01/26/2006 Amanda Brings Erica Her Tea

"JR wakes up his once-again bride-to-be with a rose, and she wonders if she is still dreaming. She tells JR the last time things felt this good - she got hit between the eyes. She wants to know if she needs to brace herself, presumably for a repeat performance, and JR says that she should. She thinks that she should ready herself for a fight, but JR surprises her. He tells her that with this engagement and pending marriage, she will get total commitment from him - to her, to their son, to their marriage. He admits that now, she is his home. The only other person who made him feel that way was Dixie. For that reason, he pulls out a box with the necklace that Tad gave to his mother and offers it to her. Stunned, Babe sits speechless as JR further admits that he trusts her now, and there is no better way to tell her that than by giving her the piece of jewelry his mother said was filled with more love than he ever knew existed. She allows him to put it around her neck, but quickly changes her mind when she realizes just how much it meant for JR to give it up. She tells him that the necklace symbolizes the amazing love his mom shared with Tad, and admits that it is a lot to live up to. JR tells her that even Tad and Dixie had their problems - but the point is that they worked through them. He fairly begs her to keep the necklace, saying that it would help keep Dixie alive. After some more thought, she finally agrees. They briefly talk about their upcoming wedding, and agree that a small wedding would be best. The surprises keep coming, because then JR asks her to take Little A to the park, and she can't believe that she can do so alone. JR tells her that she has a lot of quality time to catch up on, and that he will join her soon. Overjoyed, she kisses him sweetly before leaving. JR has but mere moments to savor his morning thus far before his father joins him in the bedroom. Adam questions JR's decision to let Babe take Little A out of the house alone, but JR insists that he trusts her. Adam negates the need for his question by informing his son that the bodyguard will remain close and check in on them. JR doesn't think that's necessary, and says that Adam needs to get used to the idea that he and Babe would be marrying again. Adam promises that he wants to celebrate it - and offers to be JR's best man. Always skeptical, JR wants to know just where that offer came from. Adam says that Stuart can be blamed for his change of heart. Adam admits that he has overstepped boundaries with JR, but it was all in the name of love and protecting his son. He assumes that JR knows what that feels like, now that he has a son of his own. Pleased enough, Adam starts to leave but stops short. He has an idea that he wants to share with his son, one that he hopes will be heard and considered. Behind closed doors, Adam reveals his idea - and it's one that JR thinks is beyond the scope of best man. Adam admits that he doesn't want to trust Babe - but he trusts his son, and thinks that his idea is the way to prove that Babe is for real this time.

Amanda phones the CIA in an attempt to track down her father.

The wheels in Josh's head continue to turn as he looks back and forth between the pills he stole, and a picture of Erica.

The performance over, Erica admits that she is appalled at the idea that Kendall would marry Zach again. Curious, Zach wonders why both of her daughters could care for him but she can't. He asks her what he had done that is so unforgivable. Opening the door to her office as an invitation to leave, Erica flippantly tells him that she thinks Kendall can do better. Zach, however, doesn't buy it - since he is the guy willing to devote his life to her daughter. As Josh comes down the stairs and in earshot of the conversation, Zach admits that he thinks the real reason lies in how he saw her in Vegas - the perfect Erica Kane, out of control and lost in a bottle. Further, Zach says, he thinks that her fear that it may happen again may be what is driving her. She quietly says that they needn't have the conversation - and Zach promises that he will never tell anyone what happened out west. Shaking herself from the reverie, she returns to her true form and rages against the ego she believes Zach possesses. She reminds him that she doesn't think of him as a man that she can trust, let alone a man that could make Kendall happy. She tells him that Ryan is trustworthy and dependable where he is not, but Zach retorts by reminding her that both of her daughters actually do trust him. Erica thinks it's momentary, but Zach believes that with enough moments built up, they could span a lifetime. Erica tells him that she would love to be able to look back many years from this moment, and see that he proved himself worthy...but right now, if she had to choose who to trust, Ryan would win hands down. Zach tells her that she has no reason to fear him - all he wants to do is give Kendall the world. As he readies himself to go, Josh makes himself visible at the door. Erica invites him in, and he asks if she made a decision regarding the replacement venue for the ball. Somewhat painfully, she asks Zach if the casino was still available. He graciously says that the offer still stands, and promises to take care of everything. He leaves, and Erica mutters about how nothing could be worse than being indebted to Zach.

Josh and Erica leave her office and head downstairs as she continues to rant about her unhappiness regarding the problems that have been popping up. Amanda is still on the phone and is unaware of their arrival. Erica warns Josh that if he knows anything, he needs to come clean. Just then, Amanda raises her voice slightly out of frustration, calling attention to herself. Josh interrupts her and asks if she would like to offer an explanation to Erica about what has been going on. As she hangs up the phone, Josh seems unable to stop himself from blaming all of the mishaps around the studio on Amanda. Erica is horrified and demands to know how and why Amanda would sabotage her in this way. Josh admits that Amanda had been having blackouts, and that he thought he could handle things by just keeping an eye out for her. He tells Erica that if she wants to be mad at someone, she should be mad at him. Instead, she turns to Amanda and tells her that things like this cannot continue. She gives Amanda one more chance - if she messes up again, she'll be fired. With that, Erica storms back to her office. Josh starts to walk away but Amanda isn't having it. She demands to know why he just held her out as the culprit when he was really just trying to save himself. Josh blows her off, saying that she needs to get over what happened and get back to work. Incensed, but knowing that he spoke truth, Amanda walks off in a huff. After double checking to make sure that no one is within sight, Josh takes the three pills that he stole and puts them in Erica's tea. He then goes over to Amanda's desk and apologizes for being so harsh. She reminds him that she doesn't want to lose her job, and he tells her that she needs to do what he does: put Erica first, 24/7. He then, as a way of apologizing further, asks Amanda to take Erica her good luck cup of tea. She thanks him and heads up to Erica's office with the delivery. Once out of sight, Josh uses Amanda's phone to call an assistant. He tells the assistant that they are green lighted for the casino, and to get over there and set up as fast as possible. He notes that he wants cameras rolling and on Erica from the minutes she steps into the casino.

Up in her office, as Erica gets prepared, Amanda arrives. After setting the tea on the desk as instructed, Amanda apologizes again for her mistakes and promises that they will never happen again. She asks Erica to forgive her, and Erica does so easily. Amanda then insists that Erica drink her tea for good luck. Agreeably, Erica makes a toast and does just that.

Kendall seems slightly amused that Ryan still thinks that he can tell her what to do. She insists that he tell her what information he has on Zach that would make her change her mind about marrying him. Ryan, belatedly realizing that he tipped his hand too soon, tries to back away. When it becomes clear that Kendall won't give up so easily, Ryan tries to play it off as uneasiness based on the same old issues he has always had with Zach. He then tries to change the subject by reminding her that Livia would be showing up at any moment for their meeting. This makes Kendall irate, and she announces that she will not sign off on full parental rights for Ryan if he insists on keeping secrets. She is certain that there are no more secrets between she and her fiancé, so she believes that whatever Ryan has to say will be water under the bridge. He tells her that if she knows every last secret about Zach, no one should stop them from getting married.

A short time later, Livia shows up at Ryan's office and the trio settles in to legalize all matters regarding the son Kendall is carrying. They both sign off on the paperwork, and Livia notarizes it. Not wanting to waste any time, Livia tells them that she is going to go directly to the courthouse to file everything. Kendall has some other errands to run, and decides to walk out with Livia. The parents to be agree to talk soon, and then Ryan is alone in his office. This is only momentary, as Ethan soon shows up. Ryan informs him that Kendall and Zach plan to remarry, and Ethan is shocked that Kendall can't see Zach for who he really is. Ryan says that they don't have a lot of time, so they need answers quickly that will help them prove to Kendall without a doubt that Zach is the person behind the blackout. Ethan then fills Ryan in on the information he has - that the cause of the blackout was three of the generators going down at the same time. Although the company's investigation was inconclusive, they maintain that the software wasn't at fault. They believe someone hacked into the system and caused the failure. Ryan breaks in and notes that even with a massive failure like that, the clinic's back up generators should have kicked on. They are now burdened with proving that the two blackouts in one night can all point back to Zach - and they know they will have a difficult time of it.

At the park, Babe plays with her son in the snow as Janet quietly approaches from behind. Once she makes herself seen, they talk for a while. During their chat, Janet asks that both JR and Babe leave Amanda alone if they can't embrace her. Babe silently agrees, gently holding her new necklace between her fingers. Janet notices, and realizes that the glow Babe seems to be affecting is not just because of her son. Babe admits that she and JR are engaged again, and Janet spins off into a wild fantasy about Amanda being that happy one day, and further...how wonderful it would be if there was a double wedding. Babe doesn't think it will happen, but is unwilling to say why. She tries to leave so that she can take her son back to the house, but Janet refuses to let her go. Without being able to get much in edgewise, Janet works herself up into a state about the possibility that despite everything nice that Jamie has done for Amanda, he really isn't in love with her. Babe tells Janet that she doesn't have the inside track on their relationship. Her only concern is that Jamie and Amanda have been through so much and broken up before - she just doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. Janet is panic stricken at the idea, believing that she needs to protect her daughter at all costs. Babe manages to get away from Janet during this rant long enough to pick up her son. Janet continues to beg for information Babe doesn't have, and gets more and more upset at being in the dark. Babe finally tells Janet that she didn't want any trouble, didn't mean to upset her and doesn't know anything. She then says that she needs to go take her son to the swings, as promised, and leaves. Janet starts to follow but the bodyguard gets in the way. Once Janet is alone again, she notes aloud that Babe clearly hasn't learned her lesson.

Kendall meets up with her beloved at his office, and after a loving hello, she asks him to bare his deepest darkest secrets. After a quip or two, he asks what brought on the question. She tells him that she had just been with Ryan and that she took the opportunity to tell him about their re-marriage. She relays Ryan's sentiment that she doesn't really know everything about Zach. Zach tells her that he has one secret, and confesses that he told Erica their happy news. He tells his bride that her mother wasn't elated, but she didn't throw furniture - and he thinks that's a good sign. Getting back to her agenda, Kendall starts to ask about things from Zach's past that might not be all that savory, saying that she bragged that she knew everything when really she just has the basics. Zach tells her that the basics are all she needs, and asks what Ryan said to get her going. She tries to play it off, as if Ryan didn't comment, but reading her like the open book she professed to be, Zach hooks her by asking if Ryan found what he was looking for when he broke into the office. Kendall is taken aback at the accusation, but Zach assures her that he has it all on disc as proof. She asks what Ryan might be looking for, but Zach insists that he doesn't know. She then asks why he kept that from her, and he tells her simply that he was trying to continue getting along with Ryan, and he didn't want to upset her. He tells her that Ryan is trying to discredit him when there is no need. Kendall reminds Zach that she broke things off with Ethan when he couldn't be honest with her - even after she gave him plenty of chances. Zach agrees that no one likes to be lied to - and she tells him that if he is hiding something, he needs to come clean now.

At the clinic, Ryan asks Greg what happened to the back up generators the night of the blackout. After being assured that Ryan wasn't planning on causing any trouble, Greg tells him that he doesn't understand the goings on of that evening himself - because they should have been impossible. He explains that when he bought the clinic, he made sure that the generators were up to code and notes that they were regularly maintained, as they were key to the success of the clinic. He was just as stunned as everyone when they failed. Ryan asks if the technicians were able to tell him what happened, and Greg tells him that basically - something interfered with the relay that is supposed to make the generators come on in the event of a power failure. Ryan notes that it might be a person rather than a thing. Greg admits that he never thought that deliberate sabotage was an option, and therefore he never reported it to the police. Ryan says that if that theory holds to be true, everyone was sabotaged."

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