12/13/2005 Lily Defends Jonathan To Sam

"Jonathan and Erin went Christmas tree shopping with Aidan not far behind. Jonathan said that Ryan needed a happy Christmas and asked Aidan to help him pick out a good tree. Stuart came to help them and recognized Jonathan as Edmund's killer. Jonathan told Stuart that he was bad then but now he is much better and just wanted to find a tree for a happy Christmas. Jonathan told Stuart that he would go somewhere else, but Stuart said he didn't need to and he and Jonathan went to look for the perfect tree. Erin told Aidan that she didn't like Christmas because of they way they grew up. Aidan told her no body should hate Christmas and maybe he could help. Erin told Aidan that their dad would pick her up and she would put the star on the tree and then at some point, he would knock the tree over in a drunken stupor. Stuart came back to Erin and Aidan with the tree and they asked where Jonathan was. Stuart said that he had to deliver a gift.

Lily met Sam, but he was drinking alcohol and Lily said that she couldn't be around alcohol. Sam put the alcohol down and said that the rules adults set up made no sense. Sam said that adults say thou shall not kill, but murderers go free. He told Lily that she was the only person he could count on to tell the truth. They kissed and then Sam tried to unbutton her shirt. She pulled away, and she could tell he was angry. He told her that he was not angry with her, but with Jonathan Lavery. Lily told Sam that Jonathan is good now. Sam said that it was all just lies and he was just a monster. He her stupid and she got upset as Sam raised his voice. Crying, Lily said he thought she was stupid because she was autistic and then ran away. Jonathan found Lily.

Di found Tad at the boathouse. He asked how her new job was going and she told him that Dr. Madden wasn't just interested n the Martins, but he had a lot of information about him. Di told Tad that she overheard Madden talking to Hazel about Kendall and it seemed like taking care of Kendall was the most important thing to him. Di tried to explain that there was something in his voice that wasn't right. Di's phone rang and she walked away to talk. At the end of the conversation, she told Tad that she was talking to Del. Di then told Tad how she had met Dixie once. She said that they connected, that they understood each other. Angered by this, Tad asked what other secrets were out there and she better tell him the truth or they were finished.

Ryan went to Dr. Madden and demanded to know why he inseminated Kendall. Madden told Ryan to talk to his attorneys, but Ryan again demanded to know why. Ryan assured Dr. Madden that he wasn't going to sue him, he just wanted answers. Madden began to explain about the power outage and that he discovered that Greenlee's fertilized embryos were destroyed. He said that Kendall was determined to help Greenlee and was the most selfless woman he had ever known. Ryan asked why they just didn't wait to get more eggs from Greenlee and Madden told him that in addition, his sperm had defrosted and there was less than 24 hours to keep the sperm viable. Madden told Ryan that if Greenlee had been told that there was no chance of a baby, she would have been decimated. Madden told Ryan that people do die of broken hearts and said that he suggested that Greenlee go to a counselor. He then told Ryan that Kendall insisted they use her eggs. Madden said that he tried to convince Kendall that he couldn't inseminate her for more than an hour, but after hearing how it would affect Greenlee, he agreed.

Kendall told Zach that with the candles and sparkling wine, it seemed more like a honeymoon than a divorce. Zach said that he never had a honeymoon, and Kendall said that she hadn't ever had one either. She asked what they do next. Zach told her that they needed to meet the attorney that was helping them with their divorce. Kendall went out on the terrace and Zach followed. Kendall told Zach that only one of them needed to go to the island for the divorce and asked him why he came too. He said he came because he didn't want her to be alone. With a giant lobster on her plate, Kendall said this was the first time in weeks she had not felt queasy. Having trouble cracking the shell, Zach got up to help her. Unable to crack the shell, he picked a metal container and slammed the lobster. Kendall laughed and thanked him. Zach told her that he hadn't see her smile in a long time and she said she thought she forgot how. She asked him why he hadn't asked what she was going to do about the baby. He said that she was there to escape questions. She thanked him for dinner and for his company and Zach went back to his room. As Kendall was standing on the terrace, Zach returned."

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