Babe he had to help Jamie and would meet her home. JR and Jamie went to the park. JR asked Jamie if he was sure they were not implicated. Jamie said he had too many enemies to narrow it down. They believed they were getting to him. Suddenly, they saw Babe. She was glad to see they were getting along, but demanded they let her in on their secret.

Zach walked into the bedroom fully dressed, but Kendall was still in bed. She threw a pillow at him and exclaimed, "Who the hell do you think you're messing with?" She asked why he did not tell her his preliminary hearing was moved to that morning. Zach claimed it was not a big deal. Kendall believed his charges were a big deal. She also thought he deserved a medal for saving her and Spike's life, not a hearing. She did not want anyone to take Zach away from her. Zach assured her everything would be fine. He told her to have lunch with Spike and left. After, Zach was in court with Livia. Chief Frye was on the stand and gave testimony about Zach's hold up in the hospital. Next, the judge asked Livia if she had any witnesses. She said yes and called for Kendall. Zach was shocked and wanted to know why Livia did not warn him. She said Kendall did not want him to know because he would try to stop her. Kendall testified that Zach was the only one who knew what she wanted and he carried out her wishes. She also stated none of this would have happened if an idiot judge did not give custody to Ryan. The judge revealed he was that idiot. Kendall apologized, but continued to praise Zach for putting himself on the line for her and Spike. She affirmed no one was hurt. Still, the District Attorney argued Zach created a dangerous situation. Kendall asserted Zach took care of her and everyone jumped to the wrong conclusion. She said Zach saved Spike's life and begged the judge to take this into account. Once off the stand, Kendall asked Zach if he was mad at her. He said no and she was great up there. The judge came back from chambers. He said he made a decision on whether or not Zach's case should go to trial!"

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