04/27/2006 Dixie Won't Give Up

"Greg makes a middle of the night visit to Kendall's room at ReGeneration. Slowly shaking herself free of sleep's grasp, she admits to thinking that her encounter with a group of pregnant women was all a dream. Greg tells her that it's all true - that he provided a place for her, and for life-givers like her, away from stress and the people that can't or won't understand their choices. She thanks him for what he'd done and asks if her family had started to freak out yet. Before he can answer her, his cell phone rings. He excuses himself to take the call, and finds Erica on the other end. She demands that he give up Kendall's location, and he says that he doesn't have any new information since they last spoke. She tells him that if he doesn't come clean soon, she will spill the beans to Josh. Greg insists that he can't help her and she reiterates that if he doesn't change his tune - life as he knows it will end. She slams the phone in his ear, and Greg silently closes the connection on his end, noting Erica's fierce devotion as he does. Greg invites her to stay for a few more days before going back to the agonies that await her in Pine Valley. He goes so far as to suggest that she could stay until she delivers her son. Kendall notes that his proposal seems more like his intention all along, and Greg tells her that he knew she would catch on. He tells her that if she chooses to stay, she will not only have the best care possible, she will have access to her favorite doctor. She lets on to her worries - what will she tell Ryan if she chooses to stay, and returns to Pine Valley without the baby? Greg insists they have plenty of time to deal with that but Kendall disagrees, reminding him of the lawyers and signed agreements that Ryan has in place. Greg offers to take Kendall back to Pine Valley straight away so that she might have a talk with Ryan and eliminate their impasse. Kendall fails to see the lure in that idea and they abandon the suggestion as quickly as it surfaced. Greg then takes the moment of opportunity to thank her for using the fact that she can grow a life within her to deliver a dream to a childless couple. She seems amazed that he really believes in his investment, but he tells her that what he actually believes in are the women residing at his resort.

A short time later, Kendall is back in bed, asleep, when a hand quickly covers her mouth. A muffled scream escapes but she is slowly turned over until she can see that it is Zach with her. Miffed, she asks how Zach found her, but instead of answering, he tells her that they need to leave. She refuses to go anywhere with him because she thinks she knows what he will say. He insists that he just wants to talk to her on neutral ground. She offers him a balcony to dive off of, but he invites her to join him elsewhere one more time, as a dare. Kendall tells him to go to hell, but Zach is more than used to her tactics. He tells her that she has a decision to make about the baby, and asks her what downside she sees to just the two of them talking, trying to work things out. The only thing she can come up with is that Zach won't leave her alone. He then asks her what she thinks he wants from her - it's not like he has any claim to the baby, so his motives aren't selfish. He then admits that he wants to make sure that when he looks into her eyes a year from now, he won't see regret. He asks her what she is afraid of but her only answer is that he is delusional. Zach tells her that he thinks that everyone that has been harassing her sucked the fire out of her, and that Madden bringing her to his retreat made her incapable of thinking. She clarifies that the resort is a place to de-stress away from people like Zach. Zach then proposes that she come away with him to talk, and then he will bring her back to the resort to stay as long as she likes. Tired of fighting, Kendall finally gives in.

Stunned at the scene before them, Ryan manages to get the first word in when he asks Jonathan why he is in bed with Lily. Jonathan tries to stammer out an explanation, but an angered Jack assumes the worst and doesn't want to hear anything Jonathan has to say. He tells Lily they will wait outside until she gets dressed, but she quickly rises from the bed and shows him that her clothes didn't come off. She then interjects that Jonathan wasn't at fault - and that they simply needed to practice sleeping together in preparation for moving in together. Jack starts to rush in, but Ryan manages to keep him at bay by begging Jonathan to admit that Lily didn't know what she was talking about. Not willing to be talked about in front of her face, Lily interrupts and tries to explain that their practice would be for when they live together in a studio apartment. With every word, Jack's blood pressure rises, so he attempts to stop her from talking. She starts to make a note about her birthday coming up but Jack reminds her that because she is not 18 yet, and because he is still her father, he can still tell her what to do. Ryan promises that he will take care of things on his end, and Jack says that he'd better. He and Lily leave, and Jonathan tries to justify what they did. Ryan explains that none of it matters because he promised not to see Lily. He asks his little brother how it is that he couldn't see what was wrong about what was doing. Jonathan tells him that his reasons are the same as the ones that keep both Ryan and Jack from understanding why Jonathan and Lily are good together. They head back downstairs, and Ryan tries to explain how hard it has been to deal with the fact that Jonathan won't let go of Lily. Jonathan tells his big brother that he has only caused pain for Ryan since he first arrived in Pine Valley. For that reason alone, he needs to get away and live his own life. Ryan relents slightly, and admits that as family, he wants Jonathan to stay with him. Jonathan reminds him that his son is family too, and that the only reason Kendall is resisting giving Ryan sole custody is because of Jonathan's psychotic past. He also notes that Lily needs to be more than just Jack's little girl with autism spectrum disorder. He tells Ryan that Lily has hopes for her future, and that Jack can't continue to believe otherwise. He tells Ryan that he and Lily want to live with each other and Ryan recoils. Ryan reminds Jonathan that it took Jack years to get where he is with Lily, and that he knows the amount of structure that she needs and the things that set Lily off. Jonathan claims to know them as well, and that he wants to continue knowing those things for the rest of his life. Finally, Ryan says that Jonathan having a relationship with Lily would be a mistake. Jonathan refutes his big brother's claim, noting that there is a possibility that Ryan, in his quest to want the best for someone's life, may make the wrong choice. Jonathan posits that perhaps what others think is best may not be best for the two main people affected. Ryan tries to say that if he could rid his life of all of the mistakes he'd made he would, but Jonathan interrupts him. He tells Ryan that the mark of a man is learning from mistakes made - and that he should be afforded that same opportunity. Ryan says that it's not just Jonathan's mistake - it would be Lily's as well. Ryan offers to invite Julia over in the hopes that perhaps an explanation in line with his life skills class would be helpful. Jonathan tells him that he can bring Julia over, as well as Aidan and Erin, and he promises to listen if Ryan will accept that one thing will not change. Hesitant, Ryan asks what it is. Jonathan tells him that he loves Lily, and his love is returned. He notes that Ryan has been in love before, and therefore should know that there is nothing that can keep love down for long. Ryan says that he knows something about love that Jonathan refuses to accept - that a love affair with Lily will hurt him. Jonathan solemnly accepts that, but says that he will never stop fighting for her.

Jack and Lily return home, Lily marches angrily into the living room, effectively telling Erica where she was. Jack harshly notes that they had agreed Lily wouldn't spend anymore time with Jonathan, and she retorts that Jack gave an order - one that she never said that she would comply with. Jack is infuriated that Lily isn't getting the meaning behind what he said. She immediately raises her hands to cover her ears, and only puts them down when Erica indicates that it's okay to do so. Jack apologizes, and tries to explain his frustration: that she used to understand that the rules he laid down were for her own good, and that now - it's clear he can't trust her. Harboring anger of her own, Lily tells him that she used to be able to trust him, but now it's apparent that he doesn't care about what she wants. She goes on to say that things will change once she turns 18. Jack tells her that the world won't become any safer and he won't stop worrying about her, no matter how old she is. She asks if it is because of her disorder, and he finally admits to it being his real reason. She takes it all in, and then Lily tells her father that in a week, she will no longer be a child with her disorder but an adult - and what he wants won't matter anymore. Tired of fighting, Lily asks if she can go to her room. Jack acquiesces, and she starts to leave. She stops short and tells Jack that she has done the research, and knows that once she turns 18, she will have the legal right to control her life. She walks out, leaving Jack mired in his aggravation. He picks up the phone and as he starts to dial, Erica begs him to hang up the phone if his intention is to shred Jonathan once again. He tells her that his plan is to send Lily back to boarding school as soon as possible. Erica takes the phone from him and insists that there has to be a better solution. Jack finds some amusement in Erica's pleas that he listen to his daughter's wants and needs, especially when she can't do the same. She says tells him that listening couldn't hurt. Set in his decision, Jack picks up the phone again and as he dials, he tells her that he knows what is best for his daughter and that everyone is just going to have to learn to accept it. He gets a hold of someone at the school and makes arrangements for Lily to come back. He concludes his phone call and asks Erica if she will be joining him in bed. She remains silent, and sullenly, Jack turns and leaves her alone in the living room.

JR returns home to a throng of people in his living room, visibly relieved that he is okay. His wife runs to embrace him while voices topple over one another, admitting that they know what happened and assuring him that he is loved and that everything will be okay. JR attempts to silence them all, saying that he is fine with what happened. Just then true silence blankets the room, and when JR turns to find out why, he sees his mother lurking in the archway. Before she attempts to steal her son away again, she apologizes to Jamie - saying that she never wanted to show herself in this way. Jamie tells her not to be concerned about him - he'll deal because his mom is always there for him. Taken slightly aback, Dixie refocuses on JR, begging him to join her on the terrace so that they could talk some more, and begin to get to know each other again. JR, however, is not interested, and instead invites his jet-lagged wife to join him in kissing their son goodnight and retiring. Before they leave, JR asks if she minds relinquishing the beloved necklace his mother gave to him years ago and then cups his hand around the trinket as Babe removes it from her neck. He steps toward Dixie and hands it back, making it clear that he wants as few connections to her as possible. Dixie is hesitant to take it, swearing that she can no longer claim ownership. She urges him to give it back to his wife or save it for his son - whatever he wants. He recalls the time when he gave the necklace to Tad when he was on his way to Switzerland - in hopes that they could all be together as a family again. Four years and a lot of pain later, he confirms that what he wants is to give the necklace, and perhaps some of the heartache, back to her. Sadly, she accepts. He then promises Babe hat he will replace it with something newer and better, and then takes a moment to thank everyone for their concern. He vows that once they manage to get past the weird feelings seeing Dixie's face brings up - the whole situation won't seem like such a big deal. At that moment, he takes his bride and heads up to bed. In his wake, Jamie notes aloud that his brother is right - Dixie's return was blown out of proportion, and that they should all just move on. He invites his father to join him in a beer, and when Tad accepts, they exit into the foyer. Once alone, Jamie admits that he just wanted to get his father alone to find out how he had been handling everything. Tad admits to the enormous amount of pain sitting on his chest, but is equally concerned about his son. Jamie quips that he'll just punch in a few walls and then he'll be fine. He then mentions how odd it is that after a year of being berated by JR, the mere thought of someone, especially Dixie, hurting his brother makes him want to lose control. Tad commiserates with him just before Jamie asks if Dixie clued him in as to her plans. Tad says that he doesn't know Dixie anymore, let alone what her plans are. They hug, and Tad sends his son on his way, promising to catch up with him later.

Back in the living room, Adam restates JR's wishes that Dixie leave, as she is not needed anymore. Brooke intervenes, saying that Dixie shouldn't be allowed to leave until she explains her reasons why she stayed away. Adam thinks it's obvious - she didn't care, but Krystal begs him to let Dixie clarify in her own words. Di adds that her sister owes it to her most of all - especially after she kept her secret, even when she knew it was wrong. Dixie manages to convey that she has nothing to offer, and Di, completely exasperated, demands that her sister find a way to make her motives clear. Dixie wastes no time in agreeing that her loved ones deserved no less. She then admits that she realizes the amount of pain that she caused people - but she doesn't think that she can come up with anything that will excuse her absence. The group, minus Adam, encourages her to find something because if she does, they will try to understand. As Tad lurks in the hall, listening in, they bombard her with possible scenarios that would explain why she stayed away. Nothing strikes a chord until Krystal asks what happened to her baby. Before she can find the words, Brooke explains to her the horrible day when she heard about the accident, and how she had to tell Tad that his beloved Dixie was gone. Brooke continues and talks about how Tad lost all hope after that - and because she, as the messenger, felt responsible, she demands that Dixie find the words. Finally, blinking back tears, Dixie admits that she after traveling halfway around the world, in an attempt to protect her daughter, she lost her anyway. Dixie then notes that the pain that those thoughts bring her is enough for her not to want to talk about any of it again. Adam is not moved, and tells her that if she has nothing more to offer, she can go. Dixie reminds Adam that she did not show up for him, but Adam notes that she can't have returned for JR because, as noted earlier, JR is fine. Dixie is astounded that Adam could be so deluded, that he could ignore the fact that their son is broken - and notes that she is not about to make that same mistake. Adam tries one final time to force her not only out of the house, but out of town - and suggests that she take David with her. Dixie tells the remaining four that she will not leave until she makes up for her mistakes. Adam doesn't think that she can do it but Dixie is determined to try. She goes to walk out but before she closes the door, she catches Tad's eye. They communicate silently for a moment, and then Dixie completes her exit. Brooke joins Tad in the foyer moments later, and they agree to track down Jamie, hug him, tell him that they love him, and mean it.

In the living room, Adam attacks Di and asks if she is happy at the way things have turned out. He tells her that for the way both she and Dixie treated JR after telling him that they love him, they can both rot in hell. Knowing that she deserves every one of his words, Di accepts them silently before taking her leave as well. Once gone, Adam strong frame crumples on to a chair, and Krystal is left with the task of comforting him.

JR and Babe go to their room after bidding their son good night, and all JR wants to do is take a shower. Babe begs him not to shut her out but instead, to take a moment and do what he needs to do to get his feelings out. JR tells her that he isn't feeling anything, so there's nothing to talk about. He tells her that he can't help but recall all the times Babe wore Dixie's necklace, feeling unworthy, only to find out that Dixie was nothing but a liar. Babe reminds him that Dixie is a part of him and that he loves him, but after a moment, JR tells her that the mother he loved died - and that doesn't come back. He tries to joke about it but Babe won't let him. She knows that there is pain buried deep inside that he is hiding. JR tries to insist that although he initially was left reeling, he ended up making the decision that he could get over his mother's return. The bottom line is that what he has in the now is better than what he missed for four years. Babe doesn't believe this lack of emotion, because she knows his heart - but JR doesn't give in. Looking into his eyes, Babe finally asks how much he had to drink. JR admits to the drinks he had, and says that given the events of the day, they should be excusable. Babe reminds him that everyone knows what alcohol does to him when he is in pain, but JR retorts that he didn't drink and drive or cause any additional pain to his family. Babe tells him that he doesn't need to drink - that anything and everything he could want for can be found with her. He quips that what he needs is a shower and wryly asks if he needs permission for that too. As she watches him dejectedly, JR fumbles his way into their bathroom. A short time later, JR joins his wife in bed, and she begs him to confirm that his drinking was a one-shot deal. She admits that she wouldn't be able to handle him falling down that hole of destruction again. JR tells her that all he needs is her, their son and their love - and everything will be all right. Content with his answer, she snuggles up to him after he turns out the lights. However, sleep eludes JR as he is haunted by Janet's taunting voice in his head. Knowing now that Janet was right about Dixie being alive, he starts to wonder if what she said about Babe will come true as well."

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