12/12/2005 Kendall & Zach Leave Town

"Ryan goes to the hospital, looking for David just as David is wheeled in for bypass surgery. While Ryan questions Jamie, who neither cares nor knows where David is, Amanda tries her best to pull Jamie away. As Ryan spots Joe and begins to question him about David's whereabouts, Jamie asks Amanda about how her neurology appointment went. Amanda tries to evade his questions. Meanwhile David slowly comes to on the operating table just as the surgeon is about to make his incision. David's screaming from the O.R. draws everyone's attention out in the hallway. Moments afterwards, David bursts through the O.R. doors and demands answers. Jamie finds David's situation amusing while Joe takes it more seriously and goes to talk to the surgeon. Amanda remains suspiciously silent and appears distinctly uncomfortable as David tells them that he was rendered unconscious and a wrist band of another patient who was scheduled for bypass surgery was put on David's wrist. Ryan speculates out loud that maybe, David planned the entire incident to draw attention away from the fact that he had something to do with Kendall waking up in a hammock stretched high over the city streets. David is offended by the suggestion. He admits that he doesn't have a high opinion of Kendall but he would never do such a thing to a pregnant woman. While Ryan steps aside to place a call to Erin in order to confirm Jonathan's whereabouts, David confronts Amanda, asking her where she was during the time that David was attacked. Jamie immediately jumps to Amanda's defense, providing Amanda with an alibi when he tells David that Amanda was the in the company of doctors, including himself, the entire time. Amanda quickly leaves the hospital at the first opportunity. Jamie decides to follow her and catches up with her at the boathouse. He confronts her with the fact that he provided a false alibi for her because he learned from the neurologist that Amanda never made it to her appointment. Amanda is forced to admit that she has been suffering blackouts including earlier as she was going to her appointment. When Jamie asks her how long she's been having blackouts, Amanda tells him that it's been happening since her accident. She goes on to admit that she could be the person behind the soup poisoning, Kendall's near death incident and what happened to David at the hospital. Jamie suggests that she find someone who can keep an eye on her 24/7 but they both soon realize that there isn't anyone who would be willing to do that for Amanda because she has alienated everyone. Desperate for help, Amanda asks him if she can move in with him, promising to sleep on the sofa. Jamie pretends to reluctantly agree. As Amanda hugs him, Jamie enjoys a moment of satisfaction that he was able to manipulate Amanda into doing exactly as he wanted.

Ryan tells Julia that he is determined to take Jonathan and leave town. Julia cautions him about acting rashly. She tells him about finding Kendall in Zach's office with a cosmopolitan despite being pregnant and advises Ryan to think things through for the baby's sake.

Krystal arrives at Fusion and learns that Babe is now a new partner. As they celebrate, Krystal suggests that Babe can drop her plans for JR because her new career provides her with new opportunities to gain custody of her son. Babe disagrees. She insists that her plans for JR are still the best way for her to get her son back. As Babe is talking, Krystal realizes that her daughter's feelings for JR are growing and cautions her about falling for JR, reminding her that he's a creep. After Simone and Dani walk in, Krystal leaves. Neither are happy to see Babe and don't bother to hide their feelings. Babe tries to make peace by asking Simone if they could start things over. Neither Simone nor Dani has any interest in working with Babe. Unfortunately a crisis with a shipment of eye shadow forces the women to work together to make some necessary decisions.

JR walks into the living room, his mind on Babe and his earlier encounter with her in her motel room. Adam interrupts his thoughts and before long, JR is confiding that has conflicting feelings for Babe. Adam is disgusted with his son and reminds him of how Babe treated him. As Adam is talking, it becomes apparent to JR that he's also talking about Krystal. It's JR's turn to be disgusted when he realizes that Adam is falling for Krystal. As the men are talking, Krystal arrives back at the mansion and quietly approaches the living room, careful to remain out of sight so that she can listen in on the men's conversation. Adam admits that he enjoys sparing with Krystal but nothing else beyond that. He quickly directs the conversation back to JR's predicament with Babe. He advises JR to kiss and make up with Babe then snidely suggests that the relationship will last only as long as it will take Babe to grab their son and run away to Florida, leaving JR a laughingstock. Fed up with his father, JR walks out of the room. Krystal walks in and immediately berates Adam for trying to deny his son a chance at happiness. When Adam vows to keep JR out of Babe's clutches, Krystal warns him that he won't have the opportunity to because he will be too busy dealing with her. After Adam walks away, Krystal places a phone call.

Kendall and Zach board a plane, prepared to leave town and obtain their divorce. During the flight, each has fantasies about making their marriage work, but neither is able to say the words. Once they arrive at the hotel, Kendall admits that their divorce trip feels more like a honeymoon."

- Soap Central