12/09/2005 Kendall Gives Zach The Divorce Papers

"David pays a visit to Kendall at the Chandler mansion to talk about Babe trying to win JR's heart again. David does not seem confident Babe will pull it off, but Krystal reminds him he told Babe he would stop interfering in her life. She adds that no one can stop Babe, but David persists that Krystal is not doing enough to change Babe's mind. Krystal suggests that if David wants to play superdaddy, he should go after Amanda. She updates him on what Amanda might have done to kill Babe. David immediately rushes off.

Josh introduces his new assistant to Erica, Amanda. Erica informs him that the meeting with the ABC Daytime president went sour when the president was told to meet her at the wrong place. Erica fires Amanda and tells Josh that he can't hire anymore people without her permission. Amanda apologizes for the mistake and identifies herself. Josh defends Amanda and allows her to stay, especially since she knew Janet. Josh and Amanda walk out of the office. Amanda tells Josh she was positive she knew the name right, but he disagrees. Amanda buys that she got the name of the restaurant wrong so she tries to rush to the hospital. Josh says if Erica finds out about Amanda's trip, she could lose her job. Amanda thinks it is unfair, but tells Josh she needs to get medical treatment. When she arrives at the hospital, Jamie asks Amanda why she is back. She explains what happened at Erica's work with Jamie. He goes to check with the neurologists, then David walks up. He offers to help Amanda, then accuses her of pretending to be forgetful and poisoning the soup. Of course, she denies hurting Babe and Jamie comes back, warning David to stay away from her. Amanda goes to the neurology department, giving David the chance to harp on Amanda. Jamie tells him he will stay close to Amanda to protect Babe. Amanda comes back to see Jamie to tell him everything is fine, but looks distressed.

Erica leaves a message on Kendall's voicemail as Josh walks in. He tells Erica she is incredible for caring about Kendall, while still running a television show that helps people. Josh offers to uncover the dirt on his father for Erica because he thinks Greg's actions were not about helping Greenlee, but sticking it to her. Erica leaves and Josh makes a call, saying Erica's revisions on their way. Instead, he throws the paperwork in the trash.

Janet calls for Trevor at home to remind him that "New Beginnings" is on. Janet tells him she has found a way to protect her ice cream from his midnight visits, then puts the ice cream in a cooler.

Zach goes to see Ryan, as Jonathan and Erin skate on the ice. He tells Ryan that he wants justice served to Jonathan for almost killing Kendall twice. Ryan tells Zach that Julia thinks Zach may be human, so he has declined for hurting him. Ryan warns Zach to leave his brother alone and he will find a way to do it. Zach agrees to back off once Jonathan leaves Kendall alone. Jonathan rushes up to make sure everything is OK. Ryan promises to come skate soon and goes back to be with Erin. Ryan reminds Zach that Jonathan just lied to him to protect Zach to prove he has changed. Zach calls Ryan a sucker for still believing his brother has turned over a new leaf. Ryan tells him he watches his brother carefully and no longer sees rage or hate in his eyes. Zach promises to look after Kendall, making one last threat toward Jonathan, and heads off. Ryan asks Jonathan to replay what he did the night of the barn fire, but Erin get upset, as though Ryan is accusing Jonathan of the crime. Jonathan says he went to a restroom that was outside, but could not turn the knob on the door. He started to cry and could not figure out what the key was for to unlock the knob. He did not want Lily to know because he was embarrassed and ashamed so he tried to make it better. Jonathan tells them he wants to leave and starts walking off. Erin tells Ryan is he treating Jonathan like everyone else in the town and siding with Zach. Ryan goes to the hospital to find David, but no one can find him.

Julia starts picking up the pieces of broken glass and tells Kendall that a pregnant woman should not be drinking alcohol, unless she wants to harm the baby. Julia apologizes for overreacting, but blames her nursing instincts for it. Kendall asks why she is there and Julia tells her she spoke to Ryan, so knows Kendall may be debating having the child. Kendall thinks Julia is fawning over Ryan, but she brings the alcohol issue back up. Kendall tells her she wasn't thinking clearly when she ordered the drink. Julia tries to console Kendall and inform here they are no longer enemies. Julia tells Kendall she aborted a pregnancy after she was raped and when she wanted a child with Noah, they decided to wait until they were safe. Now, she wishes they did have a child to have a piece of Noah with her, Julia adds. Kendall tells her she does not want to be a mother and has no idea what to do about the pregnancy. When Julia pushes her to make a choice, Kendall gets upset. Zach walks in and asks Julia why his wife is upset. Zach asks Kendall to wait for her while he and Julia talk. She does and hands Zach the divorce papers, which are signed. She hands them to Zach and begins to walk out, but he insists she stay. Kendall informs him that he should be prepared because everyone is bombarding her with what she should do. Zach offers to make all of that go away and offers to take her on a romantic vacation.

JR kisses Babe deeply and she tells him it was the way he used to kiss her when they first fell in love. JR says he didn't mean for his feelings to resurface, but still does not love her. Babe tells him she not interested in a one-night stand if he does not love her. She tells him that the kiss they shared felt like true love, not lust. JR claims he just made up the sex only thing to make her mad, to prove if she really loved him. But now, he really cares about her and hugs her, JR says. He tells her that she knows he can feel whatever is between them, then kisses her again. They begin take it further, but Babe stops JR. She admits she wants him, but is scared they will regret it later down the road. Plus, she does not want to love and lose him again, Babe adds. JR tells Babe they could have had a real chance to be together, but she is not sure, so he leaves.

David is unconscious on a hospital bed but little does he know, two doctors believe that he is a patient scheduled for bypass surgery."

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