02/27/2006 JR & Kendall Compare Betrayals

"Talking to her mirror image, Janet realizes almost immediately that Babe may have been playing her in order to escape the cabin. Janet quickly leaves the cabin and manages to stop Babe. After Janet puts little Adam in his crib, she returns to confront Babe about her deception. At first Babe denies trying to deceive Janet and tries to convince her that she was only trying to leave town so that she can protect her son the way that Janet tries to protect Amanda. Janet doesn't believe Babe. Angry and frustrated, Babe loses her temper. Things become heated and Janet picks up a fireplace poker which she uses to intimidate Babe. She quickly locks Babe in the bedroom and as Babe looks for something to use to help her loosen the boards on the window, Janet can be heard talking to Trevor.

As Amanda leaves Janet another frantic message, David slips into Myrtle's house and spikes Amanda's iced tea before hiding. Tad arrives a few minutes later and tries to get Amanda to cooperate with him in finding Janet. She insists that she can't help him, explaining that she promised her mother that no matter what happens she will not let her go to an institution. She tries to make Tad understand that institutionalizing Janet would be like killing her. Tad appreciates the difficult situation Amanda is in, but reminds her that Janet may have taken Babe and little Adam. Unfortunately, nothing is able to sway Amanda so Tad leaves. Once Amanda is alone, David makes his presence known. He tells her that he put truth serum in her drink and that she will have no alternative but to tell him the truth. As David questions her, Amanda answers truthfully including when she swears that she does not know where Janet is. Frustrated, David decides to flush Janet out by taking Amanda and trading her for Babe and little Adam. Before he can carry out his plan, he is rendered unconscious when Janet sneaks up behind him and hits him over the head with an iron skillet.

Erica tries to encourage Josh to leave town. She tells him that he is nothing to her and has no intention of going to the police about his drugging her. Josh points out that she has no evidence that he did any such thing. Erica isn't concerned about that. She tells him that his career with her company is over and that he would be wise to use his connections to pursue his ambitions in L.A. Given her animosity toward him, Josh finds Erica's change in attitude rather curious. Erica insists that she just wants to get Josh out of her life in the most expedient manner possible. Before Josh leaves, he admits that he might have sold Erica short.

Tad visits Erica. When he mentions seeing Josh by the elevators, Erica tells him about their talk. Tad asks Erica why she wants Josh to leave town without telling him that he's her son. Erica explains that she made the decision because of Kendall. When Kendall found out that Erica had given her up for adoption, something broke inside of Kendall. She doesn't want the same thing to happen to Josh. Tad is understanding but warns her that Joe may not be so accepting of her decision. They decide to talk to Joe. As they leave Erica's room, they are just in time to hear Josh accept Joe's job offer to work at the hospital as an intern.

Kendall asks Ryan to move in with her. He accepts but asks her why she wants them to live together. Kendall is honest. She tells Ryan that Zach lives across the way from her and that they are still in love. She doesn't want a moment of vulnerability to send her to his arms to comfort him while he's grieving for Ethan. Later, after Kendall arrives home, she hears a knock at the door. Half hoping it's Zach, she goes to answer the knock and finds JR standing on her doorstep. At first she is not pleased to see him but JR quickly tells her that Babe has betrayed him. She invites him in and listens as he tells her what happened. To his shock, Kendall tells him that it's possible for someone to love a person and still betray them.

Dixie listens as JR speaks to his mother's spirit, asking for help and guidance. Touched by JR's desperate need for help, Dixie starts to go to him. Not knowing his mother is nearby, JR walks out of the cabin before she can make her presence known. She ends up at the cemetery where Will is buried. Zach is there, kneeling by the plot where Ethan will soon be interred. They strike up a conversation and before long they are both sharing their burdens about their loved ones, their mistakes and their losses. Dixie is careful not to give her identity away or the identity of her loved once. When she asks Zach what he would do in her shoes, Zach advises her to leave town and then uses her name. Dixie is shocked."

- Soap Central