02/03/2006 Tad Returns Marty

"When Amanda asks Erica why she slapped her, Erica blames her for ruining her reputation by drugging. Amanda denies drugging her with medications, but Josh steps forward and tells her to stop denying the truth. Josh claims he found pills in her purse when she knocked it over, but put the pills back in there. Josh grabs her purse and pulls out Janet's pills, then Erica tells Jackson the pills were mixed in the tea Amanda gave her. Amanda points out that she did not make the tea, she only gave it to Erica. She realizes Josh set her up then spills about Josh making her think she was doing things wrong at work. Babe and JR pipe up and tells the crowd about Amanda overdosing on drugs herself to catch attention. Babe adds that Amanda scored a date rape drug to slip to Jamie too. Hidden inside the walls, Janet fights back tears as Amanda continues to defend herself. Jamie starts to defend Amanda, claiming Josh planted the pills, until he sees Janet's name on the label. Amanda claims she forget to mail them to her mother when Janet last visited and talked to Babe. Jackson and Erica think Amanda told Janet about her bad experiences at New Beginnings, but Amanda won't budge. She thinks everyone is after her, the same way Pine Valley was after Janet. Erica tells wonders how Amanda could do such a thing to Janet, but Amanda blurts, "What about my mother is doing to me?" Jamie pushes Amanda to explain what she meant, she sarcastically claims to have run a one-woman madman show, listing off all the crimes Janet committed. When Amanda hears Janet about to open the secret wall, Amanda shouts there is no evidence against her. Janet hangs back as she listens to Amanda talk about going back home to her loving family if they charge her. Erica asks for them to press charges before she rushes off to get ready for the ball. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Janet vows to get revenge on everyone who is ruining Amanda's life. Once alone, JR tells Babe they need to stick together because they may be the one sane folks in town. After Babe announces she is going to the ball alone, JR looks puzzled.

At their new home, Jackson and Erica dress their best for the ball. When Jackson asks if Erica wants to still go the ball, she tells him she has to prove to the media she is not this crazy woman they are making her out to be. Erica wants to show her fans that she is still Erica Kane, the woman who is never beaten down. Josh comes over to check on Erica and promises not to let anyone else hurt her.

With Lily present, Jonathan tells Olivia he wants to post bail and informs her about the theory he is being framed. When Jonathan tells her he wants to get out that night to take Lily to the ball, Olivia says it is not easy. She totally goes against the idea when she realizes Jonathan and Lily want to start dating. Lily promises Jonathan won't get in trouble and they can ignore the people who don't like him. Lily admits to Olivia that her father does not like Jonathan, but its sort of tradition in their family to choose men Jackson does not like. Olivia promises to see what she can do to get him out on bail, but he must keep a low profile for he and Lily's safety. After she leaves, Jonathan is worried about not being able to take Lily to the ball because people will see him, but she suggests he use a mask to cover his face. Lily tells him to cope with red, she put dark eyeholes in her mask and will bring a pair of sunglasses, which amazes Jonathan. Lily tells him she wants him to go with her because he understands her better than anyone else. Lily tells Jonathan he may have to leave early because everyone will take their masks off at midnight. Jonathan is stunned when Lily tells him to twirl around so she can get his exact measurements for a costume. She even adds that he is beautiful, which makes him sad he won't get to look at her real face during the ball.

Amanda is arrested and taken to a cell across from Jonathan. He tells Amanda that she is not the one who is setting him up because her voice is not right.

Tad comes over to Julia's house, with Marty in his hands, to see Di. Di tells Tad that Ryan locked him in a room upstairs so he would not against their plan to destroy Zach. Marty says he tried to escape because if the truth comes out, it would be a slap in the face to Zach and possibly land him in jail. Di tells Tad that he will get a big payoff if he does what Ryan wants, but Marty is sure he will get busted before he can jet off to paradise. Tad takes Marty to an isolated and locked room then returns to be with Di, who seems to be enjoying torturing Marty a bit too much. Tad claims he is needs to take his mind off lab results that have yet to be announced so Di begins jotting off suggestions. Before they can reach a decision, Tad gets a call from the lab and heads off. He goes to his father and shows him the results, claiming it will affect the Martin's in a huge way. Joe can hardly believe the results, but even more, Tad is worried about how he will break the news to Erica.

Ryan walks into the courtroom as Kendall tells Zach she seriously wants to marry him tonight. When Ryan asks to talk to Kendall, she asks him to leave, but Zach wants to hear Ryan out. Ryan tells Kendall that he thought Zach would still be in the hospital and wanted to accompany Kendall to the ball. Zach proclaims he will be escorting Kendall to the ball, then asks Ryan if he got what he needed by searching through his office. Ryan claims he got nothing important and apologizes for the argument he got into with Kendall. When Zach asks Ryan what he did or said to upset Kendall, Ryan does not elaborate. Kendall praises Zach for standing up to her mother and announces they are eloping. Ryan leaves, disappointed at her words, while Zach pressures Kendall to tell him what Ryan said to upset her. Kendall tells him that he accused Zach of causing something really bad, but does not say what. Zach tells Kendall he wants to give her a dream wedding, not elope because after all, nothing is going to break them up. Kendall agrees not to elope, but thinks they should plan the wedding instead of going to the ball. Zach disagrees, citing that Erica needs her.

Ryan goes back to Julia's home, where he tells Di about Kendall and Zach's elopement plans. Di asks Ryan if he is sure about going through with the plan because it can wreck a truckload of lives. Ryan tells Kendall he has to be honest with her and after that, she can decide if marrying Zach is the right choice.

Simone tells Ethan she blabbed to Kendall about the blackout theory involving Zach. Simone tells Ethan she blew their cover and breaks up with him. She thinks it would be better if she could go somewhere where her fast-talking mouth is not a threat to anyone. Simone tells Ethan she loves him so much, but is worried that her lack of keeping secrets has ruined Ethan and Zach's plans. Ethan reminds Simone that he did terrible things too, but somehow, their personalities click. As many weaknesses Simone names, Ethan thinks of a strength that he loves. They share a kiss and get ready to go to the ball."

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