03/29/2006 Babe Hires Amanda

"Kendall returns to work at Fusion to discover that Babe working there. Her animosity toward Babe causes tension so Babe decides to extend an olive branch in the hopes to making peace. Kendall isn't receptive. She can't let go of her anger over the things that Babe put Bianca through. Babe tries to appeal to Simone, the peacemaker of the group, and makes some headway in winning Simone over. When little Adam is brought to Fusion, Kendall is livid. She reminds Babe that Fusion is a place of work, not a daycare center. Babe tries to explain that setting up a daycare at Fusion would benefit not just Babe but Kendall as well, after she has the baby. Kendall is uncomfortable with the direction the discussion is going in and sticks to her guns that setting up a daycare at Fusion is out of the question. Things go from bad to worse when Amanda walks into Fusion and Babe announces that she has hired Amanda as her new assistant. She defends her decision by telling them that she promised Janet that she would look after Amanda and that Amanda is just as much a victim of Janet's as everyone else was. Simone is furious. She attacks Amanda, accusing her of killing Ethan with every lie she told and secret she kept to protect Janet. Kendall orders Babe to leave Fusion and to take Amanda with her. During the confrontation with Simone, Amanda's wrist was hurt, so Babe decides to take Amanda to the hospital to be checked out but promises to return. As Babe helps Amanda out, Kendall asks Babe who her surprise guest tomorrow will be. Babe turns around and looks at Kendall. She tells her that she knew girls like her in high school and they were wrong about Babe too.

Zach is surprised to see that Dixie is still in town. She explains that she would have left except that David Hayward found out that she's alive and she's worried that he will tell JR the truth. Zach isn't concerned about anything David may say. He points out that there is no proof that Dixie is alive. He took the tape of her at the hospital. Zach suggests that David will not be able to prove any of his claims if she isn't in town to be discovered. Dixie remains deeply concerned that David could cause quite a bit of trouble with his revelation and is determined to stop him. Zach offers to do it for Dixie but she insists on taking care of David herself.

David goes to the Chandler mansion to see JR. He insists on speaking to JR, claiming he has something important to tell him about his mother. JR isn't in the mood to play games with David and tells him as much. Before David can tell JR about Dixie, he's interrupted by a phone call on his cell phone. It's Dixie. She insists on talking to David. David spends some time taunting Dixie while JR and Krystal listen to him, certain that he's just making up the call to stall for time. The mind games come to a halt when David's call waiting beeps. It's the hospital calling him in for an emergency. David ends his call but not before telling Dixie to meet him at the hospital to continue their conversation. After David leaves, Krystal talks to JR about Babe. She warns him that if he hurts Babe again, it will destroy her. Instead of reassuring Krystal once again that he has no intention of hurting Babe, JR calls his wife at Fusion. Simone takes the phone from Dani and tells JR that Babe is at the hospital and if she knows what's good for her she will not return to the office. Concerned, JR rushes to the hospital.

Greg is in his office when suddenly he clutches his chest and collapses on his desk.

Jack prepares to leave the hospital with his family. Erica seems happy but Lily comments that her eyes don't reflect her smile. Erica brushes off Lily's concerns, explaining that she's just been very worried about Jack and her family. She then steps out to see to the discharge papers so that Jack can leave. When she steps out of his room, Erica recalls recent events as she collected information on non traceable poisons and the two times she gave Greg the tainted tea.

Ryan and Julia put their plan in motion to start gathering evidence against Greg Madden. They check his patients' records in the computer but find nothing out of the ordinary. Plenty of his patients have been single women. They are interrupted when Josh walks up. He berates Julia for letting Ryan see confidential records and warns her that she's jeopardized her career. Julia plays innocent. She reminds Josh of his own transgressions with a female patient recently and while Ryan somehow manages to bring up his email. Showing him the monitor with his email open, Ryan explains that he had some important business dealings and needed to check his email frequently. Julia was just letting him check it. Josh points out that it's against hospital policy to use the computers in such a manner but is sidetracked when he sees Greg wheeled into the ER. He rushes over to his father and quickly realizes that he's suffering another episode. As Josh orders Julia to start a battery of tests, he notices Erica standing nearby watching the proceedings. Ryan does as well. Josh places a call to have David Hayward paged and goes in to check on Greg.

Erica slips into Greg's office to collect the cup with the poisoned tea she had given Greg earlier. Just as she shoves the cup into her purse she is surprised by Ryan. He asks her what she is doing in Greg's office and specifically with the cup she just put in her purse. Erica flatly denies even seeing a cup much less putting one in her purse. Ryan tries to get Erica to confide in him but Erica refuses. She asks Ryan to trust her. Seeing no other alternative, he decides to drop the matter so that they can leave the office before either is discovered in there.

Erica returns to Jack's room to collect her family. As they walk out, Erica assures her family that nothing can ever hurt any of them again. Lily finds the statement rather odd.

Ryan goes to Fusion to ask Kendall how her meeting with Greg Madden went.

Zach tries to keep Dixie from going to the hospital, afraid she will be seen, but Dixie stubbornly refuses to listen. Once in the hospital, Dixie is shocked when she sees Greg Madden wheeled on a gurney to a room. Zach is surprised that she recognizes the doctor and asks her how she knows him. Dixie doesn't answer because at that moment, JR walks into the ER so she is forced to hide behind a corner before he sees her."

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