02/24/2006 Babe Makes A Deal With Janet

"Erica sits by Jackson's side in a wheelchair as he lay unconscious. She tells him that they are lucky to be alive, but she can still hardly believe that Josh, the man who has tried to destroy her, is her son. Erica admits to Jackson that she is not sure if she should tell Josh the truth about his paternity. After all, Josh hates her and the effects of the news could destroy so many lives. She tells Jackson how much she needs him right now

Josh tells Greg that no longer has any say in his life, especially since Greg ratted out Josh to Erica. Greg even suggests that Josh should leave town, but Josh brags about Joe offering him an internship. Greg is silent at the news and asks Josh why Joe wants him around. Josh claims it is because he saved Erica's life with his quick-thinking medical skills after the blast. Greg thinks that Josh should leave because everyone hates him, but Josh turns the tables, claiming he has Babe, Danielle and other Fusion folks who like him.

Babe tells Janet that if she lets her go, she really can escape with her son and keep Janet's reputation intact. It would make Amanda seem like such a saint and everyone would no longer hate her. Janet seems impressed with Babe's plan, but wonders why she hasn't mentioned JR. Babe answers that the plan will leave JR completely broken and suffering forever. Janet tells Babe that she has seen her and JR kissing it up, but Babe explains it was just a scheme. She was going to marry him, divorce him and then get custody of their son, but now, thanks to Janet, Babe no longer has to be with JR to get what she wants. When Babe promises to never forgive JR, Janet tells her that she and Trevor have had their share of problems, but always make it through. Babe claims that Trevor is probably a better man that JR -- after all, JR let her take a fall for running down Amanda. Babe explains that about the how JR was drunk, which leads Janet to spill that she set the fire at the bar that night. Janet tells Babe that Babe gave Amanda trouble too, so why should she go unpunished? After all, if she lets Babe go, she won't suffer. Babe claims that saying good-bye to her family forever will be a pain that never leaves her. Leaving Krystal would be the worst pain ever, because like Janet and Amanda, they are best friends. After putting on their warm coats, Janet lets Babe and Little Adam go free.

JR tells Di pretty bluntly that he can't stand her, from the look of her face to the sound of her voice. Di tells him that JR has not lost as much as he thinks he has. JR tells her that his mother is dead, his son is missing and he will never consider her family. Di tells JR there are many things he does not know, which leads JR to say she is right because he has no idea where is son is. When Di tells JR she has something to tell him, JR claims he will never trust her or anyone else ever again. The only person who deserved his trust is dead, JR adds. Di tells him Dixie loves JR so much, but JR dismisses maternal actions, claiming it is a slam on Dixie's memory. JR gets a telephone call from one of his goons to inform him Babe has been spotted going into a cabin. JR rushes off without giving Di any explanation.

Dixie hides in the corner while David goes outside to check on the noise he heard. He calls for Babe, but goes back inside when he a phone call. The other side of the line is empty as David thinks it is Babe. Dixie leaves and goes into an abandoned cabin, where she thinks about Di urging her to tell her family she is alive. Dixie remembers visiting JR in the hospital shortly after he was born, while JR approaches the front door. He kicks the door in and searches for Babe. He kicks things around and calls out for his mother to help him if she can hear him. In another room, Dixie watches her son.

Di goes to see David, but he is not interested unless she has news about Babe. Di tells him she was talking to JR and he took off quickly, meaning it may be about Babe. Di probes David about Dixie and Tad's breakup, but David thinks it is just a way to get into Tad's bed. David tells Di that Dixie was unlike her - she was a kind, sweet and loving women. Di tells David that Dixie may not be as perfect or saintly as he thinks. David is shocked at Di's behavior, given the fact that his daughter and grandson are missing. Di tells David that Jamie believes Janet took Babe and Little Adam.

Ryan calls Kendall to check on her, but gets no response because she is at Zach's place. Kendall tells Zach that they both love each other, but part of her is so confused and torn. When she asks what they should do next, Zach tells her he can't make decisions for her. The only way she can stop being miserable is to stop loving him, Zach says. When Kendall asks him if he can ever stop loving her, Zach reminds her that he will love her until the day he dies. Kendall is confused by his answer - does he mean give it a second try or call it quits? Ryan goes to Kendall's home, but sees her inside of Zach's house and walks away. Zach asks Kendall what she needs to hear to make her feel better. She tells him she needs to hear whatever it will take to make her trust him again. Kendall tells Zach that he ruined her life and when the truth comes out, he acts like it is no big deal. She storms out of Zach's house and runs into Ryan. Kendall tells him she wished he had stormed into Zach's house to save her from making a fool of herself.

After Kendall is gone, Zach remembers many of the happy times he and Kendall shared. Myrtle comes over to see him and offers her sympathy for Ethan's death. Myrtle says she knows about the black-out, but is not going to ream him for it. She admits that it seems fair for Zach to lose Kendall, but not Ethan. Zach wonders why Myrtle cares about him, so she answers it is because like Kendall, she loves him.

Kendall goes to the hospital to visit Erica, who is back in her room. Erica asks Kendall what's wrong so Kendall tells her that the engagement is off. Erica is sorry for Kendall's pain, but Kendall knows her mother was no fan of Zach. Erica admits she never liked the man, but once Kendall has her child, she will understand that a mother hurts when her child hurts. Over time, Kendall will smile, laugh and heal from Zach's betrayal, Erica adds. Kendall is touched by her mother's words and they share a chuckle just thinking about how they used to despise each other. Kendall leaves and Erica calls someone to immediately come over. Kendall tells Ryan at the hospital that she would like him to move in with her. Josh comes to see Erica, at her request."

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