03/27/2006 Babe Asks David What The Secret Is

"Heartbroken and crying, Julia tells Ryan that she can't have a baby. Ryan lends a sympathetic ear as Julia pours her heart out, telling him about her dreams of becoming a mother. When Ryan learns that Dr. Madden is the doctor who told Julia that she can't have children, he becomes concerned. He tells Julia about his latest stunt, ambushing Kendall with a couple who is interested in adopting their baby. Julia is surprised but doesn't see what that has to do with her situation. Ryan explains that Dr. Madden isn't to be trusted and urges Julia to get a second opinion. Julia is reluctant. She trusts Dr. Madden's diagnosis and feels that he has nothing to gain by telling her that she is unable to have children but she promises Ryan that she will see another doctor to get a second opinion.

Kendall demands that Dr. Madden hand over her medical records so that she can find another OB. Dr. Madden is reluctant and asks Kendall if Ryan has anything to do with her decision to suddenly change doctors. Kendall explains that her decision was made when she came in for a regular checkup and ended up meeting prospective parents interested in adopting her child. She tells Dr. Madden that she hasn't decided what she's going to do yet but that Ryan is already in love with their child and wants to raise him. Greg is surprised at the new turn of events and asks Kendall if she intends to raise the baby with Ryan as a couple. Kendall is somewhat taken aback. She feels that what she intends to do is really none of Greg's business. Greg realizes he's overstepped his bounds as a doctor and tries to reassure Kendall that he only has her best interests at heart. Kendall isn't appeased. She continues to insist that she no longer wants him to oversee her pregnancy and fully intends to take her records and find a new doctor. Greg backs off but only marginally, subtly trying to convince Kendall that the best thing she can do for herself and the baby is to give it up for adoption.

Later, Kendall goes to talk to Ryan at his apartment. When she knocks, it's Jonathan who answers the door. Wary, Kendall enters the apartment and asks him when Ryan will be back. Jonathan tries to make Kendall comfortable but soon his excitement over the baby has him reaching out and asking her if he can touch her belly. Kendall steps back, clearly frightened. Jonathan quickly apologizes for scaring her and tries to explain his actions by telling her how excited that he's just so excited about becoming an uncle. When Jonathan starts talking about all the plans he has for his nephew such as teaching him baseball and taking him camping, Kendall becomes extremely uncomfortable. She quickly makes her excuses, asking Jonathan to tell Ryan that she stopped by and then leaves the apartment. In the hallway, Kendall pauses a moment to collect herself.

In his office, Dr. Madden calls the couple who are interested in adopting Kendall's baby. He apologizes for how things went. He assures them that he is certain that Kendall will think things over and decide to give her baby up for adoption. He promises them that they will soon the baby will be theirs.

Tad asks Di if there's a secret that she's keeping. Di admits that she does have a secret but she's reluctant to tell him what it is. Tad reassures Di that there is nothing that she can tell him that will change the way he feels about her. Di starts talking about the wedding and how everyone seemed so happy and in love but stops short of telling Tad the truth about Dixie. At the last moment, Di tells him that her secret is that she wants to marry him. Realizing how that may be received, Di tries to back track, excusing her proposal as a product of being caught up in the romance of the day. She starts to leave but Tad stops her before she can take more than a few steps. When she asks him if he's angry, Tad admits that he is. He's angry because she beat him to the proposal. He goes on to tell her that all those months ago it wasn't Dixie he fell in love with again, but Di herself. He no longer looks to the past but the future. Tad then proposes to Di who happily accepts.

David tells JR that there's something that he needs to know. Unfortunately, JR is too angry at David to listen to anything that David has to say. He tells David that missing Babe's wedding was unforgivable and continues yelling at David until Babe is forced to step in. She asks JR to go to the house and wait for her there so that she can have a private word with David. Once JR walks away, Babe tries to get David to tell her what his big secret is about but David is reluctant to share. Instead of telling Babe about Dixie, David talks about how much he loves his daughter and will always be there if she should ever need him. He then convinces Babe to return to her husband without questioning him further. Once Babe is gone, David sets out to find Dixie again. He ends up at the sanitarium where Janet is being held. He convinces the nurse that he's Janet's doctor and once he's alone with Janet he tries to make a deal. He'll help her out of the hospital if she will help him find Dixie. Janet reminds David that she's crazy and not stupid. After questioning Janet further, he soon realizes that she doesn't have any idea where Dixie could be hiding and leaves empty handed and frustrated."

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