02/28/2006 Dixie Meets Zach

"Josh accepted the internship offered to him by Dr. Joe at PV Hospital. Joe told Erica and Tad that his main concern was his grandson and that he intended to help Josh find his way. Erica and Tad told Joe that Josh was a shark and that he was using him to spite Greg Madden and her. Tad said that Josh could not be trusted, but Joe told Erica that years ago she made a choice that neither he nor Jeff could do anything about. She asked if he approved of what Madden had done. Joe said that he never approved of what Erica had done. Erica tried to explain to Joe why she "terminated" her pregnancy. Erica said that when she was pregnant with Jeff's baby, she had a constant and blinding fear the entire time. She said she didn't realize it at the time, but it was because of the rape when she was younger. She said she didn't do it to further her career, but out of fear. Joe apologized to Erica but said he would not rescind his offer. Erica asked Joe if he was going to tell Josh that Erica was his mother and he said that should come from her. Tad told Joe that he had spoken with Jeff and he was not prepared to make any decisions concerning Josh.

At Tad's office, Aidan explained to J.R. that nobody in Janet's neighborhood had seen her since Thanksgiving. Aidan played tapes he had taken from Janet's house and asked Jonathan if he recognized her voice. Jonathan confirmed that the voice on the tape was the chameleon lady. J.R., of course, said that Jonathan's word was good for nothing. Jonathan asked J.R. why he was always so angry and if he had a brain tumor too. After seeing Janet in a picture, Jonathan again confirmed that was the lady who kept threatening him. Aidan ranted about the gall of Janet and how Jonathan could have spent the rest of his life behind bars because of her. Erin said, "I love you" to Aidan.

Janet, after whacking David in the head, asked Amanda if she wanted ice cream. Janet pulled out baby pictures, but Amanda asked where Babe was. Janet told her to put Babe out of her mind because she will never bother her again. Amanda frantically asked Janet where Babe and Little Adam were, but Janet only asked if David tried to hurt her. Amanda said, "The only one hurting me is you." Janet said she was not a criminal but a devoted mother. Amanda said to Janet that she loved her, but she couldn't let her leave. Amanda told Janet that she had to take her back to the hospital. Janet pleaded with Amanda not to send her back to the hospital. Janet said that the woman in the hospital had no one to love, not even herself. Amanda said she wouldn't send her back. As David came around, Janet hit him again with a book. He went down again. Amanda called Jamie and told him he had to get to Myrtle's immediately, but Janet caught her on the phone. Janet found a way to turn it around and make it all Babe's fault. Amanda told Janet that she loved her, and she didn't want to lose her and that was why she had to take her back to the hospital. Janet told her that there was no way she would go back to the hospital and that she was leaving, but Amanda told Janet that she would have to fight her to get past her. Janet told Amanda that she didn't want to hurt her, but Amanda said it was too late. Jamie came to the door just as the struggle between mother and daughter started.

Still locked in the cabin, Babe hurt her finger. Little Adam, adorable as ever, interacted with Babe while asking about her boo-boo. Babe called out to Janet but got no answer. Babe dreamed that J.R. broke in and saved her and little Adam.

When Zach called Dixie by name, she denied that's who she was. Zach then said her full name and told her that he knew her family. Zach told Dixie that he wasn't fond of her family and insulted J.R., calling him a mess. Dixie asked Zach if he was going to out her to her family, but he said that he didn't interfere with others anymore and he didn't give a damn about her family. Dixie asked Zach if he could go back would he change his choices and he said he wouldn't. Dixie explained that she had to come back to see J.R. and how he was doing. Zach asked Dixie if she still loved Tad and she said that sometimes she still does. She said that they were kids together and wished on stars, but if he knew what she had done, there would be no more wishes. Dixie told Zach that when she was younger, she thought if she listened to her heart she would make all the right decisions and do the right things. Zach spoofed her and said, "You mean by listening to your heart and wishing on stars and things like that" Dixie asked if she should listen to someone who was older and wiser and more cynical. Zach said, "Not that much older honey". Zach introduced himself, they shook hands and she said she had to go. He asked what she was going to do and she replied, "Wouldn't you like to know.""

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