12/06/2005 Ryan Warns Jonathan About Zach

"Ryan went to Fusion and found Kendall and Ethan there. She asked him who she had to thank for hanging her from the roof, his soon to be ex-wife or his crazy brother. Ryan told Kendall that there was no way Greenlee would play games with her life not to mention that she couldn't physically get Kendall to the roof. He then told Kendall that all Jonathan wanted was to play nice. She told him that Zach saved her and Ryan said that it was very convenient he was there just in time to get her out of the hammock and be the hero. Ryan said that Zach fired shots at Jonathan outside the courthouse. Kendall said it was too bad that he missed and Ryan told her that Zach missed on purpose and that they were warning shots. Ryan then said that Zach wanted Jonathan to have a near death experience and he probably did the same thing to her. Ryan explained that this was the perfect way for Zach to play hero. Ryan asked Kendall if Zach knew that Jonathan was at Fusion earlier and she said that she told him. Before Ethan left he told them they were both blithering idiots and the only thing they needed to talk about was the baby Kendall was carrying. Kendall told Ryan that Greenlee was not supposed to leave her but that she was supposed to stay and help her. Ryan blamed Kendall for losing Greenlee and she told him that she didn't even know if she wanted this baby. Kendall told Ryan that she wasn't really asleep when he visited Greenlee in the hospital and she heard Greenlee say how much she looked forward to being a mom. Kendall said she didn't know if she was in that same place and asked Ryan if he wanted the baby. Ryan said he didn't know what he thought. He told Kendall that it was her right to decide what to do about the baby. She said when she figured it out, she would let him know.

Zach continued to beat the fire out of Jonathan in the parking garage when Julia and Aidan stepped off the elevator. Julia tried to stop Zach, but he kept attacking Jonathan. Lily came to the garage and told Zach that this was the same thing as the cave and that he made red. She put on her sunglasses and was crying. Jonathan covered up the blood and told her it was all alright. Ryan called Jonathan to tell him that Zach was looking for him and to be careful. Jonathan told Ryan that he was at the hospital learning life skills and that he was alright. Ryan asked if he had hurt Kendall earlier and he said no. Julia asked Jonathan why he didn't tell Ryan about Zach. Jonathan said that he didn't tell because then more people would hit each other and he didn't want that. Julia took Jonathan and Lily upstairs to the hospital. Zach apologized to Lily and promised that there would be no more fighting. Back at the hospital, Julia asked Jonathan and Lily to make a simple drawing how to get from the hospital to their homes. As they sat, Lily told Jonathan that she could teach him lots of stuff.

Tad went to his dad to find out information on Greg Madden. Joe said that he knew of nothing, but unless he got help from someone inside Dr. Madden's office, he would never find anything.

Di convinced Dr. Madden that she would be the best candidate for the position at his clinic. She told him that she went to jail for contempt of court for not revealing her sources and that as her past had shown, she was a strong believer in privacy. Di went to Tad's and told him that she got the job. She asked what Dr. Madden had against him and he said that she deserved to know. Tad told Di that Madden had a complete dossier on the Martin family. Di told him that she would scour the files to find any information she could. Di put a throw on her legs and by the way Tad looked at her she could tell that the blanket was Dixie's. Di took it off her legs but Tad said that Dixie would probably want her to have it. Tad told Di that he would appreciate it if she would stop acting like Dixie. Di assured Tad that she would find something at Dr. Madden's office.

Amanda went to New Beginnings to see Josh. She told him that she had another blackout and ended up at his office. She asked if anything unexplained happened in the last few hours and he said no. Josh offered Amanda a job and she asked why he was being so nice to her. He told her he needed someone who could keep strict confidentiality about Erica and her show. Amanda said she was perfect for the job and Josh hired her, but not before he told her to tone down her dress.

While J.R. listened in secretly, Del continued to feed Babe tidbits about J.R. He said that he saw the way the Chandler's treated her and he didn't like it. She asked what the real reason was he wanted her to have this information and he said he wanted to see a pretty girl smile. Del asked Babe wouldn't she like to never be afraid of J.R. again. He fed her information about some illegal offshore drilling and hidden money. Del asked what their next move was and then invited Babe to dinner but she said no. J.R. came out of the shadows and Del told him to watch his back. Babe text messaged J.R. to meet her in twenty minutes. When Babe met J.R. she told him about the information she had just received from Del. He asked why she didn't just take it to the judge to get custody of Little Adam. She told him that lately he had been sweet and J.R. told Babe that he didn't understand anything, but he especially didn't understand her. Babe said that if he didn't understand that she just saved his backside, then to hell with him and he could leave. Knowing that J.R. was trying to set her up, when J.R. did leave, Babe stood there with "a cat that ate the canary" look and said to herself, "Gotcha.""

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