04/26/2006 JR Is Missing

"Krystal yells at Adam for trying to ship Dixie off to Uzbekistan in a crate. Adam isn't the least bit sorry. He lets her know that he would do it again if he had the chance because he wants to spare JR the pain of learning that Dixie had deceived him all of these years. As they are talking, Jamie walks in and tells them that he heard from Josh that Dixie is alive. Adam confirms the story and then tries to enlist Jamie's help to keep JR from finding out. Jamie informs him that he is too late. According to Josh, JR has returned to Pine Valley and not only saw Dixie but he spoke to her. Within a short time they are joined by Brooke, Di and Tad. Babe walks in a short time later and tells them that JR did not take the meeting well. He walked out after talking to Dixie and hasn't been seen since. Everyone starts to bicker. Tad is forced to drop a vase in order to gain their attention. They all decide to go look for JR in order to bring him home so that they can help him deal with things.

Babe and Jamie end up at the Roadside Bar but instead of finding JR they find David. Babe goes off on David, accusing him of hurting her by trying to destroy JR. David is unapologetic. Disgusted, Babe walks out of the bar. Jamie stays behind long enough to punch David in the mouth before he walks out and rejoins Babe in her search for JR.

Erin is surprised when she steps out onto the rooftop of Fusion and finds JR sitting on the ledge drinking champagne. He asks her to fetch Kendall for him but she can't. She explains that Kendall is not in the offices. JR shrugs and invites Erin to join him. Erin instead tries to get JR to leave the rooftop but he ignores her. As JR continues drinking he stands up on the ledge and does his impression of the scene in the movie "Titanic" where Jack yells out "I'm king of the world". Erin is relieved when JR finally steps down from the ledge and back onto the rooftop. JR startles her when he suddenly pulls her into his arms and plants a kiss on her lips. When he pulls away, JR apologizes for overstepping the boundaries. Erin is sympathetic when JR then starts talking about discovering that his mother is alive. While JR is rambling on about Dixie, he mentions Janet and specifically that her claims about Dixie turned out to be true. He wonders that means that she's also right about Babe. Aidan finds them on the rooftop and asks if there is a problem. JR gathers up his things and decides to leave.

Everyone gathers at the Chandler mansion after being unsuccessful in their search for JR. Tad asks where JR could be just as JR walks through the door.

Erica and Ryan discuss outing Greg. Ryan cautions Erica to think things through, reminding her that she hasn't even told Jack about her secret. As they are talking, Jack walks in and overhears the tail end of the conversation. He asks them what they were talking about. Ryan quickly covers for Erica and brings up the custody order he obtained. He points out that Kendall's disappearance was exactly what he was trying to prevent. Jack decides to check on Lily before continuing the discussion. A few minutes later he walks out and is upset that Lily has evidently slipped out of the house. He demands to know where Jonathan is. Ryan tries to reassure Jack that Jonathan knows to stay away from Lily. Jack decides to go to Ryan's apartment to make sure that Jonathan is not at that very moment with Lily. Erica urges Ryan to follow Jack, fearful of what Jack would do should he find Lily and Jonathan together.

Jonathan is surprised when Lily shows up on his doorstep. He is worried they both will get into trouble. Lily is more worried about their plans. She tells him that she realized that Jonathan's numbers don't add up and that in order to make it in Boston they will have to rent a studio apartment which will only have one bedroom. She is worried that she won't be able to sleep with Jonathan in the same bed and wants to try it out before they decide to move. Jonathan is reluctant. He offers to sleep in the bathtub until Lily is comfortable sharing a bed. Lily isn't appeased. She is determined to see if she could handle being in the same bed with Jonathan. She asks him if they can go into his bedroom and try it out. Jonathan doesn't want to. He thinks it's a bad idea because Ryan or Erin could walk through the door any moment. Lily will not take no for an answer and walks into his bedroom. She looks around and is pleased that he doesn't have anything red in his room. Jonathan enters but with hesitation. Lily then climbs into his bed and slips under to covers. Jonathan once again tries to talk Lily out of her plan but Lily refuses to change her mind. When she urges Jonathan to get into the bed, he does so but reluctantly. As they are laying in bed, Lily under the covers and Jonathan on top, Ryan and Jack walk into the apartment. Jack immediately recognizes Lily's purse and heads straight for Jonathan's bedroom where he finds Lily in bed with Jonathan.

Kendall is surprised to learn that all of the guests at Greg's spa are pregnant when three young women in various stages of pregnancy show up on her doorstep. As they all sit down to talk and get to know each other, Kendall learns that at least one of the women intends to give her child up for adoption to a couple that Greg found for her. Later, Kendall wakes up from a dream and is startled when she looks up."

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