05/02/2006 JR Spies On Dixie & David

"David kissed Dixie at his house as J.R. watched from outside. Dixie stopped him and chastised him for what he did to J.R. at the casino. J.R. continued to watch from outside, pulled a bottle of liquor from his pocket and swigged it. He put his hand on the door knob to go in, but instead turned and left. David told Dixie he regretted what he did to J.R. but she said that didn't help. Dixie told him to forget about the two of them ever being together and that all she needed was the truth serum he gave her. When Dixie returned to her room, Palmer and Opal were waiting for her. Palmer told Dixie he had to see her for himself but that he really didn't care to know her any longer and they left. Dixie wiped her tears, picked up the vial of truth serum and also left her room.

Jamie told Babe he would help her convince J.R. that she was not playing him, but first she had to convince him. She pulled him into the elevator and pushed the emergency stop button. Jamie reminded Babe of all the scams she had pulled on him and J.R. and told her he couldn't believe her. Babe told Jamie that if she really was scamming J.R. she would buy him a bigger flask and consider it her lucky day. She said she would need help with J.R. and she wanted the people who loved him to be there for him. She asked if she could count on his help, but Jamie gave no reply. She turned to open the elevator doors, but Jamie grabbed her hand to stop her. Just as the doors opened, J.R. was standing in front of the doors. Babe explained that she was worried about him and told Jamie the same. He said it was fine and that he trusted her and Jamie. J.R. hugged her and said everything was fine. He and Jamie went off to eat greasy chicken wings and nachos.

Jonathan again looked at the note Lily slipped him before she left on the train with Jack. Jack tried to make nice with Lily but she ignored him and only discussed the stops between New York and Philadelphia. He told her that he didn't want to say goodbye to her, but she said if that were true he wouldn't force her to go back to her old boarding school. Jack tried to explain that he was only sending her away to keep her safe. Lily told him that everyone has to do what they think is right. Jonathan ran into Amanda at the hospital and he asked her if she would call Lily's cell phone. Lily had gone to the ladies room so Jack answered her phone. He told Amanda that he was taking Lily back to her boarding school. Amanda told Jonathan that she didn't get to talk to Lily but that she was ok. As their stop was announced, Jack went to look for Lily. He asked the porter if he had seen Lily and a lady said that she had seen a pretty young blonde girl leaving the train. As the train headed for New York, Lily stowed away.

Zach jumped to Kendall's aid as her pain worsened. He carried her to the bed and said they would stop at the next port and get medical help. Kendall started to talk about her baby and Zach realized that she really did want to raise him. Kendall told Zach that she did not possess unconditional love and a mother should have that. She told him that she was a brat as a child, but her adoptive mother loved her anyway. She told him that the baby was not moving at all and that she was really worried, but just then the baby kicked. Kendall then admitted to Zach that he was right and she wanted her baby more than anything and that she also wanted him."

- Soap Central