01/25/2006 Zach Offers Erica Use Of The Casino

"Ryan visited serial killer Jonathan in jail and promised he'd help his brother get out. "No," Jonathan surprisingly replied. He was worried that the lady he was seeing (Janet) was just in his head. When he found out Ryan had a meeting with Kendall about the baby, Jonathan urged his brother to go, so he did. Shortly after Ryan left, Lily arrived to visit Jonathan. She was stressed over the fact that they would have a hard time being "boyfriend and girlfriend" with him in the slammer. She understood him better than most people and was worried about him. When Jonathan told Lily about the mystery lady, Detective Lily had a new case on her hands. In return for her services, she wanted a date from the serial killer.

At New Beginnings, Erica and Zach shared a tense moment before Kendall broke it up. Before Kendall could announce her good news, Josh barged in with bad news: taping at the Yacht Club wouldn't work. Zach offered Erica the use of his casino instead. When Erica said no, Kendall reminded her mom of her promise to be nicer to Zach. The duo promised to be civil to each other, for Kendall's sake. Kendall excused Zach so she could tell her mom her big news, but again, they were interrupted so Erica could tape her Mardi Gras ball announcement. Before announcing her engagement, Kendall had to leave for her meeting with Ryan, but Zach stayed to chat with Erica.

After another night of fun, Julia and David shared breakfast at Wildwind, but Julia surprised David by trying to break up with him. David wondered if there was someone else and wished Julia would give it a shot with him. She thought it was for the best if they parted ways. He told her to keep his digits and left. Later, Julia showed up at Ryan's office and had shocking news for him. She wanted to adopt he and Kendall's baby. He promised he would consider it, but his current top priority was protecting Kendall. Julia fled once Kendall arrived. Later, Zach dropped the engagement bombshell on his mother-in-law-to-be while Kendall told a stunned Ryan, who said she couldn't marry him until she knew. "What don't I know?" Kendall wondered.

When Amanda went back to Janet, she was appalled to see her mom in another costume, plotting to become a Nanny for Little Adam. Amanda promised she loved and trusted her mom, but Janet asked her to prove it by giving her the key. She hated being locked up. Fortunately, Amanda held onto the key tightly and gave Janet her medication. Janet seemingly took a pill, but once Amanda left, she lifted it from under her tongue. Later, while conversing with MirrorJanet, Janet found another way out....

Jamie showed up at New Beginnings looking for Amanda. "Princess must be sleeping late," Josh spouted and went to work, leaving Jamie to snoop in Amanda's things. When Josh returned, he found Jamie snooping and announced he didn't believe Amanda's blackout stories anymore. Once she left Janet, Amanda went straight to New Beginnings. After Josh scolded her, Amanda unknowingly dropped Janet's pills. Once Jamie left and Amanda went back to work, Josh picked up Janet's medication that Amanda dropped and pocketed some of the pills."

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