03/01/2006 Krystal Threatens Adam

"Amanda and Janet struggle inside as Jamie bangs on the door outside. He finally breaks the door open and grabs Janet. Amanda tells Jamie not to hurt her mother, but Janet is kicking and fussing as Jamie holds her tightly. David knocks Jamie in the head from behind, which gives Janet the chance to escape. David tells Jamie the blow was payback for hitting him, but Amanda explains that it was her mother who assaulted David. Jamie takes out his car keys, but Amanda steals them and scolds David for ruining their chance to find Babe and Little Adam. David tells Amanda that if he kidnaps Amanda, he and Janet can make a trade, but Jamie steps in. Amanda tells David she wants to help and before Janet left, she was going to turn her mother in. Jamie tells David that his plan could only set her off any further, especially since Janet thinks Amanda has betrayed her. Amanda apologizes to Jamie for not telling him what she knew, but she had a hard time believing her mother could do such terrible things. She wanted to take her home and have her father help with the situation. Jamie pleads with Amanda to remember anything that might help, but David continues to tear Amanda down. Jamie jumps in and reminds David that since Janet is so upset, she may take it out on Babe and Little Adam. Jamie calls the cops and tells them Janet is holding Babe and Little Adam hostage. Amanda tells him she has never seen her mother so crazed and is worried about how she will react. Jamie pushes Amanda to remember as much as she can, but they do not have any luck.

Adam continues to bug his crew about where Little Adam is, but Krystal comes in with a gun aimed at his head when he tells his workers not to worry about finding Babe. She tells Adam that just because Babe and Little Adam are missing, it does not mean she stole the baby. Adam doubts that Babe will return unless she is forced too. Krystal demands that Adam call off his goons, but her aggression just seems to turn Adam on. When JR walks in, Adam grabs Krystal's hands and they struggle with the gun. The gun goes off and Adam gets it from Krystal. No one is hurt, but JR immediately takes hold of the gun. Adam is shocked that the gun was loaded and realizes Krystal would have killed him. She admits it, but tells Adam their feud is far from over and leaves. When she comes back to go another round with Adam, a sheet is thrown over her head. She is taken to an old cabin by her kidnapper, JR.

David goes to see Adam and informs him that Janet is the reason Babe and Little Adam are missing. Adam claims he wants to stop Janet, but David thinks it is too late.

Babe wakes up from a nap and finds that Janet still is not back. She goes to check on her son, who is soundly sleeping in his crib, then continues to try to pry the wood off the window. She smiles when she finally pulls a nail out of one of the wooden planks. Babe reminds Janet telling her that if she was not careful and listened to her, she could put her own son's life in danger. She goes back to the boards and nearly pulls one off. Babe finally frees three boards and opens the window. She prays to God to let them get home safely before wrapping Little Adam up in blankets. Babe lowers Little Adam outside the window and grabs a blanket for herself. When she turns around, Janet is holding Little Adam by the window.

To avoid talking about the fact that Erin declared her love for Aidan, Erin starts playing pinball. Aidan asks Erin if she meant what she said, but Erin ignores his question. She tells him that when she said she loved him, it was because she realized Aidan's devotion to her brother. When Aidan blasted Janet for ruining Jonathan, it made her realize how much he cared about her brother, Erin says. Erin tells him she feels warm and safe whenever they are together. Aidan gives Erin a kiss.

Lily meets Jonathan in the woods but instead finds a spying Reggie. Reggie tells his sister he is only looking out for Lily's interest because she tends to never see the bad in people. Lily tells Reggie she is not stupid and asks him to leave. She covers her ears and begins to count as Reggie gets louder. He tells her he will leave for awhile and then return later so Lily can have her quiet space. Once Reggie is gone, Lily goes and hides inside her special tree. A ladder falls down from the sky with a note, "Climb Me," attached to it. She climbs up the ladder and finds Jonathan hiding in a tree house that he built for her. He uses purple pillows and tulips in the tree house too, but notes that he wants to do more with the house. Jonathan updates Lily about his name being cleared because Lily helped him prove that Janet is a real person. She tells him that maybe, if Jonathan used some of the lessons he learned in the life skills class, Jackson might like him. Jonathan doubts her father would like him because he has done so many bad things. When Lily suggests lying to her father, Jonathan says it is a bad idea. Lily asks him to teach her how to lie, Jonathan tries to explain that to tell a lie, all she has to do is say the opposite. He prefers just having people not ask about their relationship, but Lily says that will never happen. Jonathan pretends to be Ryan, who asks her if she has seen Jonathan today, but Lily gets nervous. She admits that when she looks at her father's face, she might not be able to lie. Jonathan just advises Lily to do what feels right. Lily goes down the tree house when she hears Reggie calling."

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