03/28/2006 Erica Dreams Of Revenge

"Babe awoke and looked adoringly at J.R. As she tried to get out of bed he stopped her but she told him she had to go to work. J.R. told her that she was on her honeymoon and should take the next five days off. She said she had to go and he reminded her that Kendall was not going to be pleasant and that she should watch out. She then told him that it was Kendall who should be concerned. Babe and Kendall both arrived at Fusion and Kendall told her that one of them had to go.

Josh went to Greg's office to see how he was feeling. Greg asked Josh to stay for a short visit. He told Josh that he could now see the mistakes he had made and he was wearing his heart on his sleeve. Greg told Josh that he loved and missed him. Greg said that he wanted he and Josh to have their own new beginning. Josh said whatever and left.

Julia told Ryan that she went home after seeing Dr. Madden and cried herself to sleep. She then told him that she went to another doctor for a second opinion and that it was totally opposite of what Madden had said. Ryan and Julia agreed that Greg had lied to her. Julia asked Ryan why Madden would tell her such a sadistic lie. Ryan said he would find out what Madden was up to. They decided to team up to get the goods on Greg Madden.

Erica continued her plan to poison Greg Madden and was startled when her assistant, Val came into her office. She gave him a list of things that were wrong and sent him on his way. Val returned with the tape of the Martha Stuart interview she had requested. She apologized for snapping at him and said that her life was about to become far less complicated. Erica watched the tape with the Martha Stuart interview and told Val that she loved the tape. Erica laid on the couch in her office and fell asleep. She dreamed that she was interviewing Dr. Madden on her show. Erica asked him when he first decided that he was god. She continued to ask questions as she poured him a cup of "tea". She asked him about taking a baby from her without her knowledge. Madden began choking and gasping for air as he fell out of the chair. While he lay on the ground dead the audience applauded. Erica awoke and went to see Greg at his office. Turning on the La.k.ane charm, she asked him if he would consider being a guest on New Beginnings. He said he would be delighted and Erica told him that she had such a fabulous show planned he would just "die'. She had a cup of coffee shop tea with her and offered it to him. He happily drank it.

Kendall went to Zach's office for advice. Kendall told Zach about Madden and Ryan and wanted some tips on how to know who to believe. She explained that Madden had practically given her baby to adoptive parents behind her back and that when she called him on it he apologized and said he only wanted what was best for her. She wanted to know who to believe, Ryan or Madden. Zach stared at Kendall in his sexy way and told her he was glad she was there. He told her to be true to herself. Kendall told Zach that she just couldn't see clearly any longer. She said that she knew it was the right decision to get pregnant for Greenlee, but was lost where to go from here. He suggested that she tell Madden to quit parading childless couples in front of her and to tell Ryan to stop talking about raising the baby alone. Kendall told Zach that Ryan didn't want to raise the baby alone, but that he wanted to raise their son together. Zach sat in his contemplative way and surprised Kendall by telling her that he understood why Ryan wanted to raise his son. He said that if Ryan thought he could be a good father, he should be given the chance. He then told her that it was still her baby and her body and the right decision would come to her. He again suggested that she tell Ryan and Madden to back off."

- Soap Central