04/28/2006 Dixie Offers No Explanation

"Dixie stops by to see JR but he's not at home. He's at the sanitarium to talk to Janet. When he tells her that he has discovered that his mother Dixie is alive, Janet is pleased. JR doesn't mince words. He wants to know everything that Babe said while they were in the cabin in regards to JR and their son. Janet shares her version of the truth. JR tries not to believe Janet. He tells Janet that Babe only said those things about leaving him just to humor Janet. Janet isn't so certain about his confidence. She points out that if he truly believed that then he wouldn't be there talking to her. Janet continues to plant the seeds of doubt before assuring him that she will always be loyal to him. JR isn't comforted. He leaves the sanitarium and ends up in the new wing of Fusion which is currently under construction. He is drinking. He has a fantasy of watching Babe being killed when the roof of the new wing collapses. Just then he hears Babe call out and quickly tucks his flask into the pocket of his jacket.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe confesses that she can't understand why Dixie did the things that he has. Dixie tells Babe that she's not there to explain herself to Babe, she there to see JR. Just then Jamie walks in. Angry, he demands answers but Dixie continues being vague. Jamie becomes frustrated with Dixie's silence. They lash out at each other. Dixie tells Jamie that she didn't think he was the type of person to sleep with his brother's wife. Jamie fires back and the tension escalates. Jamie decides to leave having said his peace to Dixie. After Jamie leaves, Babe offers Dixie advice. Give JR a good reason for her long absence, even if she has to lie. Later, Babe leaves for Fusion.

Greg becomes concerned when he discovers that Kendall is not in her suite at the spa. After he makes some calls one of his employees reports that a boat pulled out of the harbor a short while ago. Greg suspects that Kendall is on the boat. He quickly realizes that it's urgent for him to return to Pine Valley.

Kendall is furious when she realizes that the boat that Zach took her to is moving. Zach seems unconcerned and freely admits that he is kidnapping her. Kendall reminds him of his promise to return her after they had talked. Zach points out that they haven't talked yet so he hasn't broken any promises. Zach tries to get Kendall to call Erica to let her know that she is safe and well. Kendall is reluctant. She feels pressured by everyone including Zach. The way that he looks at her makes Kendall uncomfortable. Zach is open with Kendall. He tells her that he still loves her and always will. He apologizes to Kendall for everything that he put her through and the pain he has caused her. Zach then promises to always be there for her and to support her unconditionally.

Ryan finds Erica in Greg's office. She is worried about telling Josh the truth about Greg. She begs Ryan to tell her that he has found Kendall so she doesn't have to tell Josh anything. Ryan admits that he still hasn't located her but he's concerned about Erica's decision to tell Josh that she's his biological mother. He worries that Erica hasn't thought things through clearly especially the consequences. Ryan reminds her that she hasn't told Jack about it and when Kendall hears it she will be devastated that Erica didn't tell her sooner. Erica feels as if she has no other alternative. The need to find Kendall takes precedence over everything else. When Erica asks Ryan to find Josh for her, he agrees albeit reluctantly. Later Josh walks into Greg's office. He is aggravated when he sees Erica waiting for him. Erica makes a last ditch attempt to enlist his help to find Kendall but Josh remains completely loyal to his father. Resigned to telling him, Erica tries to lessen the blow by telling Josh that she has no problem ruining Greg but she finds it difficult knowing that in the process she would be destroying Josh. Erica haltingly begins her story but before she can tell him exactly what Greg did when she went to him to terminate her pregnancy Ryan rushes in. He announces that Kendall has called and is safe. Erica is thrilled. Josh is impatient. He wants to know what Erica was about to tell him before they were interrupted by Ryan. At that moment Greg steps into the doorway. He is greatly relieved when Erica backs down from telling Josh. She reminds Greg that Kendall dismissed him as her physician and warns him that she expects him to honor that decision. Greg agrees and is happy to see her leave his office. Josh demands answers from his father, but Greg refuses to give them. He does tell Josh that he doesn't regret anything in regards to Erica.

Outside of Greg's office Ryan fills Erica in on what happened with Kendall. When Ryan reveals that it was Zach who had tracked Kendall down to Greg's island and spirited her away onto Erica's stolen boat and is at that very moment bringing her home, Erica doesn't know whether to worry more or be relieved. She doesn't feel Zach is that much better than Greg. Ryan isn't so quick to agree, much to her surprise. He feels that Zach did what neither of them could. He found a way to bring Kendall home without harming people in the process. He also believes that Zach truly does love Kendall.

Dixie walks into Greg's office and informs him that everyone she loves has learned that she is alive. Greg no longer has anything to hold over Dixie's head. She cuts to the chase and demands to know where her daughter is or else she will expose him to the world."

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